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Winter 06

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All ores except for Junk Ore, all Jewels, Baked Corn

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Black Heart
Blue Heart
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Orange Heart

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Gray & Kai's Friendship

Doctor Gray portrait

Gray is an apprentace to his Grandfather Saibara, who is the town's blacksmith. Gray doesn't like being in this "boonie" town so you'll see him complaining about having to be in Mineral Town. Gray spends his mornings at the blacksmith shop but in the afternoons he goes to Mary's Library to read the books. It seems books are the only way for Gray to fantasize about getting out of the small village.

Besides being at Saibara's or in the Library, you can find him in the upstairs room at the Inn where he lives. Gray is pretty easy to please since he likes any ores or jewels you dig up in the Spring and Lake mines. The only type he won't like is the Junk ore that you find in the Spring mine. Who wants a pile of junky rocks as a gift?

Since he spends so much time in the Library, he's obviously going to get to know Mary quite well. When the two of them get married the Library becomes closed on Thursdays as well, since it's Gray's day off from working at the Smithy.

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