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Summer 22

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All Summer crops, Eggs, Flour

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Black Heart
Blue Heart
Green Heart
Orange Heart

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B.Shop Business
G. & K.'s friendship
Buy the necklace!
Kai arrives
Rick & Kai argue

Kai Kai

Kai spends his Summer Vacation in Mineral Town. Once the Summer season ends he returns back to his home in the city. Popuri is quite fond of Kai's tanned skin and sexy purple headbandana, but her brother Rick thinks that Kai is a neusance. When ever he gets the opportunity, Rick lets Kai know that he doesn't like him.

Kai's Shop During the Summer Kai has a "snack shack" open on the Beach. Most of the time you'll find him lounging on the bench and watching the waves, but during lunch and dinner time he opens up his food stall. Lunch is between 11am and 1pm while dinner is from 5pm to 7pm. He sells the same items during lunch and dinner. On Sundays Kai keeps his food stall closed all day.

Kai is your rival for Popuri's hand in marriage. Since he's only around during the Summer, that gives you 3 extra seasons to shower her with gifts. If you do allow the two of them to get married, Popuri will move out of Mineral Town and only return with Kai in the Summer. After you hit your second year on the farm, Kai will actually stop by on the 1st of Summer to let you know he's arrived. He will also pay you a visit on the 1st of Fall to say goodbye until next year.

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