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Spring 19

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Milk, all accessories, Tomatoes

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Zack's Secret Crush
A Child's Love
Popuri's Yellow Heart
Kai's Orange Heart

Lillia Lillia's portrait

The person in charge of the Poultry Farm is Lillia. She will sell you anything you need for your chickens. Lillia is also Popuri and Rick's mother.

Lillia has a illness that often prevents her from leaving the Poultry Farm. She has her good days and her bad days, but she doesn't go to the Rose Plaza like the other woman do every afternoon. Lillia does visit the Clinic on Sundays and sometimes she has the energy to attend a festival or two.

Her husband, Rod, left Mineral Town in search of a mysterious flower that is suppose to cure Lillia. Rick helps his mother as much as he can, but sometimes he feels his father was irresponsible to leave Lillia all by herself. Popuri on the other hand, believes her father will eventually find the flower and return home.

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