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Luu Luu

Luu lives in Forgotten Valley with her husband Tei and their son Rokku. They run the Mitemi Inn where Nami nomally lives (unless you marry her of course!). Luu basically manages all of the cooking while Tei takes care of the front desk.

Luu at the Inn If you connect your FoMT game to your AWL game, Luu's character will transfer to your Gameboy Advance. She'll greet you at your door on Sunday and let you know that she'll be at the Inn every Sunday thereafter. If you go to Doug's Inn, you can find her upstairs in the room that Ann likes to walk around in.

Every week when you talk to Luu she will give you a new cooking recipe for FoMT. She will tell you the ingredients you need to use and what utensils are required. Luu will give you the recipes for...

Wild Grape Juice, Corn Flakes, Buckwheat chips, Mountain Stew, Toasted Rice Cake, Baked Corn, Antidote, Vegi Juice, Curried bread, and Apple Souffle.
submitted by Samurai Goroh

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