Birthday »
Fall 27

Favorites »
Honey, Spa-Boiled Eggs, Chicken Feed

Rival Events »
Black Heart
Blue Heart
Green Heart
Orange Heart

Other Events »
Lila's kid's fight
A Child's love
Rick & Kai argue

Rick Rick Portrait

Rick lives with his mother and sister at the Chicken Farm. Ever since his dad left Mineral Town in search for Lila's medicine, Rick has been there to help his mom with the ranch. He and Popuri quarrel a lot, especially when it comes to Popuri's taste in men. Rick absolutely despises Kai for some reason and he constantly objects with his sister's fascination.

Every Summer he'll come by your farm on the 6th and ask if you would like to enter a chicken into the Chicken Sumo festival. If you do then he'll take your choice chicken away until the next day. During the festival talk to Rick again to start the sumo match. He'll ask if you need him to explain how the festival works, but insists on asking if you need an explanation every time you start a new match. Apparently Rick doesn't believe that his first explanation was good enough, or maybe he just likes to talk.

Wedding Rick is also your rival for Karen. How she can be interested in a dorky, jealous chicken-boy I don't know. The two of them spend many mornings together sitting on the bench outside the Hospital. After you see the Orange Heart event between Rick and Karen, their wedding will take place 7 days later. If you're good enough friends with Rick he'll invite you to attend his wedding in the morning. The wedding lasts all day and when it's over you'll be back in your farmhouse to start the next day.

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