Starting in your 4th year, go into the Poultry Farm shop between 1pm and 4pm and then exit outside to start the event. Popuri has to be married (to either Kai or yourself) before this will trigger. You can see this event on Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday. As you leave the farm house, you'll see Karen and Rick talking to each other by the grain mill. Karen says that Lillia is beginning to look a little bit healthier. Rick is glad that his mom is feeling better. Lillia walks up to them and asks Karen how she is doing. Karen replies that she hears that Lillia is feeling better. Lillia says that there is one thing that worries her and that's the relationship between Rick and Karen! Lillia finally just asks when the two of them are going to get married.

Rick freaks out for a moment, but Lillia says that they have always liked each other and there's no point in hiding it. Karen blushes and Lillia walks back to the house.

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