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Fall 05

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Honey, Yarn, Chocolate

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Stu's Playtime
Grandpa's Letter
Stu's Fever
Ellen's Visitor
Elli's Black Heart
Elli's Blue Heart
Pumpkin Festival

Stu Stu's portrait

Stu is Elli's little brother and he lives with their Grandma Ellen. Stu and Elli's parents died a long time ago, so it's up to Elli and Ellen to take care of him. Stu is normally a pretty good kid and doesn't cause a lot of problems. He does like to find insects, which he shows to his Grandma. Unfortunatly his sister Elli doesn't like bugs.

Stu's playmate is May, Barley's Granddaughter. He and May will usually go play in front of the Church when the weather is good. Paster Carter will watch them for a few hours and then the two kids will return home.

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