Birthday »
Summer 25

Favorites »
Wine, Soba Noodles, all types of accessories

Events »
Thomas' Winter request

Thomas Thomas

The fellow who has been elected to manage the wellbeing of Mineral Town is Thomas the Mayor. He is the first person you'll meet when you move into your grandpa's run-down farm. Without the help from your farm, Thomas fears the village might dry up and everyone would have to move away.

Thomas will come by your house occasionally and invite you to festivals. The festivities won't happen until the next day so he gives you plenty of time to finish up your farming chores. When he's not checking the notice board in Rose Plaza, you can usually find Thomas in his house, in Ellen's house, or in the General Store.

One of his favorite foods is Soba Noodles. These nifty noodles are only available during the New Years Eve festival in Rose Plaza. The other place you can find them is as a prize during the Goddess' New Years Gameshow on tv.

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