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Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town for Girl
Harvest Moon More Friends of Mineral Town

Release Dates -
Japan December 2003
USA July 2005
Europe Canceled
USA October 29, 2015 (eShop)

The Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town guide is located at

The latest copy of Friends of Mineral Town allows you to play as a female character, the first girl-version to be translated into English. Besides the main character change, there have been some new features added into the game. You can now sell items directly to Won, the traveling salesman who lives with Zack the produce shipper. You can also earn Farm Judgement points on how well you interact with Mineral Town, and even change the color of your clothing.

One of the main changes is the characters available for marriage. Instead of being 6 girls, you now have a choice of 8 different bachelors you can marry. Some bachelors are easier to court than others, and each has a number of requirements you must met before they'll even consider being married to you.

Friends of Mineral Town for Girl can connect up to the upcoming Gamecube game, A Wonderful Life for Girl. The interaction between the two games can unlock surprises and even new items to buy.

This website is set up for players of Harvest Moon who need a little assistance with their game. Ushi No Tane x5 is just one of the many UNoT websites dedicated to helping farmers with the Gameboy versions of Harvest Moon and Legend of the River King.

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