The Frisbee mini-game is played on Mineral Beach. You'll need a dog (of course) and a frisbee disc. Your dog has to be an adult before it's big enough to chase after the frisbee. Your dog will become an adult in the Fall of your first year. The frisbee disc can be purchased from Won for 5000 G and he has it for sale after your dog has grown up. Won only sells 1 frisbee so take good care of it. When you're not playing with your dog, store the frisbee inside of the cabinet in your house.

You can play frisbee during the Spring, Summer, and Fall seasons. Just pick up your dog, the frisbee, and head to Mineral Beach. You can play on the beach from 6am until 5pm. The beach doesn't officially close at 5pm, you just can't play frisbee anymore after that time.

To start frisbee-ing, press A in front of the sign next to the bench. You'll be told the hours available to play and then asked if that's what you want to do. After you press Yes, you are given another screen where you are asked if you want to watch the instructions.

On the left-side of your screen is a power bar. The green area represents how far you can throw your frisbee. There will also be an arrow-shaped power gauge that scrolls up the power bar. If you press the A button when the power gauge is inside of the green area, you'll throw your frisbee and your dog will chase after it. You can throw the frisbee farther by pressing A when the power gauge is outside the green bar, but your dog won't be able to catch it. As long as you stay inside of the green area, your dog has a good chance of catching the disc.

When you first start playing with your dog, the green area on the power bar is very small. You will only be able to throw the disk 10 meters or so and have your pooch catch it. He'll also only be able to play with you about 3 times before he gets tired. The more successful catches you guys have, the more green area you'll gain. Your dog will also be able to play with you more before he needs to stop for the day. Your longest catch will display on the screen in the upper right corner.

After you start getting 30 meter or more distance with your little dog, sometimes he'll be running after your frisbee and then suddenly stop. Your dog senses something hidden in the sand and will dig to see if he can find it. Often he won't actually find anything at all, but occasionally he'll find an item hidden underground. Your dog might find an Agate, Gold Ore, Silver Ore, Copper Ore, some rubbish, or a Ancient Fossil.

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