Van's merchandise

When you walk out of the door of your house on a Wednesday after connecting, you might bump into Van. He is there to let you know that every Wednesday he will have his shop open on the 2nd floor of Doug's Inn.

You can't sell him anything like you can with Won, but you can buy special background-music records and a record player from him. Each new record he gets from the GC-GBA connection will increase in price. He also sells some of the ores you can find out of the Spring Mine but he doesn't sell the Mythic, Adamantite, or Orichalc stones.

To get Van to bring over more records, you have to talk to him from behind his counter. If he tells you that he's going to take a trip to Forget-Me-Not Valley, the next time you connect to Another Wonderful Life the Van in FMNV will have a record for you buy. Talk to that Van until he mentions Mineral Town, connect up again, and buy the record from him in Doug's Inn. Talk to him in Mineral Town, rinse, repeat.

Record Player 2000 G
Record 01 - SNES: Spring song 500 G
Record 02 - SNES: Event theme 600 G
Record 03 - N64: Fall song 700 G
Record 04 - N64: Opening song 800 G
Record 05 - BTN: Girl's song 900 G
Record 06 - BTN: Girls' love theme 1000 G
Record 07 - STH: Spring season map 1100 G
Record 08 - STH: Autumn Forest theme 1200 G
Record 09 - AWL: Winter theme 1300 G
Record 10 - AWL: Blue Bar night song 1400 G
Copper 150 G
Silver 200 G
Gold 250 G
Mystrile 400 G

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