Summer 21 / alt. Summer 20

The stylish Gourmet is in charge of the Cooking Festival that occurs every Spring 22. If you plan on marrying this hunk-of-a-man, you'll need to win the Cooking Festival in each one of it's 5 categories. You will also need to complete all 108 cooking recipes in the game.

Just like any of the other guys, you'll also need to give gifts to Gourmet. The only time you get that chance is a few hours after the Cooking Festival is over. If you walk back to Rose Square you can meet up with Gourmet and give him presents. The Gourmet leaves Mineral Town at 8:00 pm and will return a year later.

Special Item: Elli Leaves
Favorite Items
cooked recipes
Disliked Items
burnt food

Gourmet's Schedule


Since he is a world food critique, Gourmet can not stay and live in Mineral Town. He leaves you to work on the farm and continues on with his culinary adventure. He may come back on occasion to cook you dinner (enter your house after 8:00 pm) and he will even stick around to do the dishes. You will see him at the Starry Night (Wi24) when he comes by to cook you dinner.

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