Baby horse gift

Sometime during your first season or two, Barley will greet you at the front door in the morning. Seems they've had a little horsey at the Yodel Ranch that's not doing so well and he's there to ask if you would like to take care of it. If you agree he'll take the new horse and put it in your Horse Stable.

If you haven't even talked to Barley yet, he won't come by to drop off the horse. If you want the horse you have to at least let him know that you are in town! The longer you wait to become friends with Barley, the longer it will take for you to receive the horse.

The horse will take a full year to grow up so you won't be able to participate in the Horse Race during your first year. If your horse doesn't have at least 5 hearts when Barley comes back to check on it a year later, he'll take it away from you! Luckily Barley does have a heart of his own, and he'll give it back to you a year later. The horse will be full grown, but it won't have any hearts at all.

A Harvest Moon fan named "Romiress" figured out how to sneak past Barley's year-later checkup. If you save your game before going to bed and Barley is there the next day, reload your game. Then just wake up the next morning and don't go outside to meet up with Barley. Just go back to bed and in the morning you'll still have your horse! If your horse has at least 5 hearts then you're fine anyway, but if you're afraid of Barley taking it away just pretend he's not there :)

You'll earn 1 Event point and 1 Villager point for each time Barley comes by (drop-off and check-up).

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