Duke and Manna Argue

If you asked Cliff to help you with the Fall Wine Harvest you might see this event later. Go to the Winery on a Saturday between 8:00 pm and 10:00 pm. Inside you'll find Duke and Manna arguing. Manna is yelling at Duke because she believes he's been drinking the wine they produce again. Duke tries to deny it, but Manna says she found wine bottles under the bed. Duke nervously replies that he's just been trying to do some research so he can see if he can make their wine better.

Manna doesn't believe his research story so Duke becomes defensive. He doesn't like her nagging him about his drinking and says it's okey to drink a little bit. Manna becomes angry and tells Duke that he had said he'd stop drinking the wine they have to sell. She says that he also promised to stop drinking their produce and the reason that Aja left was because Duke couldn't keep his promises! Manna is worried that Cliff will leave because of him too.

She just wishes for Duke to cut back a little on his drinking because she's worried about him. Duke mumbles out and "ok" and Manna says he's forgiven this time.

This is worth 1 Event point.

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