Fall Wine Harvest

In the morning of the 14th of Fall, Duke will come by and ask if you could help them harvest the winery's grapes. If you agree he'll ask you to come by at 10:00 am the next morning and suggest that you find a partner to help you with the job. If you speak to Carter he suggests getting Cliff to help you since he is only person who doesn't really have a job. Meet him at the Church or in the Inn and ask if he would like to help.

At 10:00 am on the 15th go to the winery. Manna will ask if you can help them for a few hours. If you agree then you and Cliff will talk with Duke and harvest the grapes. You don't get to pick the grapes but it's done automatically for you. At the end of the day Duke will thank you and Manna will feed you some wine and cheese. Yummy! Duke is so impressed with your partner's work that he offers Cliff a permanent job! Cliff thanks you for inviting him to the winery.

Now instead of hanging out alone in the Church, you'll find Cliff downstairs in the wine cellar. Getting Cliff hired at the Winery will keep him in town forever. If you choose to not ask for his help, you can trigger the ... events.

You will earn 2 Event points for completing this scene. The first point will come from Duke's original request, and the second is for the event on the 15th.

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