Jeff's Decision

You can see this event if Karen and Rick are married, and you are good friends with Sasha and Jeff. On a rainy (not snowy!) Wednesday visit the store between 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm. Inside you'll find Sasha giving Jeff a little lecture. She's upset that he lets everyone in town buy items from the store on credit instead of paying cash. If no one pays with money, that means they don't have any money! Jeff says that people promise to pay but no one actually has done so yet. Sasha makes Jeff promise to have the next customer pay in cash instead of on credit. A customer walks into the store so you and Sasha move away from the cash register to see what Jeff does.

The customer is Duke, who says that he's just there to do a little shopping. Duke picks out the items he wants and then asks Jeff to put it on his tab (credit). Jeff finally makes the decision to say NO and requests that Duke pay in cash instead! Duke wasn't expecting to have to pay in cash for once and says he doesn't have any money with him! Duke will need to go home first to get his money, then come back to buy the items.

After Duke leaves, Sasha tells Jeff that he's done a good job. Jeff is feeling quite confident now that he's learned how to ask for cash. He says he'll start asking everyone to pay with cash from now on.

This event is only worth 1 Event point.

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