Joanna's phonecall, part 1

Go to the Inn on a sunny Friday between 4:00 pm and 7:00 pm. Barley will walk past you and go to the telephone. After a short conversation, he asks the person if they're returning home. The person on the other end isn't coming home so Barley hangs up. As he leaves, Doug asks if he was talking to Joanna on the telephone. Barley sadly nods and says that May is waiting for her to return too. He doesn't understand why his daughter stays away on business.

Doug remembers how Joanna brought May back to town after being away for a long time. Barley says his daughter always tries to solve her own problems, but this time he is irritated about it. Not having her around is breaking May's heart! Doug agrees and says May needs her mother at her age. Joanna's phone call has made Barley tense so he decided to go make May her favorite food.

You will receive 1 Event point.

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