Joanna's Phone Call, part 2

If you've seen Joanna part 1 you can trigger this one. Go to Doug's Inn on a Wednesday between 4:00 pm and 7:00 pm once you've reached your 3rd year in the game. This time Barley has brought May along so she can talk to her mother on the telephone. May is very happy to talk to her mom and tells her all about the handsome new farm neighbor that moved in. May suggests that her mom come home and meet you, but her mom replies that she can't come home yet. May is sad but hands the phone back to Barley, who says he'll call her again next week.

After Barley hangs up, Doug asks if they were talking to Joanna again. May becomes happy and says she likes talking to her mother, but then becomes sad when she mentions that her mom still isn't coming home. Barley decides it's best to take May home now.

This event is worth 1 Event point.

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