Life Consultant

If the weather is good and you haven't started the Fall Wine Harvest event, you might stumble across this event in Rose Square. When the ladies are there between 1:00 and 4:00 pm, walk into the Square from the south and you'll overhear Manna asking for advice. Sasha and Anna are more then willing to listen to their friend's troubles. Manna explains that she's concerned about Aja, her daughter. She explains that Aja and Duke had a fight, and afterwards Aja ran away. They hear from her occasionally but Manna wishes she would come home so they can all talk it out.

Sasha then has a brainstorm and volunteers to talk to Aja and convince her to return home. She says that sometimes it's best to have someone else other then the parents do the talking. Anna and Manna think that's a good idea.

This is worth 1 Event point.

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