The 7 Rings

One of the new features in FoMT for Girl is the ability to collect seven rings. You earn the rings by finishing specific tasks in the game. Each ring is worth 30 Heroine points. They're only for collecting and don't appear to serve any other purpose.

Ring #1 - Thanksgiving
On Winter 14's Valentine's Day you can give chocolate to the bachelors in town. You actually can give chocolate to any boy in town but Doc, Cliff, Gray, and Rick are the important ones. When the Spring Thanksgiving rolls around a season later, the bachelors you gave chocolates to will return and give you cookies. The first bachelor that comes by your farm in the morning will also give you one of the rings.

Ring #2 - Starry Night
The first time you participate in the Starry Night Festival on Winter 23 and 24, the boy you dine with will give you one of the Rings. Any one of the 4 bachelors available at that time can give you this item.

Ring #3 - Random delivery
This ring will be sent to you. You will find it in your mail box.

Ring #4 - Wedding ring
You'll receive this ring automatically when you get married. You don't see your husband giving you the ring, but it will appear in your Summary screen the day after the ceremony.

Ring #5 - Birthday Gift
This one comes after you have been married. On your first birthday together as a couple your husband will give you a Ring as a present.

Ring #6 - Anniversary
After you have been married for 10 years, your husband will give you one of the rings as an anniversary present.

Ring #7 - Super walker!
At the beginning of the game you are given a pedometer to carry around with you. The pedometer keels a tally of the number of steps you take as you play through the game. When your pedometer finally reaches 10,000,000 steps, the Harvest Goddess will appear and give you a ring.

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