Starry Night Festival

On the previous day (the 23rd), Mayor Thomas will come by with a bunch of invitations. You'll receive invitations from Rick, Cliff, Gray, and/or the Doctor. If the boy has a green colored heart or higher you'll receive an invitation. Accept one of them for your Starry Night activity. After 6:00 pm on the 24th you can experience a nice meal at different locations, depending on which bachelor you accepted the invitation for.

If you accepted Rick's invitation, go to the Poultry Farm for the event. If you had accepted Cliff's, Gray's, or the Doctor's, you will have to visit their homes after 6:00 pm to activate the event. You will find Cliff and Gray in the Inn, and Doctor will still be busy working in his Clinic. Then you and your party will travel back to your house for dinner. After the meal is over you'll reappear alone in your farmhouse and it will be the next morning.

If it is your first time participating, the bachelor will also give you one of the 7 rings.

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