Zack's Secret Crush

During your 4th year, go to the Poultry Farm on Sunday between 11:00 am and 1:00 pm. Inside you'll find that Zack has come to pay Lillia a visit. Lillia had never expected Zack to come all the way down to her ranch. She says that it's unusual for him to be away from his home and then asks if anything is wrong! Poor Zack nervously acts stupified and tells her he had just been passing by and he decided to stop in.

Zack then begins to inquire about how she has been feeling lately. Lillia says she's fine today and tells him not to worry. Zack was hoping she would be in good health. He says he's anxious to see her get better and Lillia thanks him for being so nice. Zack gets a kick out of Lillia's gratefulness and says at least she's getting better. Lillia says that he shouldn't jump to conclusions so quickly since it's too early to see if that's the case. Zack becomes saddened and when Lillia asks him what's wrong he asks her to please get better soon. Zack then replies that he's going to be heading home now and sadly leaves.

This is worth 1 Event point.

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