Summer 17

Ann lives with her dad, Doug, at the Inn. She helps him run the business and does a lot of the cleaning. Her mother died when she was very young. She will be your rival if you want to marry Cliff.

If you decide to boot Cliff out of your town, he and Ann will never marry. If you are trying to get the two of them together, you'll need to see their Blue Rival Event before Fall 01 of your first year. After you invite Cliff to work at the Winery he will no longer be at the Church when the Blue event is suppose to occur.

Favorite Items
Truffle Rice, Curry Rice, Cheese Fondu, Strawberry Milk, Cakes (rice, choco, pan, plain), Diamonds, Perfume, Stew, Scrambled Eggs, Omelet Rice, Boiled Egg, Omelet, Fish
Disliked Items


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