The Spring Mine

The Spring Mine is next to the Goddess' Pond on Mother's Hill. You can reach the mine all year round. Just walk up to the hole in the mountain and go inside. Inside the mine you'll find the Ore that you'll need to upgrade your tools.

Each tool upgrade takes a different kind of Ore. If you press the Select button and then scroll over to your tool screen, you can see the color of the Ore you need right below each tool. The tool upgrades require Copper, Silver, Gold, and then Mystrile. You will also find Adamantite and Orichalc. Those two ores are used to make the Makers and Accessories. You won't have to dig very far down in the mine to find the rare Adamantite, just down to the 10th floor or so.

If you dig down to the 100th floor you'll find a Power Berry hidden in the ground. That's a lot of work just for 1 berry!

At the 255th floor of the mine you'll find the Teleport Stone. It will only appear in the rocks after you have reached your 3rd year on the farm. The Teleport Stone is very handy and allows you to teleport around Mineral Town. There's no need to walk anywhere! Just use the Teleport Stone and then select the location you want to go to on the world map. Instant transmission! You could even use it to access the Lake Mine during any season! You must have an empty slot in the Tool section of your rucksack before you can pick up the Teleport Stone!

The other type of stone you can find here are Goddess Jewels. There are 9 jewels to collect, which you can find randomly hidden inside of rocks on specific floors in the mine. If you find all 9 Goddess Jewels they will combine to create the Goddess Gem.

After you have found the cursed tools from the Lake Mine and you've have them "blessed", the Mythic Stones will appear in the mine. The stones look like a black tree branch and you can find them on the same floors that you found Goddess Jewels on (60, 102, etc.). If you want to upgrade your tools to Level 7 (green) then you'll need to find the stones and then go to Saibara's house. He charges 50,000 G for the upgrade. You can sell the Mythic Stones too for 20,000 G a piece.

Ore Floor Levels
Adamantite Floor 10 and below
Copper All floors
Teleport Stone Floor 255, only after 3rd year
Recipe How to cook French Fries, Floor 255
Goddess Jewel Floors 60, 102, 123, 152, 155, 171, 190, 202, and 222
Goddess Gem Receive after collecting 9 Goddess Jewels
Gold Level 3 and below
Mystrile Floor 5 and below
Orichalc Floor 10 and below
Power Berry Floor 100
Mythic Stones Floors 60, 102, 123, 152, 155, 171, 190, 202, and 222
Silver All floors
Black GrassFloors 1 to 100

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