Money, Won vs. Zack

In the Girl version of Friends of Mineral Town, you can sell your items to Zack or Won. The Boy version only allows you to ship produce through Zack, but in the Girl version you can occasionally earn a bigger profit if you sell the produce to Won instead.

Before you can get Won to buy your produce you will first have to earn his friendship. Some of Won's favorite things are Golden Eggs, Apples, and Orihalcon ore. Once you have given him enough gifts, visiting him one day might trigger an event. He'll announce that he's going to start buying things instead of just selling them.

To sell an item to Won, stand behind his counter and take the item out of your Rucksack. After you press the A Button to talk to him, Won will ask if you want to buy, sell, or play his Apple game. When you tell him you are planning to sell, he will tell you how much he's willing to pay for the item you are holding in your hands. You can agree to his price or turn him down.

Won's prices will change every time you talk to him. If you don't like his first price quote, sell to him again and you'll get a different price. Won can also buy items from you that Zack won't accept. For the items Zack accepts, you can earn just a little more money than what you would have received from Zack. Won does increase his demand for Animal-based products depending on the day of the week.

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