Poker Game

In this game you are dealt 5 cards. You then have to match up the card values and the suits (Mushroom, Cup, Medal, or Sprite) to make specific patterns that will allow you to win. You don't have to compete against a Sprite like in Blackjack or Memory, but you are competing against your own skill and luck.


At the start you are handed the 5 cards face up. You can choose to keep any card you want or exchange it for a new card. Just select the card you want to change by taping it with the stylus or the A button. Once the 2nd deal has occurred you will know if you are a winner or not.

The game will guide you to make easy win decisions by making the cards *sparkle* when you have part of a winning hand. The Joker is a wildcard that you can substitute for any card you want.

1 Pair 01x bet 2 cards that have the same number (Q-3-7-3-8)
2 Pair 03x bet Two sets of pairs with the same number (3-3-8-8-5)
3 Card 04x bet 3 cards with the sane number (8-3-8-8-A)
Straight 08x bet A series of 5 cards in numeric order (7-8-9-10-J). Suit is irrelevant
Flush 10x bet All 5 cards are of the same suit (all Sprite cards, etc.)
Full House 20x bet 1 pair and a 3 Card in the same hand (3-8-3-3-8)
4 Card 50x bet Have 4 cards with the same value (3-8-3-3-3)
Straight Flush 100x bet All five cards are in consecutive numeric order and the same suit (3-4-5-6-7, all Medal)
5 Card 250x bet A 4 Card and a Joker
Royal Flush 500x bet A 10-J-Q-K-A straight in the Sprite suit only. If you have the straight in another suit it is a Straight Flush

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