Name +800 Love P +500 Love Points Heart Events
Spring 24
Elli Leaves
(pain in the butt)
Grape Wine (Pot, grape + wine + pur.grass)
Bla: Vesta's house
Pur: not winter, vesta's shop, 8am-12pm, rainy
Blu: mon, bar, 6pm-10pm
Yel: not winter, vesta's house rainy
Summer 13
Boiled Fish
(Pot, fish)
Wine, fish, Magicgrass Red
Grape Wine (Pot, grape + wine + pur.grass)
Milk Gruel(Pot milk + rice)
Stew (Pot, milk + flour)
Bla: bar, 12pm-3pm
Pur: not wed or sat, hardy's house, 6am-12pm
Blu: not wed, inn, 11am-2pm, sunny
Yel: not wed, inn area, 12pm-3pm, sunny
Spring 03
Hot Milk
(Pot, milk)
Popcorn (Frypan, corn)
Boiled Egg (Pot, egg)
French Toast (Frypan, egg + bread + oil)
Omelette Rice (Frypan, egg + milk + oil + rice)
Bla: not tue, exit beach, sunny
Pur: your house, 6am-8am
Blu: no tue, your house, 7pm-10pm
Yel: gustafa's house
Spring 11
Candied Potatos
(Pot, sweet potato)
Veggie Stirfry (Frypan, cabbage + oil)
Cheese Fondu (Pot, cheese + bread)
Buckwheat Noodles (Pot, buckwheat flour)
Tempura Noodles (Pot, bkwt noodles + tempura)
Bla: not Tue, dig site, 8am-5pm, unlock 1st mine
Pur: waterfall, 10am-2pm, sunny
Blu: not tue, dig site, 11am-2pm
Yel: not mon or tue, inside tent, 6pm-10pm, sunny
Spring 09
Cheese Fondu
(Pot, cheese + bread)
Cheese, Yogurt
Necklace, Bracelet, Earings, Broach
French Fries (Pot, oil + potato)
Diamond, Pink Diamond
Bla: mon or wed or fri, beach, 12pm-3pm
Pur: not tue or fri, inn, 11am-4pm, rainy
Blu: tue, goddess pond, 1pm-5pm, sunny
Yel: inn, 6am-11am
Summer 10
Finest Curry
(pain in the butt)
colored curry (Pot, rice + w.grass + curry p)
Bla: mansion area, 10pm-12am
Pur: mon, bar, 6am-11am, rainy
Blu: not tue, waterfall, 8am-12pm
Gre: not winter, fri, vesta's area, 6am-10am, sunny
Yel: wed, inn, 11am-3pm, sunny