Random Events

Chen Aerobics

» Chen's shop
» Sunny or Cloudy day: 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm
» Friday
» Chen at 6 hearts or more
» Charlie at 6 hearts or more

Chen is yelling at his son from the back of the shop when you bump into Charlie as he is trying to run out the door. Charlie asks that you keep his dad company while he is exercising. It seems that Charlie is suppose to be doing so, but he would rather go outside and play. You tell him "no", but Charlie yells back at his dad that you want to learn how to do his exercise routine. Then the sneaky kid escapes out of the shop.

Chen comes from the back and wonders why Charlie would leave before their exercises are finished. He's willing to teach you his Chen Aerobics exercises, as they are really quite easy. Chen starts putting you through his routine, even if you didn't really want to.

Once the two of you have finished, Chen thanks you for joining him for his exercises. After he leaves, Charlie wanders back into the shop and thanks you for bailing him out.

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