Random Events

Hello Everybody

» Exit your farm house
» Sunny day: 10:00 am to 4:00 pm
» Unlock Mark (for girl players) or Chelsea (for boy players)

When you leave your house, you will be greeted by either Mark or Chelsea, depending on what gender you are playing as. Your opposite hero wants to make friends with other people, and want to know if you who he/she can talk to. You think for a moment and the two of you set off.

You end up at the Meadow with a group of other people. If you are helping Chelsea, you'll meet up with Natalie, Julia, Lanna, Sabrina, Lily, and Alisa. If you are helping Mark make friends, you'll get together with Denny, Pierre, Elliot, Will, Shea, and Vaughn. All of the other villagers will introduce him/her to the other rancher, and you may see a little bit of interaction between all of the other marriage candidates.

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