Random Events

Home Cooking

» Walk from Ranch Island from Verdure Island
» Sunny or Cloudy day: 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm
» Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday
» Lily at 6 hearts (35,000 fp) or higher
» You are playing as Chelsea
» Lily is not married
» Julia is not married

Lily is loitering outside of the animal shop, so Mirabelle goes outside to investigate. Lily explains that she was drawn to the house by the smell of cooking, and apologizes for bothering Mirabelle. As she turns to leave, Mirabelle stops her and asks if she would like to stay for dinner. Lily doesn't want to intrude, but Mirabelle tells the treasure hunter that she had cooked too much food for themselves anyway.

At the dinner table, Lily hopes that the dinner invitation wasn't because she made Mirabelle feel guilty. Mirabelle tells her that since Lily is staying alone at the inn, it would be nice to have a good meal and company. Good company makes the food taste better!

The event ends at 8:00 pm.

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