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» The Diner on Verdure Island
» Sunny or Cloudy day: 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm
» Monday and Tuesday only
» Vaughn is not married
» You are playing as Mark
» Vaughn at 6 hearts (35,000 FP) or higher

Vaughn is talking to Nick inside the Diner. He orders a bowl of Porridge from the cook, but requests that Nick serves it to him cold; that's how Vaughn likes to eat his Porridge.

Nick returns with the cowboy's request and serves him his meal. Vaughn takes a look at the Porridge, and casually mentions how it is still hot. Nick argues that if he lets the dish cool off any more, then it's going to lose its flavor. Vaughn reminds him that he doesn't like his Porridge to be warm.

Vaughn's unusual temperature request annoys Nick. The owner insults Vaughn by suggesting maybe he just can't eat hot foods, and then orders him to leave his diner. Vaughn pauses for a little bit and says that he made a mistake. He tastes the Porridge but it's still too hot; he doesn't like it and he thinks he may have burned his tongue.

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