The artist of Zephyr Town, Angelo is often commissioned by Felix to paint portraits of the glorious mayor for his house. The artist spends a lot of time either inside of his workshop in the hotel area, or outside looking at nature for inspiration. Angelo's house is situated on the banks of the stream that runs through town, so he gets to listen to the sounds of the water while he works on his sculptures and paintings.


Birthday: Winter 28

Wrapping Paper Color: Yellow

Favorite Farm Animal: Cat

Rival: Daisy

Special Gift (+800 FP): Omelet Rice

Horror Gift (-1000 FP): Rice Porridge

Notes: Since Angelo doesn't have any family in Zephyr Town, there aren't any extra people you need to befriend before you can propose marriage. Kevin is involved with Angelo's Blue Heart event, but you only need 5000 FP with the little boy in order to trigger the event.

If you marry Angelo he will move into your house, but he will still go to his workshop on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.


  • Sunday through Saturday - Rainy
    • 6:00 am to midnight - Angelo's house
  • Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday - Sunny, Cloudy, or Snowy
    • 6:00 am to 6:30 am - Angelo's house
    • 8:00 am to 12:30 pm - Waterfall area
    • 12:30 pm to 4:30 pm - Zephyr Town
    • 4:30 pm to 8:00 pm - Hotel area
    • 8:00 pm to midnight - Angelo's house
  • Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday - Sunny, Cloudy, or Snowy
    • 6:00 am to 3:00 pm - Angelo's house
    • 3:00 pm to 8:00 pm - Hotel area
    • 8:00 pm to midnight - Angelo's house
  • Bazaar Day - Spring, Summer, and Winter season
    • 6:00 am to midnight - Angelo's house
  • Bazaar Day - Fall season
    • 6:00 am to 1:30 pm - Angelo's house
    • 2:00 pm to 4:30 pm - Bazaar
    • 5:00 pm to midnight - Angelo's house

Simple Item Gifts

+500 FP
Great Fruit Yogurt, Great Cheese, Great Herb Cheese, Great Herb Mayo, Great Mayonnaise

+150 FP
Strawberry, Strawberry Tea (Can), Orange, Orange Tea (Can), Fruit Yogurt, Gold, Chestnut, Bottled Chestnuts, Walnut, Bottled Walnuts, Grape Tea (Can), Great Yogurt, Jersey Milk, Good Fruit Yogurt, Good Cheese, Good Herb Cheese, Good Herb Mayo, Good Mayonnaise, Good Yogurt, Egg, Cherry, Cherry Tea (Can), Chocolate, Herb Cheese, Herb Mayonnaise, Pineapple, Pineapple Tea (Can), Honey, Banana, Banana Tea (Can), Grape, Blueberry, Blueberry Tea Can, Muscat, Muscat Tea (Can), Mayonnaise, Milk, Golden Milk, Moondrop Flower, Peach, Peach Tea (Can), Yogurt, Apple, Apple Tea (Can)

-200 FP
Empty Can, Pickled Asparagus, Horse Treat, Pickled Olive, Fodder, Pickled Turnip, Pickled Pumpkin, Pickled Cauliflower, Pickled Cabbage, Scrap Metal, Fish Fossil, Fish Bone, Weed, Pickled Yam, Pickled Potato, Pickled Onion, Animal Medicine, Long Boots, Pickled Eggplant, Chicken Feed, Pickled Carrot, Picked Y. Pepper, Pickled Pepper, Pickled Spinach, Mixed Pickles, Snowball, Pickled Radish, Pet Food

All fish, Blue Dragonfly, Cobalt Dragonfly, Azure Dragonfly, Red Dragonfly, Amber Dragonfly, Sunrise Dragonfly, Emperor Dragonfly, Golden Dragonfly, Yellow Damselfly, Aegis Dragonfly, Common Skimmer, Pacific Dragonfly, Crimson Dragonfly, Ancient Dragonfly, Risi Dragonfly

-500 FP
Red Wine, Fall Wine, Strawberry Wine, Orange Wine, Chestnut Wine, Four Seasons Wine, Champagne, White Wine, Cherry Wine, Chicha, Poisonous Mushroom, Tomato Wine, Summer Wine, Pineapple Wine, Honey Wine, Banana Wine, Spring Wine, Beer, Blueberry Wine, Peach Wine, Apple Wine, Rose Wine,

Cooked Recipe Gifts

+500 FP
Soup: Pumpkin Soup

Appetizer: Okonomiyaki, French Fries

Main Dish: Curry Rice, Milk Curry, Gratin, Cream Croquette, Croquette, Cheese Croquette, Sushi Bowl, Pizza,

Desserts: Ice Cream, Pumpkin Pudding, Cake, Cheesecake, Baumcuchen

+150 FP
Soup: Onion Soup, Corn Soup, Egg Soup

Appetizer: Curry Bread, Curry Dumpling, Galette, Quiche, Potstickers, Corn Cereal, Sandwich, Shimeji Rice, Steamed Dumpling, Stew, Boiled Potato, Jelly Bread, Dashi Egg, Cheese Dumpling, Chinese Dumpling, Butter Roll, Hash Browns, Spring Roll, Focaccia, Raisen Bread, Fruit Sandwich, French Toast, Penne Pasta, Popcorn, Potato Pancakes, Steamed Bread, Roasted Corn,

Main Dish: Inari Sushi, Udon Noodles, Sushi, Omelet, Spicy Curry, Mushroom Rice, Ultimate Curry, Chestnut Rice, Cold Soba Noodles, Supreme Curry, Mixed Rice, Egg Rice, Cheese Fondue, Tempura, Tempura Udon, Tempura Soba, Tempura Bowl, Dry Curry, Doria, Rainbow Curry, Seaweed Curry, Herb Spaghetti, Paella, Spaghetti, Macaroni & Cheese, Fried Udon, Yakisoba, Fried Rice, Vegetable Curry, Risotto,

Desserts: Apple Pie, Strawberry Sweet, Egg Tart, Sponge Cake, Cookies, Kurikinton, Yam Dessert, Strawberry Pie, Party Cheesecake, Cherry Pie, Bamboo Dumpling, Churros, Chocolate Cookies, Chocolate Banana, Chocolate Fondue, Choco. Party Cake, Chocolate Cake, Sweet Dumplings, Soy Milk Pudding, Donut, Trifle, Herb Cookies, Pineapple Pie, Honey Cake, Pudding, Fruit Shiratama, Blueberry Pie, Party Cake, Pancake, Steamed Cake, Mont Blanc, Toasted Rice Candy, Stewed Apples,

Others: Apple Tea, Strawberry Jam, Orange Tea, Grape Tea, Strawberry Tea, Cherry Tea, Pineapple Tea, Banana Tea, Peach Tea, Grape Jam, Blueberry Jam, Blueberry Tea, Muscat Tea, Apple Jam

-200 FP
Appetizer: Fried Okara, Okara, Fish Stew, Sashimi, Tofu, Tofu Steak, Miso Eggplant, Chop Suey, Cold Tofu, Roasted Eggplant, Boiled Tofu, Yube Tofu

Main Dish: Milk Rice Porridge, Milk Stew, Herb Rice Porridge

-500 FP
Appetizer: Seaweed Stew, Vegetable Stir Fry

Others: Beer (Glass), Champagne (Glass), Cherry Wine (Gls), Chestnut Wine Gls, Chicha (Glass), Honey Wine (Glass), Orange Wine (Gls), Red Wine (Glass), Fall Wine (Glass), Strawb. Wine (Gls), 4 Seasons Wine Gls, White Wine (Glass), Tomato Wine Glass, Summer Wine (Gls), Pineapple Wine Gls, Banana Wine (Gls), Spring Wine (Gls), Berry Wine (Glass), Peach Wine (Glass), Apple Wine (Glass), Rose Wine (Glass), Failed Dish

Black Heart Event

Angelo's Black Heart Event

» Walk from Your Farm to the Waterfall area
» 8:00 am to 12:00 pm - Saturday, Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday
» Sunny, Cloudy, or Snowy weather
» Not on a Bazaar or Festival day

Angelo is searching for inspiration for his next painting, so he enjoys standing near the stream because of the location's beauty.

It is a nice spot. (+3000 fp)

He's glad to hear that you think the same way that he does, since it is always nice to appreciate natural beauty. Maybe you have an artistic side too!

That's weird. (-2000 fp)

Angelo is sad; he guesses that you see the world through different eyes than he does. He had hoped you had an artistic soul.

Purple Heart Event

Angelo's Purple Heart Event

» Felix's house
» 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm - Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, or Thursday
» Sunny, Cloudy, or Snowy weather
» Not on a Bazaar or Festival day
» Angelo is at a purple heart color (10,000 FP) or higher
» You have seen the Black Heart event

You're checking out the painting in Felix's house when Angelo informs you that he was the one who painted it! He wants to touch it up a little bit, even if the mayor likes it just the way it is.

You're a caring person. (+3000 FP)

It makes Angelo happy to hear you say that. Now he feels inspired and wants to go paint something.

That's a pain, isn't it? (+Zero FP)

Angelo is happy that the mayor cares about his work, so touching up the painting isn't a pain at all.

Blue Heart Event

Angelo's Blue Heart Event

» Angelo's house
» 8:00 am to 2:00 pm - Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday
» Sunny, Cloudy, or Snowy weather
» Not on a Bazaar or Festival day
» Angelo is at a blue heart color (20,000 FP) or higher
» Kevin has 5000 FP (0 hearts) or more
» You have seen the Purple Heart event

Angelo is glad to see you. Somehow, he was volunteered to babysit Kevin today but he says he isn't very good with children. He figures you are good with kids, so maybe you can help him?

You notice the statue in the middle of the workshop. Angelo explains that he wanted to make a statue for the town, and decided that a statue of Felix would be something everyone could enjoy.

Kevin arrives to play and after noticing the large statue, assumes it is something he can climb on for fun! Angelo panics and tells Kevin not to touch the statue, but his warning is ignored by the little boy.

Scold Kevin. (+3000 FP)

You talk to Kevin and convince him that he should play outside instead. Angelo thanks you for your help.

Let Kevin play. (-3000 FP)

Oops! Looks like Kevin broke off a piece of the statue. He apologizes to Angelo for breaking his statue, and then leaves to go outside and play. Now Angelo has to spend the time putting the broken piece back on.

Yellow Heart Event

Angelo's Yellow Heart Event

» Angelo's house
» 6:00 am to 2:00 pm - Wednesday Thursday, or Friday
» Sunny, Cloudy, or Snowy weather
» Not on a Bazaar or Festival day
» Angelo is at a yellow heart color (40,000 FP) or higher
» You have seen the Blue Heart event

Inside his workshop, Angelo is looking over his statue of Felix. Something is missing, but he can't think of what needs to be fixed. Angelo wonders if he should give up working on it.

Don't say that. (+3000 FP)

You're right, and your encouragement has made him feel a lot better. Angelo won't give up until the statue is perfect, and you'll be the first one to see it when it's finished.

Yea. Quit. (-5000 FP)

Even you think he should give up? Angelo becomes depressed and requests that you leave him alone for a while.

Black Rival Event

Black rival event

» Walk from Zephyr Town to the Hotel area
» 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm - Monday or Tuesday
» Sunny, Cloudy, or Snowy weather
» Not on a Bazaar or Festival day
» Year 1, Spring 16 or later
» Daisy (boy player) or Angelo (girl player) at a black heart color

Daisy meets up with Angelo, who is sketching a tree. He shows her the drawing he was working on, and she comments how amazing he is as an artist. Angelo suggests that she should try drawing too!

Daisy would like to sketch Stuart and Ethel, but she admits that she is very bad at it. She thinks her sketches look like scribbles. Angelo tells her not to worry too much about quality and technique because the important thing is the emotions behind it. Everything else will come with practice.

Angelo tells her she would like to see one of her drawings some day. This gives Daisy some confidence, and she asks if he would take a look at it if she feels it is okay. Angelo would be glad to take a look at her drawing when she's done with it.

Purple Rival Event

Purple rival event

» Angelo's house
» 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm - Saturday, Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday
» Sunny, Cloudy, or Snowy weather
» Not on a Bazaar or Festival day
» You have seen the Black rival event
» Year 2, Spring 16 or later
» Daisy (boy player) or Angelo (girl player) at a black or purple heart color

Daisy has come to visit Angelo at his studio. She has finished her drawing and wants to show it to him. Angelo looks at her drawing and tells her it is nice; she really captured Stuart's personality in her drawing. Daisy is glad to hear that he likes it, but she hasn't shown it to Stuart and Ethel yet; she wanted his opinion first.

Daisy thanks him for his help, but this makes Angelo nervous. He says he doesn't need thanks because it is her drawing. Daisy reminds him that she wouldn't of done it without him, and goes off to show her "grandma" and "grandpa" her drawing.

Blue Rival Event

Blue rival event

» Walk from the Waterfall area to Zephyr Town
» 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm - Saturday or Sunday
» Sunny or Cloudy weather
» Not on a Bazaar or Festival day
» You have seen the Purple rival event
» Year 3 later
» Daisy (boy player) or Angelo (girl player) at a black, purple, or blue heart color

Daisy is drawing in the plaza, and Angelo is glad to see that she's keeping at practicing her drawing skills. She tells him that she loves to draw now, but she still isn't very good at it. Daisy wants her drawing to be as good as Angelo's!

Angelo tells her that her latest work isn't bad, which annoys her a little bit. The picture doesn't look like what she had imagined. Angelo gives her some technique and suggestions, and works on Daisy's drawing for a little bit. It looks much better now! Daisy thinks Angelo's hands must be magical somehow, which makes him blush.

Daisy likes her drawing now, and wants to show it to Ethel and Stuart.

Yellow Rival Event

Yellow rival event

» Hotel
» Saturday, Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday
» Sunny, Cloudy, or Snowy weather
» Not on a Bazaar or Festival day
» You have seen the Blue rival event
» Year 4, Spring 15 or later
» Daisy (boy player) or Angelo (girl player) at a black, purple, blue, green, or yellow heart color

Angelo has stopped by the hotel to give Daisy, but Stuart noticed that his employee was talking to someone and decided to investigate. Angelo apologizes because he didn't know Daisy was still working, but Stuart excuses himself; he didn't realize that Daisy had a "gentleman" over to visit with her.

Daisy smiles after Stuart leaves, and goes back to the topic of Angelo's visit. Angelo hands her some colored pencils that she can use for her drawings. He can't wait to see what she can do with them! Daisy is excited about her new pencil set, and she's sure to ask Angelo for help if she needs it.

Antoinette's Art Curiosity

» Angelo's house
» 8:00 am to 1:00 pm - Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday
» Sunny, Cloudy, or Snowy weather
» Angelo is at 40,000 FP (5 hearts) or more
» Antoinette is not married
» Angelo is not married

Angelo is working on the details of his latest masterpiece when Antoinette comes into his art studio. It is unusual for her to visit his shop, but she asks if it would be okay if she took at look at some of his art. Angelo tells her to feel free and browse around, so she does.

When she returns, Angelo asks her if she saw anything that she liked. Antoinette is silent for a moment and tells him there wasn't anything she really liked! Angelo is a little upset there wasn't anything he's created that she found interesting. The mood in the room becomes too awkward for Antoinette and so she leaves.

After she leaves, Angelo says he'll work harder so that even Antoinette will be impressed by his art.

Dirk's Arrogance

» Zephyr Café
» 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm - Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday
» Sunny, Cloudy, Rainy, or Snowy weather
» Dirk is at 40,000 FP (5 hearts) or more
» Dirk is not married
» Angelo is not married

Inside the café, Dirk welcomes his latest customer, who turns out to be Angelo. The artist is very hungry, and has come to collect on a bet that they had; if Dirk lost, he had to buy Angelo lunch. Dirk remembers now that he has to pay for Angelo's lunch, and he's willing to do it, but then Angleo tells him that he's been skipping meals so that he'll be extra hungry for lunch! A bet is a bet, and now Dirk must feed Angelo until the artist is full.

Dirk serves Angelo some Omelet Rice, which he scarfs down without making much of an effort to chew his lunch. More please! Dirk has Marian bring more Omelet Rice, Angelo eats it, and asks for more!

When Angelo is finally stuffed, Dirk asks Joan how much he owes for Angelo's lunch. Joan tells her employee that the lunch cost him an entire month's worth of wages. Oh man....

The Lady Killer

» Zephyr Café
» 10:00 am to 12:00 pm (noon) - Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday
» Sunny weather
» Angelo is at 40,000 FP (5 hearts) or more

Angelo has come to the café to eat, so Joan asks that he waits a moment so she can prepare him a fantastic dish of omelet rice. While he waits, Claire comes in and figured she'll have the same thing that Angelo is having. If Angelo is going to eat it, then omelet rice must be good!

Nellie notices the gathering at the café. Joan asks if she too would like some omelet rice like Angelo, so Nellie takes her up on her offer. Omelet rice sounds perfect!

Ethel comes in to escape from the hotel for a bit and joins the group. Nellie then begins to ask Angelo about his dealings with the "ladies" and wants to hear some gossip. The others begin to push him for more information on his love life.

After everyone has left, Marian thanks him for staying around. Angelo is exhausted from dealing with all of the ladies.

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