Emiko's Fortune Telling

» Walk into the waterfall shrine
» 6:00 am to 9:00 am - Sunny or Cloudy weather
» Spring, Summer, and Fall
» Year 2 and later
» Emiko at 40,000 FP or higher

This is an event that can be viewed multiple times. Simply walk into the shrine behind the waterfall and Emiko will offer to use the water to tell your fortune. You can accept her offer ("Let's go for it") or turn it down ("Actually, never mind"). Even if you don't want your fortune told at the time, you can come back later and trigger the event again.

If you accept her offer, Emiko will use the shrine to try and predict a fortune. The fortunes don't have any affect in the game. They're mainly informational hints on how to be a better farmer.

Emiko can't tell your fortune during the Winter season because the waterfall is frozen.

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