Chickens, Cows, and Sheep

Besides growing crops on your farm, you can raise animals. Unlike crops, animals won't wilt and die when Winter season approaches! You can own chickens, cows, and sheep on your farm.

All of the animals will live in the barn connected to your house. At the beginning of the game, you won't have any animals to care for. You can buy baby chickens, baby cows, and baby sheep from Enrique at the bazaar. Once you buy the baby-version, the adult sized animal will be unlocked at the next bazaar. ALL animals must be purchased from Enrique and you cannot sell them.

When you buy an animal from Enrique, he delivers it to your farm the NEXT day.

Starting in year 3, Enrique will have updated versions of his standard livestock inventory. The Silkie Chicken, Sullfolk Sheep, and Jersey Cow produce items worth more money when sold at the bazaar. Just like the previous versions, you have to buy the baby-form before the adult one can be purchased directly from Enrique.

Feeding Animals

There are two ways to feed your animals; by putting feed into the animals' feed bins or by letting them graze outside. Fodder and Chicken Feed can be bought at Raul's town shop. If an animal is hungry, it will have a Pet Food (red can) icon next to its name.

Sending animals out to pasture to graze or peck at the ground will result in animals being fed after about 5 hours of outdoor time. If you don't own any pets to herd your animals, then you need to bring your animals back inside before they go to sleep at 9:00 pm. Sheep and Cows do not want to be returned into the barn until after 5:00 pm, and will head back out to the pasture if you try to push them towards the barn before then.

You can buy a Bell from Felix to help you collect and herd your animals together. The more hearts an animal has, the more responsive it will be towards the sound of the Bell.

When the weather is raining, feed the animals indoors. Cows and Sheep can go outside when it is snowing, but the Chickens cannot.

After you have a total of 10 Cows and/or Sheep, Enrique will have a second feed bin (trough) available for purchase at his bazaar shop for 50,000 G. This second feed bin will increase your maximum livestock capacity to 20 Cow and Sheep.

Animal Stress

Looking at the cows on the animal list

Each animal you own has a stress meter next to its name. The stress meter tells you the general health of the animal. As the stress meter fills with blue, the animal becomes more bothered and unhealthy.

When the blue bar fills up on the stress meter, the chance the animal will become sick increases. When the stress bar is at 50%, the animal has a 10% chance of getting sick. When the bar is at 100%, the sickness factor increases to 80%. You can buy Animal Medicine from Raul's town shop for 500 G each. If you don't cure your animal's sickness, the animal will die. A sick animal will have a Skull appear above it when you talk to it. This also displays on the animal list on your blackboard.

Animals die in the morning when you wake up. You will receive a visit from Felix, who tells you how the animal died, either from a preventable illness because of your lack of care or because it has reached the end of its natural lifespan. Only one animal can die per day.

To prevent animals from becoming stressed and to raise their friendship hearts, let them outside in the pastures on nice days, brush and talk to them often, make sure they're well fed, and don't hit them with your tools.

The Blackboard Icons

If you look at the blackboard inside your barn, you'll find a set icons on the right-side of each animal:

Gold Items

When you enter an animal into the Animal Festival, it can start to randomly produce high quality items if it is declared the festival winner. Either the standard or special animals can produce these gold items, but a special animal has a higher chance of producing them. If the animal wins twice, then the chance of it randomly producing these items also increases.


Collecting the eggs

Chickens are inexpensive and a good animal for starting out with. A Chick costs 3500 G and an adult Chicken costs 6000 G. The advantage of buying Chicks is that they have 2 hearts of friendship and an adult bird has zero. A Chick will take 8 days to mature into a Chicken, as long as it is fed every day. In year 3 or later, you can buy a Silkie Chick for 3500 G and an adult Silkie for 7000 G.

Each day, adult chickens will leave eggs on their nests; a normal Chicken lays regular Eggs and a Silkie lays Black Eggs. You just have to walk over to the nest and pick the egg up. Leaving the egg on the nest will not hatch into a Chick, nor will it increase the egg's star rank. As long as the Chicken is fed, it will produce an egg the next morning. If you do leave it on the nest, it will be replaced with a new egg the next day.

Chicken eggs can be processed in the fermenting windmill on your farm and turned into Mayonnaise. Mayo requires Oil though, which you can buy from Chen's shop for 100 G each. You can also use the eggs in various cooked dishes or give them as gifts.

Chickens have a maximum lifespan of 6 years. They can begin to die of natural causes once they reach about year 4 of their lives.

Cows and Sheep

Brushing a Cow

Cows and Sheep are a little more expensive than Chickens. A baby Cow costs 6000 G, and an adult is 12,000 G. Once you reach year 3, the baby Jersey is 10,000 G and the adult-size is 18,000 G. Baby Sheep are 8000 G (normal) and 16,000 G (Suffolk). An adult Sheep is 16,000 G. An adult Suffolk sheep is the most expensive animal at 28,000 G each. A baby will mature into an adult after 20 days if it is fed every day. If not, then add an extra day to its growth for each day the baby animal did not eat.

Every day, you can use the Milker to receive Milk from a Cow. Jersey Cows produce Jersey Milk every day, which sell for more than normal Milk. Enrique gives you the Milker when he delivers your first Cow to your farm.

Sheep take 3 days before you can collect their wool. To obtain the Wool, use the Sheep Clippers you received from Enrique when he delivered your first Sheep. The Sheep don't mind having their fur trimmed, and it will naturally grow back after the 3 days time as long as the sheep has been fed every day. If the Sheep doesn't seem to be recovering its hair, make sure the sheep isn't over-stressed. The more stress a Sheep has, the less of a chance its fur will grow back after 3 days.

Sheep have a maximum lifespan of 7 years and can start to die off once they reach 5 years old. Cows on the other hand, can live beyond 7 years but there is an 80% chance of death each morning beyond age 7. Cows can start to die of old age in year 5.

ItemAvg. Profit
.5 stars
Avg. Profit
2.5 stars
Avg. Profit
5 stars
Wool400 G720 G1120 G
Good Wool640 G1152 G1792 G
Great Wool1600 G2880 G4480 G
Windmill Recipes
Ball of Wool520 G930 G1450 G
Ball of Good Wool1200 G2160 G3360 G
Ball of Great Wool2400 G4320 G6720 G

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