Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

With each new Harvest Moon game, there are questions that are sent to me over and over again. Listed below are some of the questions that players regularly ask:

I met the weekly goal, but my bazaar didn't expand!

If you meet the profit goal at the bazaar, you earn a prize at the bazaar results meeting the next day. The goal itself does not expand the bazaar, but your total profit made at the bazaar expands its size.:

For example, if the goal set by Felix at the bazaar is to earn between 40,000 and 50,000 G, then meeting that goal will earn you a prize the next day. Once you have earned a total of 450,000 G, then your 25% sized bazaar will expand to 50%.

How do I get a pet Dog or Cat?

You need to have 4 chickens for the cats to appear at Enrique's Amazing Animal Stand at the weekly bazaar, and a combination of 4 cows and/or sheep for the dogs to appear. If at any time you drop to less than 4 of the required animals, then the cats and dogs will no longer be for sale until you increase the number of necessary animals back up to 4.

When do I get a horse?

You won't get a horse until summer of your second year, when Enrique stops by your house in the morning and offers you one of four different colored horses.

I'm giving gifts, but no one is getting hearts!!!

This is normal. In past Harvest Moon games, the first heart marker will appear on the villagers' assets page when you have 1 friendship point; 0 friendship points meant you had 0 hearts. In Grand Bazaar though, you won't earn your first heart until you have 6553 friendship points.

How do I get married?

Raise the person to a red heart color, own the big bed from the bazaar, see the person's 4 heart events, and then give him or her the blue feather you receive from Stuart and Ethel. Some marriage candidates have extra requirements, which you'll find on their individual profile pages on the website. You do not need to upgrade your house to get married.

How do I have a baby?

Get married first! Then buy the largest bed from the bazaar, keep your spouse at a red heart color, and then wait at least 31 days from the date of your wedding.

Ivan/Dirk won't marry me!

The brothers require a minimum friendship with each other before you can marry, just like some of the other marriage candidates. The 30,000 FP level is much easier to detect on the brothers though, as a green heart color or higher meets the minimum friendship requirement. If you are marrying Dirk and Ivan doesn't have a green heart color, then you haven't reached at least 30,000 FP. The same way goes for trying to marry Ivan; Dirk needs to have the required green minimum heart color.

You don't have to see the heart events for the brother you don't intend to marry, but it will boost the friendship points if you choose to activate the heart events.

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