Local Shops

Outside of the weekly bazaar, there are only two shops in Zephyr Town; Joan's Zephyr Café and Raul's Shop. Joan's shop has various cooked dishes you can eat or give as gifts, and Raul has general goods like fodder, fertilizer, and so on. You can sell things to Raul if you need some quick-cash and can't wait to sell items at your own stall during the bazaar.

Most of the shop you'll interact with will be during the weekly bazaar. When the bazaar is small, there is only a handfull of stalls that are open. As you increase the size of the bazaar, more venders appear to purchase from. Once your bazaar has reached 75% growth, you will have all of the possible bazaar stalls; no more will open even when you reach 100% growth.

When new shops are added to the bazaar, the old ones don't go away. The shops don't always open when the bazaar opens! Some shops need extra preparation time before they are ready to sell their wares.

Zephyr Shops

Zephyr Café

Open: 10:00 am to 11:00 pm
Closed: Thursdays and bazaar days
Will be open on Thursday if that day is Spring Harmony Day, Winter Harmony Day, Pumpkin Festival, or the two-day Starry Night Festival

When you buy cooked dishes from Joan, you will also learn the recipe if you didn't already know it. The inventory Joan has will change each, and she will have new dishes for sale depending on what year you are in the game. Once it initially appears in her shop, it will appear every year afterwards if the is right.

Cabbage RollsSpring, year 1900 G
Sautéed TurnipsSpring, year 1450 G
ToastSpring, year 1180 G
DonutsSpring, year 1550 G
PuddingSpring, year 1350 G
Udon NoodlesSpring, year 2360 G
French FriesSpring, year 2720 G
Apple PieSpring, year 31120 G
Omelet RiceSpring, year 3630 G
Rice BallSpring and Summer, year 1350 G
Oolong TeaSpring and Summer, year 21580 G
Chocolate CookiesSpring and Winter, year 1600 G
Chocolate CakeSpring and Winter, year 1930 G
Ice CreamSummer, year 1500 G
Pumpkin PuddingSummer, year 1550 G
Curry RiceSummer, year 1650 G
Corn SoupSummer, year 1500 G
Egg RiceSummer, year 1250 G
Tomato SaladSummer, year 1250 G
PancakeSummer, year 1400 G
Mint TeaSummer, year 1680 G
YakisobaSummer, year 1400 G
Cream CroquetteSummer, year 2840 G
Green TeaSummer, year 2720 G
Raisin BreadSummer or Fall, year 2540 G
Herb SaladSummer and Winter, year 1300 G
Steamed MushroomsFall, year 1450 G
Yam DessertFall, year 1450 G
Dashi EggFall, year 1500 G
Sweet DumplingsFall, year 1250 G
TofuFall, year 1250 G
Mixed SaladFall, year 1580 G
Roasted MushroomFall, year 1500 G
Grilled FishFall, year 1300 G
Boiled EggFall, year 1100 G
OkaraFall, year 2660 G
Walnut CookiesFall, year 2720 G
Jelly BreadFall, year 2540 G
Steamed BreadFall, year 2360 G
Dry CurryFall, year 3490 G
Hot CoffeeFall or Winter, year 1400 G
Hot MilkFall or Winter, year 1300 G
Fried Rice BallFall or Winter, year 1500 G
Rice PorridgeWinter, year 1250 G
Sponge CakeWinter, year 1320 G
CookiesWinter, year 1450 G
CakeWinter, year 1400 G
SashimiWinter, year 1480 G
Egg SoupWinter, year 1500 G
BreadWinter, year 1120 G
Fried EggWinter, year 1200 G
SushiWinter, year 2960 G
Chicha (Glass)Winter, year 21120 G
CroquetteWinter, year 2720 G
SconeWinter, year 21060 G
Steamed CakeWinter, year 2450 G

Raul's Shop

Open: 7:00 am to 11:00 pm
Closed: Fridays and bazaar days

Raul's little store is open most days except for fridays, when his brothers Enrique and Diego come to visit. Raul even keeps his shop open on festival days in case you need to do some shopping. He also has his own booth at the weekly bazaar, so his town shop will be closed on bazaar days.

His store carries standard items like animal feed and fertilizer, but each (except for Winter) he will have crop seeds for sale that don't appear at the bazaar.

FertilizerAny10 G
Animal MedicineAny
Must own an animal
500 G
Pet FoodAny
Must own a pet
150 G
Horse TreatAny
Must own a horse
150 G
Must own a cow or sheep
70 G
Chicken FeedAny
Must own a chicken
80 G
Turnip SeedsSpring120 G
Radish SeedsSummer200 G
Eggplant SeedsFall200 G

You can also sell items to Raul at his shop, but he will always pay 50% of the price you would have earned if you sold the same item at the bazaar. For example, an Egg with 3 stars and Super Fresh rank will sell for 85 G to Raul but will sell for 190 G at the bazaar.

Weekly Bazaar Shops: 0% Level

Raul's Seed Stand

Opens: 11:00 am

Raul only keeps Potato Seeds and Tomato Seeds as staple goods that appear regularly at the bazaar. For the other seed types, they are randomly available until year 4, when they all become available on a regular basis.

Potato SeedsSpring
Winter (for Spring)
170 G
Cabbage SeedsSpring (random)420 G
Cucumber SeedsSpring, year 2 or later (random)250 G
Tomato SeedsSummer150 G
Onion SeedsSummer (random)160 G
Pineapple SeedsSummer, year 2 or later (random)1400 G
Yam SeedsFall (random)300 G
Green Pepper SeedsFall (random)210 G
Spinach SeedsFall, year 2 or later (random)280 G

Lloyd's Mineral Stand

Open: 10:45 am

To make high selling accessories, you will need to buy your ores from Lloyd. Each week he will randomly have 4 types of ores and/or jewels available for sale. Lloyd does not sell Pink Diamonds; that only comes from winning both Cooking Festivals in the Fall.

Ruby, Peridot, and Topaz are sold by Diego when you expand the bazaar to 75%.

CopperAll year1400 G
SilverAll year12,600 G
GoldAll year14,000 G
MithrilAll year7800 G
OrichalcumAll year7800 G
AdamantiteSpring and Summers9100 G
Moon StoneSpring and Summers, year 214,400 G
AmethystFall and Winter, year 212,000 G
SandroseFall and Winter, year 212,000 G

Wrapping Stall

Open: 11:00 am

Wrapping the gifts you give to people will increase its friendship point affect. Giving a +800 FP gift that's wrapped will become a +1000 FP gift! If you give a wrapped gift of a color the gift receiver likes, you'll get an extra +100 FP.

The woman who runs the stand will ask you to choose the item out of your rucksack to be wrapped. You can only wrap one item at a time, and only one item can be placed in a wrapped box. Even when an item is wrapped, the standard freshness decay rate will apply.

Red WrappingAny200 G
Blue WrappingAny200 G
Yellow WrappingAny200 G

Wilbur's Workshoop

Opens: 10:00 am

Wilbur doesn't sell any goods, but you can hire him to remodel your storage box and expand your fields.

Unlock Field #2Any30,000 G
Unlock Field #3Any, after you unlock field #260,000 G
Basement GreenhouseAny, after you unlock field #3100,000 G
Expand Storage to 24 slotsAny10,000 G
Expand Storage to 36 slotsAny, after you expand to 2420,000 G
Expand Storage to 48 slotsAny, after you expand to 3630,000 G
Expand Storage to 60 slotsAny, after you expand to 4840,000 G
Expand Storage to 72 slotsAny, after you expand to 6050,000 G
Expand Storage to 84 slotsAny, after you expand to 7260,000 G
Expand Storage to 96 slotsAny, after you expand to 8470,000 G
Expand Storage to 108 slotsAny, after you expand to 9680,000 G

Enrique's Amazing Animal Stand

Open: 11:00 am

Raul's brother, Enrique, sells animals for your farm. He offers adult version of the baby animals once you have purchased at least 1 baby; buy a Chick and next week the Chickens will be unlocked and available. Enrique will have pet cats for sale once you own 4 or more Chickens, and pet dogs when you own 4 or more Cows and/or Sheep.

You can not sell your animals back to Enrique. Once you buy them, you keep them until they die of old age or sickness. In the case of dogs and cats, they never die and you can never sell them once purchased. If you buy your limit of 5 dogs and Enrique has a new color you want to buy, there's nothing you can do that will allow you to get rid of one of your existing dogs and buy the new one you want.

ChickAny3500 G
Silkie ChickAny, year 34500 G
Silkie ChickenAny, year 37000 G
Baby CowAny6000 G
CowAny12,000 G
Baby Jersey CowAny, year 310,000 G
Jersey CowAny, year 318,000 G
Baby SheepAny8000 G
SheepAny16,000 G
Baby Suffolk SheepAny, year 316,000 G
Suffolk SheepAny, year 328,000 G
Pet CatAny, own 4+ Chickens10,000 G
Pet Dog, huskyAny, own 4+ Cows/Sheep8,000 G
Pet Dog, beagleAny, year 2, own 4+ Cows/Sheep10,000 G

You also have a limit of 10 Cows/Sheep in your standard barn. Once you hit that limit, Enrique will have an option to construct a second feed bin. The feed bin will cost 50,000 G and raise the limit to 20 Cows/Sheep.

Felix's Stand

Open: 10:30 am

Near the bazaar entrance is the mayor's bazaar stall. He will sell cooking ingredients and tools. You will start your farm with a Watering Can and Hoe. You will have to buy your remaining tools from Felix's booth. Each festival he'll have four items for sale.

Felix also sells upgrades to your fishing rod, but you must reach a minimum year in the game before they appear at his booth. The Long Fishing Rod is the only pole that can cast far enough to catch large fish, which means you can't easily get large fish until year 4.

ChocolateAny200 G
Wheat SeedsSpring and Summers, year 260 G
Grass SeedsFall and Winters, year 2600 G
SickleAny season1000 G
HammerAny season, own the Sickle8000 G
AxeAny season, own the Hammer4000 G
BrushAny season, own a cow or sheep3000 G
BellAny season, own the Brush5000 G
StethoscopeAny season, own the Bell4000 G
Dog BoneAny season, own the Stethoscope and a dog2500 G
Cat BellAny season, own the Stethoscope and a cat2500 G
EdamameSummer, own the Dog Bone and Cat Bell400 G
TruffleFall, own the Dog Bone and Cat Bell1000 G
Rice CandyWinter, own the Dog Bone and Cat Bell200 G
SoybeansSpring, year 2, own the Dog Bone and Cat Bell250 G
Medium Fishing RodAny season, year 2, own the Short Fishing Rod3000 G
Long Fishing RodAny season, year 4, own the Medium Fishing Rod6000 G
SkateboardAny season, own the Snowboard9000 G
Soba Noodles Summer and Winters, own the Skateboard560 G
Buckwheat FlourSpring and Falls, year 2, own the Skateboard220 G

Joan Café

Open: 10:20 am

Besides running the Zephyr Café in town, she and Marian run a small outdoor café at the festival. Joan sells different dishes at the cafe than she does at the local shop. You will learn the cooking recipe if you purchase a cooked dish from her bazaar shop.

Asparagus SoupSpring, year 1600 G
Chocolate CookiesSpring, year 1600 G
OmeletSpring, year 1380 G
Red Wine (Glass)Spring, year 1520 G
SandwichSpring, year 1500 G
Strawberry TeaSpring, year 1780 G
Strawb. Wine (Gls)Spring, year 1940 G
Party CakeSpring, year 21200 G
SpaghettiSpring, year 2300 G
Potato PancakeSpring and Summer, year 1600 G
Milk TeaSpring and Summer, year 1600 G
Straight TeaSpring and Fall, year 1600 G
Boiled PotatoSpring and Winter, year 1650 G
Dry CurrySummer, year 1350 G
Fish PasteSummer, year 1100 G
Milk CurrySummer, year 1780 G
Onion SaladSummer, year 1400 G
Onion SoupSummer, year 1720 G
Pumpkin SoupSummer, year 1750 G
Roasted CornSummer, year 1750 G
White Wine (Glass)Summer, year 1560 G
Chocolate BananaSummer, year 2600 G
Herb SpaghettiSummer, year 2900 G
Lavender TeaSummer, year 2880 G
Spring RollSpring, year 21200 G
Pineapple PieSummer, year 31120 G
Apple Wine (Glass))Fall, year 11220 G
French ToastFall, year 1250 G
Mont BlancFall, year 1750 G
Mushroom RiceFall, year 1500 G
Pasta SaladFall, year 1800 G
Penne PastaFall, year 1800 G
PizzaFall, year 1510 G
CheesecakeFall, year 2600 G
Fruit SandwichFall, year 2720 G
Café au LaitFall and Winter, year 2600 G
Cheese DumplingFall and Winter, year 2480 G
Chinese DumplingWinter, year 1700 G
Curry BreadWinter, year 1350 G
Milk StewWinter, year 1780 G
Cheese FondueWinter, year 2480 G
Chicha (Glass)Winter, year 21120 G
Chocolate CakeWinter, year 2930 G
Curry DumplingWinter, year 2480 G
Herb SoupWinter, year 21020 G
Milk Rice PorridgeWinter, year 2480 G
Russian TeaWinter, year 2720 G

Weekly Bazaar Shops: 25% Level

Sherry's Seeds

Open: 10:30 am

Felix's daughter will sell tree seeds for your farm. Each tree takes a 3x3 square of soil on one of your fields and doesn't wilt when the season's change. Because they take up so much room, you can only plant 6 trees on each of your fields. You can destroy grown trees by chopping them with your axe.

Grape Tree SeedSpring and Winter720 G
Muscat Tree SeedSpring390 G
Apple Tree SeedSpring, year 2390 G
Peach Tree SeedSummer and Winter480 G
Banana Tree SeedSummer, year 2540 G
Orange Tree SeedSummer, year 3440 G
Tea Tree SeedFall and Winter210 G
Olive Tree SeedFall480 G
Coffee Tree SeedFall, year 3360 G

Chen's shop

Open: 10:48 am

The merchant from the Island series of Harvest Moon sells cooking supplies and crop seeds. Chen will sell different seeds than Raul's town shop or bazaar shop, but the seeds are random based on their season until you reach year 4. After that, Chen will sell them weekly in the bazaar.

OilAny season100 G
Sea UrchinSpring and Summer700 G
SeaweedSpring and Summer210 G
Curry PowderFall and Winter310 G
RiceFall and Winter210 G
Carrot SeedsFall160 G
Strawberry SeedsSpring240 G
Asparagus SeedsSpring and Winter280 G
Corn SeedsSummer630 G
Pumpkin SeedsSummer300 G
Cauliflower SeedsFall350 G
Yellow Pepper SeedsFall360 G

Cookware Stand

Open: 10:45 am

Your kitchen doesn't have cooking utensils, so you will need to buy them from this stand. Once you buy the utensil, you can make the dishes that require the use of utensils. The kitchen will automatically use the utensil when necessary; all you have to do is select the ingredients or recipe.

The cookware stand only has the Pot and Frying Pan for sale initially. Once you buy one of them, the Seasoning Set will appear in his inventory for purchase. After you buy all of the utensils, the Cookware Stall never has anything else for sale.

Frying PanAny season10,000 G
PotAny season10,000 G
Seasoning SetAny season, own the Frying Pan or Pot10,000 G

Fantastic Furniture

Open: 10:00 am

If you want to get married and/or have a child, you need to buy the beds from this merchant. Once you buy both beds available, he doesn't sell anything new.

BedAny season10,000 G
Bigger BedAfter marriage and the Pregnancy event30,000 G

Gannon's Carpentry

Open: 12:00 pm (noon)

Just like Wilbur, Gannon can remodel your storage warehouse but instead of increasing its size, he will increase the freshness preservation. The more powered up your storage is, the longer your items will remain in the freshness state they were in when you placed them into the storage.

Gannon can also expand the size of your bazaar stall. The larger the stall, the more items you can have out at one time.

Power Up #1Any season30,000 G
Power Up #2Any, after power up #160,000 G
Power Up #3Any, after power up #2100,000 G
Bazaar Size Upgrade #1Any, increase your stall size to 630,000 G
Bazaar Size Upgrade #2Any, after upgrade #1, increase your stall size to 960,000 G
Bazaar Size upgrade #3Any, after upgrade #2, increase your stall size to 12100,000 G

Weekly Bazaar Shops: 50% Level

Claire's Café

Open: 10:15am

Next to Raul's stand is Claire's little cooked dishes bazaar stand. She sells dishes that are different than what it offered at Joan's Café. Just like with Joan, if you buy the cooked dish then you'll learn the recipe if you didn't already know it.

Cooked RiceAny season, year 2420 G
Egg Rice BowlSpring780 G
Fish StewSpring420 G
Inari SushiSpring, year 2640 G
Potato SaladSpring600 G
Strawberry SweetSpring360 G
Tempura NoodlesSpring1200 G
Vegetable Stir FrySpring1020 G
Seaweed CurrySpring, year 31090 G
Matcha TeaSpring and Summer, year 21840 G
Miso SoupSpring and Winter790 G
Bamboo DumplingSummer960 G
CarpaccioSummer, year 21090 G
Roasted EggplantSummer360 G
Soft Boiled EggSummer240 G
Soy MilkSummer480 G
Soy Milk PuddingSummer480 G
Spicy CurrySummer, year 21090 G
Vegetable CurrySummer930 G
Beer (Glass)Summer, year 2890 G
Chop SueySummer, year 21820 G
Cold Soba NoodlesSummer, year 2350 G
Miso EggplantSummer, year 2770 G
OkonomiyakiSummer, year 21330 G
SconeSummer, year 21240 G
Seaweed StewSummer, year 2490 G
Tempura SobaSummer, year 21400 G
Zaru SubaSummer, year 2350 G
Baked YamFall240 G
Chestnut RiceFalld480 G
Egg CustardFall660 G
KurikintonFall340 G
Macaroni SaladFall540 G
Mixed RiceFall840 G
Shimeji RiceFall660 G
Steamed DumplingFall930 G
Stewed AppleFall600 G
Fish PasteFall, year 2140 G
Fried UdonFall, year 2630 G
Puer TeaFall, year 21000 G
TempuraFall, year 2980 G
Tempura BowlFall, year 21240 G
Sencha TeaFall and Winter, year 21090 G
Boiled TofuWinter900 G
Fried OkaraWinter420 G
Fried Rice NoodlesWinter420 G
Fried RiceWinter540 G
Pot StickerWinter930 G
Toasted Rice CandyWinter570 G
Dried TofuWinter, year 2350 G
Fruit ShiritamaWinter, year 21050 G

Lucky Lotto

Open: 10:00 am

Not all of the booths at the bazaar sell things. Once you reach 50% bazaar expansion, some contest booths and other random oddities will unlock. In this booth, you will pay 300 G and have a chance at winning a prize. The prizes awarded vary depending on the size of your bazaar. You will find out immediatly after paying if you've won, and you can buy multiple chances per bazaar.

Bazaar Level: 50%
Grand Prize Ball of Good Wool
First Place Red Wine
Straight Tea (Can)
Second Place Curry Powder
White Bread Crumbs
Third Place Buckwheat Flour
Shiratama Flour
Fourth Place Branch
Fish Bone
Long Boot
Empty Can
Bazaar Level: 75%
Grand Prize Jelly Bread
First Place Flower Perfume
Olive Oil
Second Place Good Butter
Good Cheese
Good Yogurt
Third Place Ball of Wool
Bottled Chestnuts
Bottled Walnuts
Fourth Place Egg
Material Stone
Ore Stone
Poison Mushroom
Bazaar Level: 100%
Grand Prize Ball of Great Wool
First Place Ball of Good Wool
Second Place Flower Perfume
Good Butter
Good Cheese
Good Yogurt
Olive Oil
Red Wine
Straight Tea (Can)
Third Place Ball of Wool
Bottled Chestnuts
Bottled Walnuts
Curry Powder
Fruit Yogurt
Herb Cheese
Herb Butter
Herb Mayonnaise
Party Cake
Small Coin
White Bread Crumbs
Fourth Place Buckwheat Flour
Empty Can
Fish Bone
Ice Cream
Long Boot
Material Stone
Ore Stone
Shiratama Flour
Soybean Flour
Strawberry Sweet

Isaac's Info Center

Open: 11:00 am

If you want some advice on how to more efficiently run your farm, you can pay Isaac 100 G to hear a tip. Isaac doesn't sell anything but his knowledge.

Fortune Telling

Open: 10:00 am

The elderly man who runs this booth will give you a fortune if you pay him 100 G. It is really just for fun.

Weekly Bazaar Shops: 75% Level

Diego's Delights

Open: 10:50 am

Raul and Enrique's brother, Diego, sets up his shop once you reach the 75% bazaar level. Diego sells Wonderful stones you can use to enhance your windmills, gems you can create jewely with, and even tree seeds. You can only buy 1 Wonderful of each color, but Diego won't remove it from his inventory once you purchase it. He just won't let you buy it again if it reappears at his bazaar shop.

PeridotAll year12,000 G
RubyAll year12,000 G
TopazAll year12,000 G
Summer SunAll year, year 210,000 G
Fall SunAll year, year 210,000 G
Cherry Tree SeedSummer350 G
Blueberry Tree SeedFall660 G
SpicesSpring1120 G
Shiratama FlourFall and Winter440 G
Soybean FlourSpring and Summer140 G
Blue WonderfulFall and Winter, year 210,000 G
Orange WonderfulWinter (starting year 2), Spring (starting year 3)10,000 G
Green WonderfulSpring and Summer, year 310,000 G
Yellow WonderfulSummer and Fall, year 310,000 G
Red WonderfulFall and Winter, year 310,000 G
Purple WonderfulWinter (starting year 3) and Spring (starting year 4)10,000 G

Super Lucky Lotto

Open: 10:00 am

The caretaker of this market stall runs a small raffle with rare prizes. To enter her contest, you need to give her coins that you have found on the ground or have made using your manufacturing windmill. One chance at the raffle will cost you 5 Bronze Coins, 3 Silver Coins, or 1 Gold Coin.

The grand prize is Magic Water, which when consummed, will increase your Stamina bar by 20 points. You can only win the Magic Water five times, meaning you can only increase your maximum Stamina limit by 100 points. If you decide to give the Magic Water as a gift instead of drinking it, then you will not gain the pernament Stamina benefit.

Grand Prize Magic Water
First Place Pink Diamond
Second Place Diamond
Third Place Emerald
Fourth Place Agate
Fifth Place Flourite
Sixth Place Scrap Metal

Nellie's Food Stall

Open: 10:25 am

The last food booth at the bazaar is run by Nellie. She sells different cooked dishes than Joan or Claire does.

CappuccinoAll year, year 2840 G
Champagne (Glass)Spring1310 G
Cheese CroquetteSpring1120 G
ChurrosSpring570 G
Egg TartSpring500 G
Herb SandwichSpring910 G
StewSpring1030 G
MeuniereSpring, year 2630 G
Hash BrownsSpring, year 2980 G
Marinated FishSpring and Fall1090 G
Rose Wine (Glass)Spring and Winter1510 G
Cherry PieSpring and Winter, year 3890 G
Spring TeaSpring and Winter, year 35310 G
Strawberry PieSpring and Winter, year 3890 G
Caprese SaladSummer630 G
CarpaccioSummer1090 G
Corn CerealSummer700 G
GazpachoSummer560 G
Tomato FondueSummer680 G
VichyssoiseSummer1330 G
Fish & ChipsSummer, year 2910 G
Herb CookiesSummer, year 2980 G
Macaroni & CheeseSummer, year 2700 G
Blueberry PieSummer, year 31280 G
Blueberry TeaSummer and Fall1840 G
Herb BreadSummer and Fall560 G
Cauliflower SautéFall1260 G
Pineapple PieFall1120 G
Berry Wine (Glass)Fall, year 22260 G
FocacciaFall, year 2810 G
Honey CakeFall, year 2910 G
Cherry Wine (Gls)Fall, year 31600 G
Spring Wine (Gls)Fall, year 321,310 G
Royal Milk TeaFall and Winter, year 222,400 G
Corn SoupWinter700 G
GratinWinter1260 G
Herb Rice PorridgeWinter770 G
QuicheWinter1680 G
RacletteWinter910 G
RisottoWinter910 G
Strawb. Wine (Gls)Winter1310 G
Butter RollWinter, year 2530 G
Chamomile TeaWinter, year 21030 G
Chocolate FondueWinter, year 2490 G
GaletteWinter, year 21120 G
Pink FondueWinter, year 2910 G
SangriaWinter, year 2980 G
Tofu SteakWinter, year 2700 G

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