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Fill in the missing word: The item you give to propose marriage in most HM and SoS games is called a blue ________ (cow, feather, or moon?):


Topic review - Which do you think is the best marriage subevent? (RF4)
Author Message
  Post subject:  Re: Which do you think is the best marriage subevent? (RF4)  Reply with quote
I find it that the girls have way better events tbh. I guess I don't really like how some of the boys' events are about the proposals themselves and not their backstories and stuff. Most of them are pretty sweet anyway though. For the boys, Kiel's is def my favorite. Really felt for the dude there and I think it was only there that he became one of my favorite characters in the game. Meg's is my favorite overall, I love it how other events you have with her tie into this one and it's so sad and beautiful and she's so precious >.< I think Clorica's, Xiao's and Vishnal's are the only events I didn't like, even if some others are kinda eh. Dolce's I really like for the backstory revealed in it and interactions with Pico and the doctor duo but I remember really not liking her bratty attitude during the event (although I think I understand her a little better now and find her angst pretty justifiable idk).
Post Posted: Sep 19, 2017 10:07 am
  Post subject:  Re: Which do you think is the best marriage subevent? (RF4)  Reply with quote
Iiiii haven't actually seen the marriage events for any of the girls! I should do that at some point.

I really enjoyed Leon's, Dylas's, and Arthur's events. Both Leon and Arthur had a lot of interesting plot/backstory things going on in theirs, and both felt nicely poignant. Leon's might edge out Arthur just a tad? But I also really liked Dylas's - it was pretty dang cute and funny, and-
-it was really nice that the townsfolk all had Frey's back during the argument part of it. And just the fact that Dally was able to go from a grumpypants who didn't give a « Cow Poopoo » about others to not being able to live without someone... aw. The feels. It all felt like a really natural progression for him. The backstory bits if you accept his proposal right off was also icing on the carrot cake!

...Yeah, I sure married that dude, hahah.

...But the others I didn't really care for. Vishnal's felt kind of forced and silly, Kiel's got really meandering and felt really unfocused at times - I forgot where exactly the plot was trying to go half of the time through it - and Doug's... Well, I kind of absolutely abhor
public, production-y proposals.
Ugh. I would've decked him IRL.

Overall, I suppose, the ranking for me goes Leon (slight)>Arthur=Dylas>Vishnal>Kiel>Doug.
Post Posted: Sep 07, 2017 11:43 am
  Post subject:  Re: Which do you think is the best marriage subevent? (RF4)  Reply with quote

My reasons are pretty much the same as Anna_Lynn. They're just in a different order for me. Doug's and Dylas' events were more about the proposal rather than the backstory. Probably why I like them the most.
Post Posted: Sep 07, 2017 2:41 am
  Post subject:  Re: Which do you think is the best marriage subevent? (RF4)  Reply with quote
The best? Hmm... tough choice, since they're all pretty great in a way. But I know my favorite marriage subevents go something like this:

Bachelorettes: Dolce > Amber > Margaret/Meg > Forte > Clorica = Xiao Pai
-To be honest, I completely forgot what all the bachelorette's subevents were even about, lol. I remember enjoying Dolce's the most because of how heartwarming it was between her and Pico, Nancy, and Jones. Transitioning to a new family, more or less, can be hard. Especially if you've been asleep for hundreds of years, and everyone and thing you once loved is left in the past as history.
-Amber's was pretty good in my opinion, just a little weird how they sprang back her monster form out of nowhere for the sake of a backstory... or maybe they didn't. Like I said, I barely remember the bachelorette events.
-Margaret's was good too; really set up her character in a whole new way on how she would be afraid to outlive the ones she loved. The event made me wish that you could somehow propose to her near the end, like you could in both Clorica and Xiao's events.
I honestly forgot Forte's entirely, but I can guarantee that I liked it more than Clorica and Xiao's events.
-Clorica's attitude in her event just ruined it for me. Just... I don't even know. Their conversations either felt more like a brother and sister arguing, or a new couple setting relationship boundaries. Her event made me want to marry her less.
-Xiao is best girl with a « Cow Poopoo » family and depressing backstory. After seeing her event, I wanted to hug her and never let go, because that poor clumsy girl needs some love. Her father ruined it for me, and I think Lin Fa was just her usual ditzy self during her moments. They could have used the event to paint her family in a more positive, stable light, but they went in the complete opposite direction for the sake of giving Xiao Pai some confidence. She's the one girl with a legit reverse proposal, so bonus points for that!!!

Bachelors: Doug > Arthur >Dylas > Kiel > Vishnal > Leon
-I'm probably super bias with Doug's event since I married him first, but his was pretty damn good imo. It wasn't too long, wasn't too short, made me laugh, made me cry a little, made me angry, made me smile and roll my eyes; the usual really. But his was one of the only events that felt like an actual marriage event, unlike some other candidates that were more "blah blah 'help me do this one important task' blah blah *small bit of backstory* yadda yadda 'You're really inspiring and amazing~ I know! Let's get married!'". I preferred Doug's the most because of that, since his event was based on the idea of marrying you from the start, rather than just popping the question randomly and awkwardly at the end. Plus, I love how all the candidates come together throughout the whole thing to help Frey out. Not to mention that his animated cutscene for the event was him proposing to you, unlike Clorica who was just sleeping, or Dylas' which only showed his prepared meal.
-Arthur's event was lovely. I enjoyed getting to learn more about his mother, although the entirety of the story practically moved me to tears. You always expect quirky villagers to like a certain thing just for the sake of liking a certain thing, but I never imagined a more deep backstory to be connected with Arthur and his love for collecting glasses.
-Dylas had a nice event too, and I also like how it was more based around the idea of marriage proposals. I remember seeing the argument between Frey and Dylas as being kind of pointless, but whatever; it built up to the event's climax I guess. The townspeople's reactions were pretty amazing and hilarious, and the backstory he had was depressing, iirc.
-Along with Forte, I honestly cannot remember Kiel's event. Didn't he want to become a knight? Or wasn't he trying to dig up one of his parent's letters? I remember being bored out of my mind for this event; it was long, tedious, and confusing, along with the proposal feeling a little forced at the end.
-Vishnal's was ok, probably more quirky than the others. The whole thing felt cliche with not being able to "marry your master", since isn't that what Clorica technically can do with Lest? Eh, I wish they would've gave Vishnal more backstory, since his event was cut short compared to others. Also don't like how he promised to quit his job of a butler just so he could marry you. The way it rubbed off on me left me feeling like I just got engaged to a bum, more or less. True love holds no bounds, just please don't try and sacrifice your job for it.
-Leon's was the worst for me. I ended up stopping halfway through; it was that awful. Even finishing watching what I missed pissed me off. The way Frey acted seemed out of character for her, since I feel like she would have had more understanding and empathy. Though I remember Leon being a « Rick » at times. The whole 'he saw Maria as a sister and never loved her to begin with' is fine and all, but... he also only acknowledged his true love for Frey after he discovered that Maria moved on with her life and married another man.

Feels like I wrote an essay. Oh wait, I think I just did. :lol:
Post Posted: Sep 06, 2017 8:09 pm
  Post subject:  Re: Which do you think is the best marriage subevent? (RF4)  Reply with quote
Tie between Dolce and Amber's for best marriage events. Dolce made me cry and Amber's was really sweet. Meg's is REALLY good too, but in terms of feeling a lot of feels for the characters: Amber and Dolce.

For the guys I loved Dylas and Doug's. Both were very sweet! Arthur's is great too.

Worst for me were Xiao Pai's and Leon's. At the end of Xiao Pai's I was VERY GLAD I was marrying her and it was over (I love Xiao Pai but hated the event) and with Leon's I was so annoyed by the end I wanted to just break up with him immediately :lol: I also didn't like Chlorica's event very much, but not nearly to the same level as Leon's and Xiao Pai's.

Overall ranking:

Dolce > Amber = Meg > Dylas = Arthur > Doug = Forte > Kiel = Vishnal > Chlorica > Leon > Xiao Pai
Post Posted: Sep 06, 2017 7:25 pm
  Post subject:  Re: Which do you think is the best marriage subevent? (RF4)  Reply with quote
I've only ever married Leon but I keep hearing that Arthurs was good.

My brother married Clorica and he described it as he liked it well enough so I guess it means he finds it average.
Post Posted: Sep 06, 2017 4:40 pm
  Post subject:  Re: Which do you think is the best marriage subevent? (RF4)  Reply with quote
Arthur (even though it has its own issues) and Meg's are my favorites. Least favorites would be Xiao and Leon, which sucks because I love both characters, but really didn't like either event whatsoever.
Post Posted: Sep 06, 2017 2:31 pm
  Post subject:  Re: Which do you think is the best marriage subevent? (RF4)  Reply with quote
Arthur = Leon > Doug = Kiel = Dylas > Vishal

Clorica = Margaret = Dolce > Forte = Xiao Pai (and I can't really remember Amber's whoops)

Spoilers just in case!
Arthur, Leon and Dolce's events were my favorites since they taught us a lot about the characters.
Clorica's event was simple but relatable. Margaret, Kiel and Forte's events had nice stories and Doug's event was hilarious.

Vishnal had my least favorite event. It was cute and showed how much he loved Frey, but at the same time it felt kind of generic and didn't reveal much about his character. :x
Xiao Pai's event was okay, but the rumor, wow.
I still love them, though!

Dylas spoilers:
Did you accept his proposal right away? He reveals some of his past if you do. :)
Post Posted: Sep 06, 2017 1:36 pm
  Post subject:  Which do you think is the best marriage subevent? (RF4)  Reply with quote
Which one do you think is best? For the bachelorettes, I'd pick Margaret or Xiao Pai... they're both really interesting and sad. For the bachelors, my picks would be Arthur and Leon's. They both reveal a lot of backstory for the characters which I love. My least favorite would be Dylas's, mainly because it's relatively short and, while fun, not particularly interesting in terms of furthering the character, for me at least.
Post Posted: Sep 06, 2017 7:47 am

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