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What is the standard phrase for Harvest Sprites? Budum, Cock-a-doodle-do, or Psaw:


Topic review - I'm my own worst enemy...
Author Message
  Post subject:  Re: I'm my own worst enemy...  Reply with quote
XSEED is only the translator. They don't make the game. Marvelous is the one making the game ridiculously complicated.
Post Posted: Apr 02, 2017 1:18 pm
  Post subject:  Re: I'm my own worst enemy...  Reply with quote
I get frustrated over this game too. I have anxiety and depression and sometimes feel like I am not smart enough to "get it". I have been playing this series since I was a tween. It's gotten really complicated since Xseed took over. It's taken some fun out of the series. But yet, I still enjoy it a bit. I'm really enjoying this installment. Must most than the first SoS.
Post Posted: Apr 02, 2017 12:28 pm
  Post subject:  Re: I'm my own worst enemy...  Reply with quote
It is just too complicated this time, imho. But adaptation is necessary, I guess. I don't think I can concentrate at all on getting all things as it will drive me nuts and add more anxiety.

I keep telling myself: it's a game, dammit. Just enjoy.
Post Posted: Mar 31, 2017 5:28 am
  Post subject:  Re: I'm my own worst enemy...  Reply with quote
So I'm doing the "own all head gear" trophy and I got them all except one at Ludus' shop. I wrote down all the cloth I needed for this project, made it all except couldn't start the shaman headdress thing. Swear I got brown alpaca cloth+. Kept seeing it red, like I don't have enough. So I go back and make more. Used all my inventory.

Then finally dawns on me that it wants brown alpaca wool. The raw material. Which I made cloth of them all.

/shoots self in the foot

What a dumbass me. Now I gotta wait til he gets all fluffy again. Not only does this game have time gates, I do it to myself!
Post Posted: Mar 30, 2017 12:31 am
  Post subject:  Re: I'm my own worst enemy...  Reply with quote
I could have written this exact post. From the PTSD and memory problems to where I am in the game (but by now you're probably further ;)

I skipped SoS1 because I thought it was too complicated. I think this is better but still, I found myself ignoring whether I was using the right treats or fertilizer RIGHT AWAY. Just using whatever wherever and hoping it's useful in the end. As a result I have relied on random gifted crops for some wins and I don't have many byproduct level higher than E. In fact I think I have only one sheep with D! And oh man I wish I had time/space for another regular alpaca. Maybe I'll get it anyway...

I really don't like how the barns work (size) either since now I have to go through all 3 farm zones to check on all my animals, make sure I don't forget any, and there's no time to do this every morning before going out if I also do this and that (I have time slow food I can make but I still feel like I'm wasting it lol) and I don't want to miss what's going on in the morning elsewhere, which already has happened.

I want to play these games to HELP how I'm feeling but inevitably I stress over maxing my play every time. I've talked about this on these forums before but I have a habit of forgetting my account lol. I want to enjoy how I decorate my farm and feel like I'm spending quality time on my farm and in the villages, but instead I feel like"what am I forgetting?" "what do I still need to do today?" "is it worth reloading for what I messed up?"

In reality we might as well waste time, then we'd unlock stuff sooner. But it's hard to change what I do. I still go back to feeling like I gotta do EVERY PART TIME JOB. But actually all towns are locked now so why bother on most? ESPECIALLY those delivery jobs, which Ludus and Moriya give waaaay too many. Year 2 they are even worse. I'm tired of checking who I need to deliver to next. And I don't want to run back for those shipping jobs so I try to put several types in the box just in case before I leave for the day, but oops, I feel like I'm running low on everything now despite belonging to Club Hoarder.

This is quite silly but.. I started adding IRL tasks to do when I take part time jobs so I spend a little less time staring at the screen (and feel less tempted to overwork in game). IE if I take a watering job, I'll go wash a couple dishes (worst irl chore imo) or make some hot water (I drink it this way). For wood cutting I'll do a little exercise XD Weeding and cleaning I'll clean up around the house :) It's dorky but it helps me a bit.

I've also gone through pages in a notebook with lists of what I need to get/remember. It gets messy. The last time I made so many notes was for HMDS:Cute! I have no idea how anyone could play without taking notes... Unless they don't mind forgetting stuff!
Post Posted: Mar 29, 2017 10:12 pm
  Post subject:  Re: I'm my own worst enemy...  Reply with quote
Don't feel bad, I've had the game since release and I'm on Fall 13th, Y1 :lol:

There is a lot to handle this time around with so many crops/fertilizers/treats/etc. It's nice but can get overwhelming. I totally understand you wanting to do everything at once because I play the same way! Like you said, just relax and enjoy the game at your own pace. And you're not the only one who needs an irl ledger to keep track of everything so no worries there either! :) I usually rush through these games so I'm actually kind of happy to be plodding through this time around - I feel like I will be playing longer.
Post Posted: Mar 29, 2017 4:48 pm
  Post subject:  Re: I'm my own worst enemy...  Reply with quote
Meriberry wrote:
They simply made the game TOO complex this time around. There's so much to keep track of, it's ludicrous. I mean, I am enjoying the game, but really?

The level of detail with the crops and animals this time around is impressive, but I would have given it up in exchange for all the customization options from SoS easy. I don't want just a generic Western/Eastern/Tropical style and be restricted to these huge chunky blocks of space to decorate with. Also, why can we only have one child in this game when we had two in SoS? :(

Meh, maybe I'm too demanding. I'm still enjoying the game but I miss a lot of stuff from SoS. At least I adore my husband and I like that your child takes after your spouse in looks. Reminds me of AWL and AWL SE, gives me happy nostalgia feels. :heart:
Post Posted: Mar 29, 2017 2:21 pm
  Post subject:  Re: I'm my own worst enemy...  Reply with quote
They simply made the game TOO complex this time around. There's so much to keep track of, it's ludicrous. I mean, I am enjoying the game, but really?
Post Posted: Mar 29, 2017 2:04 pm
  Post subject:  Re: I'm my own worst enemy...  Reply with quote
I am relieved to hear that I'm not the only person who can't remember what they did literally two seconds ago! Did I feed this animal this treat? Or do I need to give it one to raise a different trait? It doesn't stress me, but I do get annoyed with myself.
I agree that keeping a notebook is a good idea, but since I usually play as I try to go to sleep, a notebook wouldn't be practical for me XP. I did keep a piece of printer paper with all my stuff for the first SoS though! So I know it does totally help.
Post Posted: Mar 29, 2017 1:48 pm
  Post subject:  Re: I'm my own worst enemy...  Reply with quote
Oh my « Harvest Goddess » i've been forgetting the damn part time jobs i've stopped doing them altogether!

I've had to redo days in this game so much because the part time people are jerks when you don't finish the job and I don't even want to deal with that. I swear i've done a months more work since buying the game because i've redone days so much.
Post Posted: Mar 29, 2017 9:25 am
  Post subject:  Re: I'm my own worst enemy...  Reply with quote
I have an anxiety disorder but thankfully it doesn't interfere with the game. If anything, it's a great stress reliever and takes my mind off of being anxious all the time.

I have trouble remembering all the requirements for farm circles, house upgrades and clothes, too, though. I've started taking pictures of my screen with my phone of the requirements and flipping back to it whenever I need a refresher. I also do this when I need to collect donations from a bunch of different people for festivals and when Stephanie (she's just MC in my game but Fogu calls her Stephanie??? Maybe a Japanese to English translation difference, meh) comes to tell me which categories I'll need to focus on for the harvest and animal festivals.

I would just take screenshots with my 3DS but I ah... don't know how, lol. :oops: I've been told you have to press L and R at the same time but all that does in the game is remove the dialogue box if someone's talking so you can see their full portrait better.

As for which fertilizer and treats to use for the day, I alternate and go in a rotation so I look at the numbers.

EX: If I need to use Juicy, Sugary and Sparkly fertilizer on my crops for the harvest festival that season, this is how I distribute it:
  • Buy 99 of each, then keep them in my bag.
  • Day 1: I have 99 of all three fertilizer types. I start with the first one in my bag (Sparkly) and use it on all the crops.
  • Day 2: I can see that I've used X amount of Sparkly Fertilizer already but I still have 99 of Juicy and Sugary, so I'll use Sugary Fertilizer on Day 2.
  • Day 3: Juicy Fertilizer will be the only one I still have 99 of so I'll use that on Day 3.
  • Day 4: The numbers will be even again, so I know I'll need to repeat the cycle and start with Sparkly and repeat the process for Days 1-3.
Post Posted: Mar 29, 2017 8:50 am
  Post subject:  Re: I'm my own worst enemy...  Reply with quote
From someone who can't play everyday, I also have memory problems and can't remember what I did last. I'm on fall y1 and I still have to look through the bookshelf for certain things.
Post Posted: Mar 28, 2017 8:03 pm
  Post subject:  Re: I'm my own worst enemy...  Reply with quote
There's definitely no shame in making a shopping list. My memory's fairly decent, but I don't think I could remember all 15 types of materials and their quantities for various outfits in each of the towns without writing it all down.
Post Posted: Mar 28, 2017 5:59 pm
  Post subject:  Re: I'm my own worst enemy...  Reply with quote
I normally don't have many memory problems with games but this game I've definitely noticed it's hard to keep track of things. Every time I go to buy something and come back to the farm I realize I've forgotten at least one thing, and sometimes my poor animals go hungry because of it... I need to make shopping lists or something!

Also forgetting to complete part-time jobs sometimes, especially shipping ones. There's a lot to think about.
Post Posted: Mar 28, 2017 5:21 pm
  Post subject:  Re: I'm my own worst enemy...  Reply with quote
i can remember everything else beside material for farm circle, and tailoring lol

for part time, i have my plan

i have a routine to do a chores in 3 towns like

go to westown --> accepting delivery all jobs --> go to miranda/postio/lisette --> delivering items in westown --> moriya -->delivering to tsuyukusa --> ludus ---> delivering to lulukoko --> delivering the rest to three towns

after that i accept shipping part time, and goes straight to farm and ship the items

the rest is doing random part-time/socializing/mining

for material+tailoring, i do a few farm chores until 9-10 AM, save in your farm, goes straight to them and list the items on my phone notes. After that i reload, finish farm chores, and preparing items that want to be made (cloths+materials in material shop).

for farm animals, i just occasionally see the animal books after cleaning their Doo-Doo everyday

seriously speaking i dont have any problem with remembering in this game c:

reloading method is truly help me though, its much better than wasting 1-2 hours to go forth back and preparing the items, and come back to the shops
Post Posted: Mar 28, 2017 3:07 am

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