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Topic review - Itou
Author Message
  Post subject:  Re: Itou  Reply with quote
I actually just finished the task, it didn't take me too long either (maybe they gave me a bit of luck for taking that killifish task, that took FOREVER)

but I found a few prawn in the northeast pond in the field, if you use your washtub to go out to the darkest middle part of the pond they should be there (they seem to like the water lilies). I caught a few with pasta bate (<_< I call it paste bate, I dunno) and I also seem to get lucky with a dry fly.
As for the size, they look a lot like small fish and sometimes they seem to take a bit before going for the bate.

Good luck!!
Post Posted: Apr 13, 2009 6:02 pm
  Post subject:  Re: Itou  Reply with quote
Hey ! Bonjour Red Girl87

ok I feel quite excited cause i realize that we both belong half of the knowledge to go through the curry guy's errant.
So the deal is : I give you my half and pleeease give me yours

Answer to your questions are :

For the bait I use "small fish", you can find these on the mountain map.
From the beginning of the map go on the right, swim along the rocks and go to reach the fisherman who talks about rainbow trout.
Just before reaching the fisherman there is a "finger" of land directed in the North east direction. on the right down extremity of the finger there is an beach area with thin layer of sea water (you can walk on it)
On THIS sand area (the upper part to be very precise) you can find small fish.

Next go on the very top of the Stream area. I personnaly use the tub, and stay right under the waterfall, with a large view, so that I can check if a big fish appear (you are actually looking for a big one). Alternativly you can go on the top of the fall on the left side and launch your bait behind the big rocks that make a boundary between the still water next to the fall, and the running water underneath. You can as well go on a small beach on the right side of the fall.

Itou is there, try to catch big fish that appear randomly around the fall. Waiting 3 or 4 minutes between each appearance in normal, according to my experience. I use the bait rod with (I lost the word - stuff that permitt you to get your bait back to you, just like lure), with small fish. Be quick cause the big fish in this area desapear really really fast. Doing this you should catch eithar Big Iwana, or Itou (around 30 inch). I also was able (luckily) to get an Albino Itou of 65 inch in this area. Hope you'll get one as well - biggest fish I caught so far

Now it should be more easy for you to get the fish I hope

SO PLEASE HELP ME NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I' m blocked at the very same errant than you. The différence is that I got the Itou and de Cherry salmon, but I wasn't able to catch any Prawn. Actualy Prawn it the one and only fish that lacks in my record listing of the Fish I met in the Field area.


please help me
I'll go back to see this forum, I guess it would be fun to help each other if we are blocked again in this game since it seems we are roughly at the same finishing percentage of the game. Well you did post on january, it makes month now ...
sorry for the english, ask if any question

Post Posted: Mar 30, 2009 3:39 pm
  Post subject:  Itou  Reply with quote
Harvest Fishing (PS2)

I have to do the curry guy's errand to get to the rapids, I already caught the other two fish (prawn, cherry salmon) before I even triggered this errand. The Itou is the most difficult to find.

So here's what I want to know:

What's the cheapest bait that is likes?
Roughly whats the size of the fish shadow? (tiny, medium, large, huge)

The second question is most important because in my river king experiance, I useually end up trying to catch the wrong size fish.
Post Posted: Jan 06, 2009 11:57 pm

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