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Topic review - My River King Memories and Goals.
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  Post subject:  Re: My River King Memories and Goals.  Reply with quote
I got into this series quite late so I don't really have any memories of it. I first saw one of the GB games (the first one, not the color version) in Nintendo Power but I wasn't too interested. I later learned that the series was made by the same people who make Harvest Moon, so I was curious, but I don't remember ever seeing the games in store. I first played River King GBC on 3DS, and I loved it. I then got the PS2 version on PS3, but it's so glitchy that it's impossible to beat... so I found an actual PS2 copy for cheap on Amazon, and beat the game twice because I was really addicted. I'm now playing RK2 on my 3DS. I also hope they make a new one, but they don't seem to be that popular so I don't think it's gonna happen. :(
Post Posted: Mar 06, 2015 3:22 pm
  Post subject:  My River King Memories and Goals.  Reply with quote
Hey all, so over the last decade I've finally got all the river king U.S games except for river king GB (not color). It took Quite awhile to get them all, as I never did like to buy online or have a credit card for a lonng time, and it was cheaper to find it in my local game stores or at flea markets.
I got:River King(GB)River King 2(GB color)River King (PS2)River King (DS)

It all started when my friend first bought River King (GB) one day..he hated it and almost threw it against the wall and wanted nothing to do with it..I took it upon myself that I would play it and beat it for him and I actually fell in love with the game and the whole idea of a fishing RPG, It was the first of its kind that I had played, and I was at that time playing Harvest Moon and Tamagotchi on GameBoy. I got really far into River King and Im pretty sure I almost caught the river king..but never always bothered me... so, after so long I had sold or lost my original copy..years go by then one day I saw that River King for the PS2 was coming out, that sparked a flame that I had to track down and buy and beat all the games in the series.

Now that I finally have them and recently thought of them again, found this awesome website, I really need to buckle down and beat them all. I went ahead and started on the nintendo DS one recently and hope to beat it, its a shame that I didnt have it while the online tournaments were going on..that sounded like a really fun aspect. Either I will always love and remember the river king series..they should have come out with more here in the USA and they should make another one!
Post Posted: Mar 06, 2015 1:13 am

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