Games you can't make up your mind about

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Re: Games you can't make up your mind about

by Kikki » May 26, 2020 8:52 am

I tend to avoid video reviews in general, as I'm just not fond of listening to people talk their reviews. I can get turned off if they narrate their video in a way I don't like, or depending on what clips they show, etc. Some give away more than I want them to, too, which I less frequently find to be true with text reviews. Generally not my thing. (I'm not one to watch game streaming at all, actually...I've never liked watching Let's Plays or anything like that, either. They taint my experience a bit.)

The review I linked was fairly informative, in that it gives you an idea of the game's mood (wry, reality based humour that is fresh enough to actually be funny) and overall gameplay balance (mostly exploration with a moderate portion of light puzzle-solving or puzzle-platforming and shooting monstery-things.) As someone who is a bit more horrified by the idea that we are destroying the planet than by the idea that we are destroying ourselves, the theme might be a bit stressful for me. I'm also NOT fond of sci-fi, though this is a fantasy form of sci-fi, imo, which is pretty tolerable.

It's also useful to know that the reviewer completed 67% of the game in about 6 hours. It not being a behemoth of a thing makes it more suitable to fill a gap...doesn't feel like as much of a commitment. I'll probably get JttSP, though not right now, as XenoDE is releasing in a few days. Still, learning about it has pushed it up to second place on my list of games under continual consideration, behind FFVIIR, but now ahead of FE:TH. (I really don't think I'd want to play more than one route, so I'm not sure the game would be worthwhile for me.)

Re: Games you can't make up your mind about

by Mikodesu » May 26, 2020 8:11 am

To difficulty mode
The noisiest gamers are definitely the snobbiest bunch of them. I feel like more than anything they don't want their "hardcore games" to be "sullied" by baby modes, because « Harvest Goddess » forbid somebody not THEM enjoy something they enjoy.

The only solid argument I could accept against new difficulty modes is one on development time. (Developer intentions are important, but there's a reason these things are buried in menus.) In Xenoblade's case I don't see how it would take much time or effort to get a properly balanced easy mode. Not to mention Monolith Soft knows that the game is well known for its story, so of course there'll be players who just want to experience that. Not spending a couple of days catering to them is just foolishness.
Have you looked into video reviews for Journey to the Savage Planet, Kikki? Those were out earlier this year. (Unless you're waiting for ones that include DLC in the review...that I haven't seen.) It seems like a pretty decent little game - if you can enjoy or ignore its sense of humor.

Re: Games you can't make up your mind about

by Kikki » May 26, 2020 6:07 am

Well, I'm glad it was added...I think now I can get my bro-in-law to pick it back up! He really liked the original, until he hit...well, a certain point of the game, where more enemies gain damage-reflecting abilities (called 'spike'). Unlike when the 'soul read' ability is introduced, the game tells you nothing about it, it just suddenly becomes so much easier to die before you even know what is going on, and you'll be left wondering what the heck went wrong.
My bro-in-law actually has better innate gaming skills than I do. He's pretty well coordinated, for example, which I am nooooooooooooooooooooooot. (My entire blood-related family is kinda slow and uncoordinated, I'm afraid.) But he always wants to play the story. He follows it like a bloodhound, ignoring everything else. He always has trouble with even Zelda games because he doesn't even do enough questing to get a bigger wallet, or optional weapons, more defence, etc.

My sis has scolded him repeatedly when he gets stuck, telling him that it's because he ignored most of the game again and didn't get any of the stuff he needs along the way, because he shoots straight from Point A to Point B in the plot. He's grown out of that a little by now, thanks to her, but it's still his natural tendency, even though he's grown to like more meaningful bits of 'optional' content. It's not because he isn't good enough to play with's because he doesn't want to. He wants to experience the whole story, point to point, and not be distracted by side-stuff.

I think that's fine. I mean, I'm not like that myself, and I think that many games give you a richer experience if you try to do at least a moderate amount of side-content, but he enjoys his games, and he was really liking Xenoblade until he got stuck. I told him how he could deal with spike...material grind to make anti-spike gems...and what level he needed to be at to have an easier time, but to him that was just a chore. I regret that he lost interest because of that.
So, yay. Casual mode for XenoDE! I'll try to lure my bro-in-law back with it. :)


I hope reviews start coming in for Journey to the Savage Planet. I won't be able to decide if it's the right game for me or not until I can get a bit more info. Though this review is definitely telling me some of what I want to know.

Re: Games you can't make up your mind about

by Bluie » May 26, 2020 5:40 am

I was literally just saying to my husband yesterday; "In today's day and age - if a game has a baby mode, I'm freaking playing it on baby mode."

It's not to say I don't mind a challenge, and I DO feel like certain games that are competitive shouldn't have handicaps (ie: Monster Hunter, Fortnite, Street Fighter, ect), but if it's a damned story driven JRPG, an easy mode is hurting NO ONE - it only benefits. The self proclaimed 'gamers' get their panties in a twist because the horrid 'casuals' are ruining gaming because how dare they want to have an experience different than them! Everyone should suffer together like some dumbass unwritten game code. 'Git gud' should only ever apply to the games where there's actual skill involved and is particularly catered to to competitive crowd. EVEN IN THAT CROWD, there are people who go out of their way to help more casual players so they can enjoy their experience rather than get snooty about someone's playstyle.

A niche JRPG cannot be stupidly hard or complicated in today's gaming community, especially on the Switch, or it will not be received well. Innovation is fine and good, but not for everyone - especially seeing the Switch has garnered less of the gaming crowd and more of the casuals/family group. If you want to make money outside of your fanbase, you add that easy mode and allow everyone to experience you title at their own pace - not lock it behind something the average Joe is more inclined to drop for it being too difficult.

It's not bloody rocket science, it's marketing, and Nintendo likes the money of the masses rather than the losses of a few outspoken butthurt children.

Re: Games you can't make up your mind about

by Kikki » May 26, 2020 5:06 am

Related to the new difficulty level...
why is it that some people feel the need to decry the addition of an easy or casual mode? THEY DON'T HAVE TO USE IT. It's gate-keeping at its snobbiest, imo. Like...hey, if you're not good enough to play the game on the same level *I* first played it, then you don't deserve to play at all! What, does it take away from them somehow, to let people complete the game on a more casual level?

A lot of people want to follow the story and not be bothered by all the quests. Some of the quests are full of story and great, adding to the world's lore, but even Xenoblade has its fair share of meaningless fetch quests and pointless bounty hunting. Lots of folks want to be able to skip questing at their whim, to be able to mainline that compelling main story in big, hard-hitting glups rather than teeny sip by teeny sip.

I feel like the people who complain about a lower difficulty mode being added are really juvenile gamers who want to keep their club elite so they can go on flattering themselves about how much better they are than others. I find it super annoying. And I did finish it multiple times on the original difficulty, so I'm not saying that as one of the scorned 'casuals' they sneer at, in this case.

Re: Games you can't make up your mind about

by Bluie » May 26, 2020 4:15 am

Kikki wrote:Check it out, Bluie. XenoDE WILL have a 'casual' mode. :D Glad they're letting people choose where to invest their time!
Awww yiss. This is now higher on my list.

I'm gonna be tied up for awhile with my backlog, but I'll defs me looking at getting a copy before this years ends.

Re: Games you can't make up your mind about

by Kikki » May 26, 2020 3:21 am

Check it out, Bluie. XenoDE WILL have a 'casual' mode. :D Glad they're letting people choose where to invest their time!

Re: Games you can't make up your mind about

by Kikki » May 24, 2020 1:05 pm

Yeah, I agree. I like XC1's battle system (imo, difficulty-wise, XC2 was easiest, XC1 is next, and XCX is definitely the hardest. Almost everyone agrees on that, though it seems opinions are quite split on whether XC1 or XC2 was more difficult to master.) I just think there's no good reason not to let people choose their own focus. Let them sail through the story OR enjoy a battle challenge...or try a bit of both. Whatever they want.

I hope XenoDE does really well, though I've little fear that it won't. I'd sure love to have it be so profitable that they decide porting over XCX is worthwhile after all.

Re: Games you can't make up your mind about

by Bluie » May 24, 2020 12:19 pm

I played through XC2 two times before they dropped the DLC that added easy + custom difficulties, so I can deal with it if XCD doesn't have easy mode, but it'd be nice to have regardless. Being able to glide through a game I'm a little shaky on might help me enjoy it more.

I remember having to master the driver combos in XC2 on specific enemies to get them to drop legendary cores. "DRIVER COMBO COMPLETE" is ingrained into my brain with how much grinding I had to do get my last few blades (KOS-MOS and Ursula just never ever wanted to pop - it was driving me crazy). Easy mode was a nice addition for my bruised thumbs.

Re: Games you can't make up your mind about

by Kikki » May 24, 2020 11:39 am

I played XC1 on regular difficulty, of course, since there ARE no difficulty options in the original, and I'm a total schlub, but then, for some reason, I always GET Xenoblade battle systems, probably more than I get any other game's combat. (I played XC2 on regular too, as I completed it before they added the alternate difficulty modes.) I don't know always feels intuitive, to me, like no others do, lol.

But it is rumoured (because of a French listing that has since been removed) that XenoDe will have 3 difficulty levels...beginner, normal and hard. I'd probably still play on normal (though I could really go for easy when it comes to the post-game content!) but I think it'd be good if they did add those choices. I think it's for the best to let people choose whether they want to concentrate on gameplay or on story. And sometimes even if you're good at a battle system, you want to replay just to experience the story again, and it's nice to be able to speed through.

Also, the game becomes much harder once the enemies start having (mechanic spoilers and region name spoiler)
'spike' abilities, where your own damage is reflected back on you. There's a difficulty spike around Sword Valley that a lot of people get stuck on if they are either underleveled OR unprepared for 'spike'. (You can make anti-spike gems, but if you don't know to do so, you can be totally stumped as to why half of all the enemies you meet are suddenly wiping your whole party even though nothing seems to be wrong.) It'd be good to be able to lower difficulty for times when the battle system is less than opaque. Not everyone want to spend hours to 'git gud' just to be allowed to see what happens next in the story! (My bro-in-law quit at Sword Valley because he was underleveled due to ignoring side-quests and because he wasn't prepared for 'spike'...and another friend of mine had to restart there because he couldn't get past it, either.)

Re: Games you can't make up your mind about

by Bluie » May 24, 2020 11:06 am

@Kiki - I got to the part where Sharla joined and we were out looking for Juju. I remember getting really frustrated with a boss. I don't think I had fully grasped the combat yet + at the time open world games were really not my thing, so I think a number of grievances piled up and I quit. I'm certainly more inclined towards the game now, ticking a lot of boxes today than it did several years ago. I'm probs just gonna wait til I have a hankering for an open world JRPG before I pick it up.

@Mikodesu - I'll keep that in mind. I have a feeling it'll hit a steep sale eventually, so I'll keep sitting on it for awhile.

Re: Games you can't make up your mind about

by Mikodesu » May 24, 2020 10:19 am

Sadly the only games I can't make up my mind about are long ones (60 hours+ ish)... There are some titles/series that I'll jump on no matter how many hours I sink into it but what used to draw me to a game is kind of a negative anymore. :lol: Or at least a sticking point.

But I guess that's what Let's Plays and streams are for. It doesn't exactly SOLVE the problem but for me it can help me make up my mind about a game. It can be like a demo when one doesn't exist.

I do WISH I had time for more long games, because there are some excellent ones I've missed out on, but I also really like having time for my art projects and I guess for the time being this is the balance I'm hitting.

As for listed games...only a couple I can speak to at all

@Kikki: Imo the best things about Astral Chain are the gameplay and aesthetic. The story is NOT enough to carry it. It's interesting, but I don't think I'd ever play a Platinum game for story... On the other hand I think FE: 3H could be carried by its story. Just parroting a reviewer and streamer who went into the game for its gameplay more than story, both ended up REALLY enjoying the game. And both said the gameplay on normal was easier than Awakening, so maybe with a little easier gameplay you could focus more on story and not stress so much about battles.

@Bluie: Snack World for a BIG sale or skip it. I was interested too until I saw reviews + a stream of the game and it's very grindy and very repetitive. Which I know is part of the genre but this just seems...worse, somehow. Been since the game came out that I've seen it so I can't explain it well.

Re: Games you can't make up your mind about

by Kikki » May 24, 2020 6:26 am

Where did you play until in Xenoblade on 3DS? Had you left the Colony 9 region? (I assume you had. The story doesn't start to get complicated until around when you get your party member from the Bionis' Leg region.) If you weren't into it because it was blocky and blurry, then that problem is solved by this new edition, but if that wasn't it, I'm not sure whether you'll enjoy it this time around either. Did you not like the world/characters/plot? Too many side-quests? Combat system too hard or too easy? (The original had no difficulty adjustment, as I'm sure you know, and I haven't heard that they've added one for XenoDE the way they did for XC2.) Pacing not to your liking?

Can't weigh in on any of the others you've got on your list, but I certainly know XC1 inside and out. I think the only way you'll like it this time around is if you either 1) couldn't get into it because of the bad graphics, 2) wanted more Melia in the game or 3) liked XC2 so much that the very brief and tiny connection it has to XC1 are of enough interest to make you want to see them for yourself. But otherwise, the content of the game is exactly the same as the original. Only the Future Connected bit is new, and it's not part of the main game, so...

I can't wait to see the Bionis with cleaner graphics (even though I dislike the way they altered the character style to be more anime, particularly for Shulk and Fiora...more like XC2, whose style was not at all to my taste) and hear even better music, though. I think even XC2 is a better-than-average game, but it wasn't really to my liking. The gameplay is not that similar, imo, so I'm not of the opinion that just because you like one, you're especially likely to enjoy the other.

Re: Games you can't make up your mind about

by Bluie » May 24, 2020 6:14 am

I have a list of games that I keep that pertain to upcoming releases I know I'll buy day one. 80% of them are in limbo with little to know news or are still heavily in development. Because of this, I have been looking to more game I've passed on the past year or so, however, it hasn't been a super productive venture. I am lacking the mindset to finish games I only have slight interest in, thus I bought many games and finished few - which bugs me, but It can't be helped at this point. SO, with that in mind, I'm pretty much forcing myself to only look at games that I know I'll finish, but I don't necessarily want them presently. Right now said games are;

- Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition
- Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX
- Trials of Mana
- Snack World: The Dungeon Crawl Gold
- Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling

They all have gameplay I enjoy or have pleasing art styles or are remakes of games I've played before. With Xenoblade, I'm honestly very mixed towards it due to my first romp with it on 3DS ended with me not liking it, BUT, I enjoyed the second game enough to put almost 300 hours into it, so I am more than willing to give it a second chance at this point (I want... moar xenoblades....). With Pokemon, it's a remake of a game I played to death in elementary school (i'm talking multiple playthroughs, probs 200+ hours overall), so I'm not over the moon about it, but I love PMD as a series and I want to support it. Trials of Mana - I want it, I do, just not right now. Maybe once I get through my backlog. Snack World was a game I REALLY wanted back when it first came out in Japan, but it took forever to get over here + they killed the NFC toys that went with it (I imported some of them!) so i'm 'meh' about it, but I'm also a huge sucker for any game that lets your create your own character - so i'll pick it up eventually. With Bug Fables, it's a homage to the Paper Mario series and I've been following it's development for awhile now, but I'm just not in the mood for it atm, maybe later.

The only other game i'm wavering on is Summer Pockets, a KEY visual novel that i'm pretty much guaranteed to like (I have a big bias towards the company - have never hated anything they've put out), but I'm a little burnt out on Visual Novels as a whole right now.

Re: Games you can't make up your mind about

by Kikki » May 23, 2020 4:55 pm

Simply Unknown wrote:And nope, no game debate for me. I know what I want to do.
Heh must not be as fussy as me. With each of the games I'm considering, they have aspects I know I will like...and they also have aspects I know I will not like. So it's always a big war on my pro-and-con list, with almost every game I buy...trying to decide if the pros sufficiently outweigh the cons, enough that I won't regret my purchase and have enough fun to actually finish the game. There are only a handful of games/series that I know I'll love them...everything else gives me this big headache, because my likes and dislikes are both very faithful and very obnoxious.

I always take a really long time to figure out if I should buy something or not. I tend to dislike more than I like. Well, being fussy saves me money and time, but it can get irritating, too.