I need 50 hour days

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Re: I need 50 hour days

by Kikki » May 28, 2020 5:46 am

Yeah, they've been completely unavailable (except from scalpers) for a couple of months, now. I looked into getting one for my dad when he expressed an interest in Ring Fit (he's on chemo and his hands and feet have gone permanently partly numb and he's exhausted all the time and has to avoid all germs, as he has essentially no immunity at all, right now...being able to have a varied and customizable workout available to him that is comfortably done right in your own living room would be a great option to have.) but they're only available at insane prices from bad people who do NOT deserve to see any profit from their actions. They're not getting their grubby paws on my money, anyway.

Though if you can find them in other countries, there's always that option since they are completely region-free. I haven't looked into that. I don't think they're very available anywhere in the world, though. Only the Lites. (Ring Fit can't really be managed on a Lite, and I can't even play AC handheld...it makes me dizzy in less than a minute.)

Re: I need 50 hour days

by LeBurns » May 28, 2020 5:02 am

Well one thing I noted is that it's a pain to put the tiny carts in and out of the Switch Lite. I got physical copies of all my games.

I'm letting my daughter play while I'm at work, so she can get the fossils and such. I then log in later and I found that I can still find two fossil after she got four.??? Then I just do a few chores. I did get all the furnishing for the three houses done last night. Hopefully once everything is done getting built up I will be able to just check in once a day.

Still trying to find my daughter a regular Switch (which is supposed to be a gift for her college graduation), but the worlds gotten kind of crazy lately and Switches are just not to be found in the US.

Re: I need 50 hour days

by Simply Unknown » May 27, 2020 2:19 pm

LeBurns wrote: FE:3H I don't know about. Can that be played and finished (at least one play-through) in 30+ hours?
Yes and no. Is it possible to beat a route of FE:Three Houses in under thirty hours? Yes. But whether you will or not depends on a bunch of other factors like which route you pick, whether or not you want to recruit other students to your house, the paralogues various students can unlock, your playstyle, and whether you have the DLC or not. The DLC for Ashen Wolves, if you have it, can last anywhere between 8 to 10 hours, so that adds onto your time. I wouldn't recommend playing it until you've beaten some of the other routes though.

The shortest route you can play is the Crimson Flower Route most likely, as that has 2 less maps than the other routes. But your first playthrough should really be based on what lord you like the most and how you like to play rather than which playthrough you can finish up the fastest.

Kikki is right about how New Horizons can get less time consuming as you get into it though. I'm at the point where I usually play half an hour/forty-five minutes to get through my daily chores and then I put it aside unless I'm hunting for recipes or something specific. Animal Crossing isn't really a series you can beat so you don't have to feel rushed to complete things. They will wait for you. So try not to feel so pressured into finishing things as soon as they come up.

Re: I need 50 hour days

by Burning Spear » May 27, 2020 1:55 pm

I like Animal Crossing, but the original poster's dilemma is why it lags far, far behind Story of Seasons for me. I don't like feeling obligated to play. Granted, they've relieved some of that by eliminating the need to water flowers, but there are still elements, such as the Bunny Day disaster, that often make it feel like work. I know just about everything is optional, but it still feels like I often play because I should or have to, rather than because I want to. I said I would never play AC again after New Leaf, but I let myself get sucked into New Horizons, to the detriment of Dragon Quest and everything else I'm playing.

Re: I need 50 hour days

by Kikki » May 27, 2020 10:43 am

I'm the same, mostly. With games like AC, that you are meant to play for...well, ever...I don't count them as a game I'm playing, exactly. They just become a part of my daily routine. Go onto Switch, open mail, grab fossils, say 'hi' to everyone who can easily be found, find bottle on beach, check shops, sign off. Once you're not arranging things and paying debt and all that, the time required to do daily stuff is no more than half an hour.

It took longer when I still had so much new stuff to do, and it take longer at the turn of a new month or season with new stuff to catch, or during an event...but on regular days, my daily stuff takes no more than 20-30 minutes. I only play longer if I think of something new I wanna do, and if I have time, I go ahead and do it. If not, I save the house remodel or new building project for later.

But you could always delete all your save data and restart your town entirely once you have more time...they tend to turn out much nicer once you've played a little while and know better what you can do.

Re: I need 50 hour days

by LeBurns » May 27, 2020 10:28 am

I've just never been really good at playing multiple games at one time. I got to focus! Beginning to wish I had never opened AC and just left it in it's package until I've played the others. I suppose I could just put it back ... ... but I'll miss fossils! Urgh.

Re: I need 50 hour days

by Kikki » May 27, 2020 8:37 am

FE:TH play-throughs seem to vary wildly by player. I have seen a few people claim one play-through can be done in about the time you're hoping, but I know many people here took 50-80 hours for one route...and some took hundreds of hours. (O.O)

It appears to be a game that you can really milk, if you want to, with interactions and, I dunno, recruiting as many members as you can and so on. So I think if you rush a route as much as you can, you could finish it that fast...but you'd be missing a lot. According to howlongtobeat.com, an average play appears to be 45-50 hours.

But lots of people here played it, so I'm sure others will be along to chime in with their personal experience sooner or later :)

I need 50 hour days

by LeBurns » May 27, 2020 8:12 am

So my Switch Lite came in. I also got the 256G memory card. I also got AC:NH, along with RF4 and FE:3H.

Now I already played RF4 on the 3DS and it is by far my favorite HM/RF/SoS game. I really want to get back into it to see the updates and do the story again.

I love the FE series and have waited a long time to get FE:3H. I really can't wait to get into this.

BUT ... dang AC:NH. How can I have job, a life, and play AC:NH and have anything left to do? I'm at the point now where I have laid down the foundations for three new homes and now I have to build all the furnishing for all three (ARE YOU KIDDING ME!).

Course add to this I've been playing ATOM:RPG on the PC and was really getting into it.

I feel like I have to dedicate at least an hours time to AC each day just to get fossils and daily stuff. I don't really care to advance much else at this point as I just don't have the time. And I know going into either other game is more of a time sink. I know that RF4 can have a lot of grinding in it, so that game can also go on forever. FE:3H I don't know about. Can that be played and finished (at least one play-through) in 30+ hours?