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What is the standard phrase for Harvest Sprites? Budum, Cock-a-doodle-do, or Psaw:


Topic review - Backlog 2021
Author Message
  Post subject:  Re: Backlog 2021  Reply with quote
Katgirl wrote:
Kikki wrote:
So, Haven is still really cool. It very much needed a map and then I sort of unlocked one, though it's an odd way of map-keeping, imo. I THOUGHT I had unlocked a teleport ability, but...I'm not sure. I was only able to use it once and then could not find it to use again, so I don't know if I misplaced it or misunderstood it or if it was only a one-time thing.

There are little stump things around the world (I think the game calls them stations) and you have to put a cooked dish (any dish) on it. You have to bring the dish in your bag by saying save it for later when you cook it then put it your inventory when you prep to get out.

That's kind of confusing. Transporting works via cooking? The transport ability I unlocked once was a creature...I didn't have any food with me, I don't think. But they acted like the creature was going to stay around home base, and it didn't, so I don't really know what's up with that in my game. I had some food in my bag when I last left the nest, but the creature wasn't there. Maybe I have to find the item to interact with or something. Ah, well, I'll see if I can find something; thanks for the tip. :)
Post Posted: Jun 21, 2021 10:36 am
  Post subject:  Re: Backlog 2021  Reply with quote
Kikki wrote:
So, Haven is still really cool. It very much needed a map and then I sort of unlocked one, though it's an odd way of map-keeping, imo. I THOUGHT I had unlocked a teleport ability, but...I'm not sure. I was only able to use it once and then could not find it to use again, so I don't know if I misplaced it or misunderstood it or if it was only a one-time thing.

There are little stump things around the world (I think the game calls them stations) and you have to put a cooked dish (any dish) on it. You have to bring the dish in your bag by saying save it for later when you cook it then put it your inventory when you prep to get out.
Post Posted: Jun 21, 2021 8:54 am
  Post subject:  Re: Backlog 2021  Reply with quote
Thanks, yzafre; good to know :)


So, Haven is still really cool. It very much needed a map and then I sort of unlocked one, though it's an odd way of map-keeping, imo. I THOUGHT I had unlocked a teleport ability, but...I'm not sure. I was only able to use it once and then could not find it to use again, so I don't know if I misplaced it or misunderstood it or if it was only a one-time thing.


Rather than continuing Haven later today, I think I'll go back to AoC. I just need Urbosa, now. I think getting her would probably finish Chapter 2? Thaaaaaaat's right, I'm still in Chapter 2. I like the gameplay and when it goes really well, like it did when I was retrieving Revali, I want to continue...but it has to go really well to make me want to keep playing beyond 30-45 minutes.

But at least both of these games are pretty cool, even if they're not the kind of games I could sit down to for a marathon session. It'd be great if Monstrum Nox turns out to be that kind of game, but even though as of Ys VIII, they've made the games have a stronger main story, it's still nowhere near the level of Xenoblade or Trails. Heck, it's not even the level of Tales, for being story-driven. I'm curious to see how YS IX is compared to VIII, since it was so popular that they decided to continue on with the direction they took in that game. I don't think I'll get the game this week,'s more likely to arrive next week.
Post Posted: Jun 21, 2021 6:24 am
  Post subject:  Re: Backlog 2021  Reply with quote
Kikki wrote:
EDIT: Age of Calamity is confusing me. Sometimes I'm unable to pick things up. It happened twice while I was getting Daruk, just now...a blue glowing thing and a yellow glowing thing both fell...and maybe a red glowing thing? But I didn't seem able to pick them up. If I ran into them, no prompt appears, and the glowing shard of whatever just got pushed around when I walked into it.

I think the glowing objects you're referring to are refills for your elemental staves. If those are fully charged, it won't pick up the refill items.
Post Posted: Jun 21, 2021 6:02 am
  Post subject:  Re: Backlog 2021  Reply with quote
I found an ending in London Detective Mysteria that I didn't even know existed. When I first played it, it had JUST been released for the first time in English, and walkthroughs at that time were unreliable. I remember being really frustrated trying to get...was it Marple's route, or Kobayashi's? One of the side-character routes, anyway, rather than a route for one of the main love interests. You have to get EVERY ending, good and bad and alternate, whatever, to get the 'grand ending'. None of the walkthroughs worked at the time, so I gave up on the grand ending.

Though that's not the end I'm talking about. I got an ending I really didn't even know was in there, yesterday evening. Sort of a...combo route. It was really good! It's actually a way better route than any of the other 4 I'd already done recently. I'm easily on track to get the true ('grand') ending this time. The first time I just got the good ending for each main character and gave up after that since internet information back then was misleading and did not lead to the promised alternate endings at all. Main routes are quite easy to get without a walkthrough, but the ones for side characters are quite can't get a single choice wrong, in some cases. But now, years later, it appears that any walkthroughs out there have been revised to be accurate. I've gotten 7 endings so far. I think there are 17 in all, including the true ending, since one drama-fraught character has an extra 3 bad endings attached to him. (All other main characters only have 2 endings apiece, but he's got 5. Side characters only get 1, and there's one secret route I just found, that in spite of not being a romance, is a more interesting process than most, imo.)


Only vaguely game-related:
Well, anyway, it's going smoothly this time :) Farm Together is also still fun, and more appealing than anything else that I have, even though I have about half a dozen fairly good games on my backlog. Thankfully, my backlog is still pretty wee, but it seems as though very little can entertain me, these days. It's obviously a glitch with me or with real life, not specifically with gaming. Everything is so stagnant, these days...I think it takes a toll on motivation in every aspect of life. Plus even without covid, my life is crazy now, with cancer in the family and a relative who keeps popping in and out of jail, and a grandma with dementia (who is now rapidly developing paranoia...she has taken to accusing people near and far of stealing from her and walks around clutching her wallet all day, some days. And sometimes she hides it in weird places and then thinks it has been stolen and the whole house has to be overturned, only to find she's stuffed it in the crack of the recliner.)

Anyway, life is very blarg for almost everyone right now, and mine is more complicated than it's ever been in my lifetime even without the interesting world events going on. Happy fun times, no? Guess feelings about gaming have to get screwed up along with everything else. Can't throw life into a tornado and expect one aspect of it to just sit calmly, unruffled.


EDIT: Age of Calamity is confusing me. Sometimes I'm unable to pick things up. It happened twice while I was getting Daruk, just now...a blue glowing thing and a yellow glowing thing both fell...and maybe a red glowing thing? But I didn't seem able to pick them up. If I ran into them, no prompt appears, and the glowing shard of whatever just got pushed around when I walked into it.

On easy mode, the game is fun enough. Glad there IS an easy mode, because if they made the combat difficult, I wouldn't have the motivation to continue on with seeing all the story bits. I assume being on easy mode is the reason I lose so little health and whomp on these monsters when I don't even know what I was doing. I beat the final igneous talus with only a couple of hits, and I'm not sure how. I mean...I don't think I even hit a weak point? I made it fall over, somehow, but then one more hit and poof, it was over for him. Oh well, I won't look a gift horse in the mouth. I have a hard enough time going to rescue captains who say they're in trouble (Help, help, tiny Hylian! We giant burly rock people cannot defend ourselves without your itty bitty fists of fury!)


NEXT DAY EDIT: Got what's his face, too...Rito. Oh yeah, Revali. Getting Daruk was a pain. I like Daruk (and Revali's a jerk) but controlling him in AoC is very clunky for I can't stand using him. Jerkface, on the other hand, is very very easy to control, and I cleared his mission very was so smooth and fun. I wish they'd made the more lovable character more for me enjoyable to control.

Also, Haven is awesome. :) So unique. Gathering flow and cleaning rust on its own is fairly fun, but Yu and Kay are great characters, too, and they're really lovable together. I don't know what's going on. Beginning impressions are that they lived in a hive-like collective that arranges everything for them, including their mate, and they met and fell in love and ran away to be together instead of with their assigned mates. That's what I think so far, but it hasn't been spelled out specifically. Yu is not my type. I like ridiculous funny women, and she's moody and intense and, to my way of thinking, a bit high-maintenance. She makes a lot of extra work for Kay. Kay, however, is just what I like. Low-key, low-maintenance, easy to get along with, comparatively quiet. She's more of a risk-taker, which they do need, but he's got all the common sense. (Which they also need.) Also, she reminds me of some kind of dog? I'm not saying she's ugly...I mean literally. I don't know what, but when I think of her, I have the vague image of some kind of puppy in my head. I think it's her eyebrows. (Ah, maybe she's a rottweiler? With those big, almost dot-like eyebrows.)

I do wonder if there is a point to them being named letters, though. U and K.
Post Posted: Jun 20, 2021 3:53 am
  Post subject:  Re: Backlog 2021  Reply with quote
Had a really long day today...spent about six hours in the car, so when I got back I wanted nothing else but to play games. After a little bit of clean up, that was my night.

I dunno why Chicory is taking longer to grow on me than Wandersong did, but it's getting there. I'm enjoying just...meandering through the game, decorating screens when I feel like it, doing side quests. There very well may be too much stuff to do, but I appreciate the narrative emphasis on not worrying about doing everything. Learn to say no. That's something that I still struggle with, even as a full grown adult. One of my mom's good friends, basically an aunt after all these years, it took her till her sixties to start learning to say no. I wonder how many of us struggle with it...

Best part of my play time, this is a minor spoiler for an easter egg.
I fooound them. The bard! The bard bird! It's probably too easy, too much of a cop out to make fanart of Pizza and the bird, but...I love the Bard. I love that you get to compose a song. Pizza is a much more relatable character but I think I'll always miss the Bard. :heart:

I think I'm still in Chapter 4? The game says 40% completion that...40% of the map painted? The paint bucket makes it too easy.

In Genshin news...

Mihoyo made a mistake making anemo so much more powerful. Venti was already busted, and he's double busted now. I don't know if another character can beat their own artifact dungeon. Maybe Zhongli, but I think that's even got a geo bonus so it's cheating? Any time I need to put something non-slime down, I just drag Venti out and watch it disappear. I don't have a single character over level 80 and the level 90 anemo artifact dungeon is already a « Snuggly Bunny » joke.

Still enjoying puttering with the event stuff. Hope the poor devs aren't being overworked to get Inazuma finished. :/
Post Posted: Jun 19, 2021 8:45 pm
  Post subject:  Re: Backlog 2021  Reply with quote
In adding a few more games to my backlog with the recent sales, I also picked up Sonic Forces and surprisingly quickly cleared the story, lol. It was my first Sonic game really since Sonic Heroes on the GameCube I think? It's been a while for sure, and I had heard about the franchise kind of going downhill since the Sonic Adventure days, but since it was so cheap I was willing to give it a try for a change of pace. The game itself is not terrible or great, just okay. It was kind of nice to have that gratification of actually "beating the game quickly" for a change. My main annoyance is with the English voice actors they have now. (Cringe) That new gray hedgehog character, Silver?, sounds more like what Sonic used to. I miss ol' Ryan Drummond and company for sure. I never had a problem with Jaleel White back in the day either.

Played a few more days into my recent file of Portia. I think I may pick that back up again more seriously. I also finally cleared all the regular mode and clip mode puzzles in Picross S4, so I am pretty pleased about that.

Additionally, I started playing HM:ANB for the first time. It reminds me a lot of the first SoS, but goodness it surely has a slow start. I'm about halfway through the first spring and there's not much to do yet. According to the guide it really looks like it will pick up come summertime. I hope so. People complain about the Eda tutorial, but I liked her character. There's a reason why I named Kamil's twins Ash and Eda. :)
Post Posted: Jun 19, 2021 9:12 am
  Post subject:  Re: Backlog 2021  Reply with quote
I'll be blunt. Beasts of Maravilla Island is boring.

Turns out there are different areas, so it's more than just the first spot you arrive in...though I don't know how much more. But all you do is press ZL then A any time you see a new critter/object, until you have all the new ones in that area, and then you'll find you're able to get to a new area. The story is pretty non-existent. There may be some 'secrets' on this bug/bird/critter filled island, there's some glowing pink stag or something that appears at the beginning and must represent the island's secret or something,'s boring. I don't give a hoot who/what that pink thing is, or what's up with the island or grandpa's research. And the graphics are okay, but they're often too hazy for my preference, and there's not much customization in picture-taking. I also don't like the loose, over-sensitive camera motion.

I might chip away at this in bits, if I have nothing else I want to do, but it's not looking all that appealing for me. It's a simple photography game with what so far seems to be a very bare-bones plot and no other people to interact with, just critters scuttling about. The photography element doesn't have enough meat to it to make up for the lack of other gameplay. Not my thing.


Journey to the Savage Planet is slightly more interesting since it's reasonably funny, you have a sort of companion in the form of the snarky ship AI, there's a stronger main story, and there's a somewhat better variety of things you can do, but it's so far rather minimal, too. I guess I like very busy, complex games, where I'm spoiled for choice on what to do? I'm not eager to continue playing, but I do like it better than BoMI


Haven't tried Haven yet, Monstrum Nox won't be here for another week or so, and AoC is waiting patiently in the background, always looking mildly appealing but never anything I'm raring to go for. (I mostly just want to grind out resources/ingredients to unlock every little thing.) Honestly, Farm Together is more fun than anything else, atm. Even though I barely have anything left to unlock.
Post Posted: Jun 19, 2021 7:42 am
  Post subject:  Re: Backlog 2021  Reply with quote
I'm gonna put a tack in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky for now; I've beaten Explorers of Time before and consider that good and beaten. I booted up my Vita for some good old wipes and, well, I'm now down to 2 games.

I'm gonna wait on Danganronpa until the series is on the Switch and play all 3 games there, so the first two games are gone for now.

Legend of Dragoon. Maybe it's due to playing too many RPGs and seeing how they all work, but I'm just not being pulled into this one. The hero's town is destroyed by dragons and military men to kidnap one girl who is the destiny of the world? I've heard that...far too many times. The gameplay isn't that impressive either, but it is a PS1 game.

Persona 1 and both Persona 2 games. I knew that these games were more Shin Megami Tensei than what Persona is now, but I still wanted to try them both. Unfortunately, they're not for me. I don't really like the dungeon crawling in the first game and 2 isn't really bringing me into the series. I prefer what the series has become and how the more modern SMT games are is where the series should be.

Lunar Silver Star Harmony. I feel like it's the same problem I had with Grandia, but I like this more than Grandia. I'll put a tack in it for now and maybe I'll return.

Innocent Life. I'm surprised I put down a Marvelous farming sim, especially a spin off, but I wasn't feeling it.

With that, I have 12 games left in my backlog!
The Crown of Leaves
Divinity Original Sin
Kingdoms of Amalur Re-Reckoning
The Waylanders

PS Vita
Final Fantasy 5
Final Fantasy 6

Cross Code
Divinity Original Sin 2
Monster Sanctuary

It's so tiny and manageable now!
Post Posted: Jun 18, 2021 1:29 pm
  Post subject:  Re: Backlog 2021  Reply with quote
Daaaaw, the Genshin story had such an adorable ending! Still not motivated to sail around and do all of the challenges, but I am here for the story atm, and it was very satisfying and a great addition to the lore. I hope we get to meet <redacted> in a future expansion!

Got through the first jail is Persona 5 Strikers and then make it to the next before taking a break. The dungeons are very similar to Personal 5 where there's a bunch of things you need to do in order to progress to the final boss. I am really not a huge fan of this, even in the first game. I'd prefer it be more like Persona 3/4 where I can just run to the boss after clearing floors, but the dungeons are more structured like one massive floor plan, so I get why I can't do that. It just honestly add more to a dungeon for padding as there's usually more story cutscenes, but ehhhhhh. I'm not turned off of the game because of this, I still want to play, but I definitely felt a bit of fatigue once I unlocked the 2nd Jail. Decided to go back to Chicory for the rest of my day off.

Chicory is at the point where I think I'm closing in on the ending. I'm still mainly skipping over most optional puzzles still, because I truly do not care for more accessories and paint brushes at this point. I have an outfit I like and is locked in place and I rarely find a reason to use anything but the default brush. At this point I want to finish it and have it done. I am enjoying the story, but as the gameplay isn't my cup of tea, I just want to get to the next cutscene instead of exploring for more useless collectables or doing side quests for rewards I don't care about / need to finish the story.

Starting to miss FFXIV ever so slightly, but not enough to jump back in. My FC is going to start having weekly contests until Endwalker releases, so I will most likely log on to participate. I also got surprised that Legend of Mana Remastered loaded onto my Switch yesterday, but I guess it's releasing soon enough that my preorder went through. Oh, I also tried out the demos for Disgaea 6 and YS IX, and they are definitely not day one purchases. I put them both on my wishlist and there they will remain until they're on sale or someone gets it for me for Christmas (very likely with how my family can't seem to buy me anything else besides the games I have listed on Amazon. I have books, figures, and DVDs on there and they always get passed over because 'Bluie's a gamer' is all they consider lol. Not complaining, just simply and observation :>).

Right now though, I wanna draw. I think Chicory has given me a bit of motivation to open an art program again.
Post Posted: Jun 18, 2021 12:16 pm
  Post subject:  Re: Backlog 2021  Reply with quote
Beat vall-hall-a. It took me a little under eight hours and I got the good ending. Guess there's a couple more things I could ng+ it for but I'm not planning to do that anytime in the near future at all. I also played a little bit of crosscode but. Puzzles. Made some more progress in them so it's just, slow going until I'm done with that section I guess. I'll probably play cold steel next instead of anything else on my computer.
Post Posted: Jun 18, 2021 6:15 am
  Post subject:  Re: Backlog 2021  Reply with quote
Thanks, Daikon Boy...I really hope so, too. I have 4 days loosely planned...5 games each time, most likely, 20 games in all. It should give her a pretty broad field of games to try since they're all very different from each other, though at least somewhat within her field of interest. I think there's a pretty good chance she'll actually like up to about 5 of them, as long as she gets to understand how to play them. It'll take a while to get through them but she'll be in summer break, soon, and she's so bored she'd love an excuse to go anywhere.


Beasts of Maravilla Island is pretty fun, but it is VERY short. Feels almost like an experimental tech demo or something, more than a whole game. You can complete it in 2-3 hours. I only have 1 of each type of critter left to photograph, so I'm about 80% done, and I think I played for about an hour and a half. I'll be trying Journey to the Savage Planet today, if I have time after I get back. I'm focusing on getting through the 5 or so games on my list for my cousin that I don't know well enough to give her a proper introduction to.

It's thunderstorming out there right now...feels awesome. Though my windshield wipers don't work! That's gonna be a problem. :/ I can drive if the rain isn't heavy, but if it is, I'll have to arrange some other way to get to grandma.

I'm back to playing Farm Together. Darned game is just so pointlessly, aimlessly addictive. I love levelling up crops, for some reason. Maybe when I have every crop and animal unlocked, I won't be interested anymore? But even just arranging everything in a logical and efficient way is fun. My orchard makes me happy, now.
Post Posted: Jun 18, 2021 2:27 am
  Post subject:  Re: Backlog 2021  Reply with quote
Hopefully she finds a couple games she likes!
Last time I was playing games with a kid it was my little cousin trying to teach me how fortnite works a long time ago and I ended up getting motion sickness because I don't do well watching other people play certain games...

I beat chapter five of cold steel. Would have kept playing, but I decided to break for the day and play it tomorrow instead. I slept for ten hours last night on top of the previous sleep I'd gotten very shortly before, but I've been up since. Just, very tired, hard few days so I could really use the rest I guess now. I don't want to rest yet. I actually didn't do much today at all except play cold steel...and it's still too early for me to go bed yet, just by a bit, but I'm too tired to focus on a game. I'll end up missing things if I try.

I guess tomorrow I'll be starting the next chapter, and maybe play something else too. Might be a good time for ds games.
Post Posted: Jun 17, 2021 6:33 pm
  Post subject:  Re: Backlog 2021  Reply with quote
Thanks, Daikon Boy...I agree. Arceus is probably one to keep an eye on for the kiddo, since she at least likes Pokemon and it may have more of the open-world freedom she's so into. I gave her a list of upcoming games to check out...she's pretty interested in Grow: Song of the Evertree. Also in Avatar, since she loved that movie (I didn't love it...nope. I also still begrudge it the name Avatar in that time period. There is only one Avatar in my mind, and his name is Aang.) She's interested in Skyward Sword (I'm afraid she won't enjoy how linear it is, though...but at least it's very easy to follow without needing to consult the internet for instructions!) and in DQB2. I think it may be possible to get her hooked on DQB2, as long as my bossy sister isn't there, backseat gaming with a vengeance. (Both of my little sisters are notably bossier than me. I'm very hands-off. Possibly a bit TOO hands-off, I suppose. Isn't the oldest sister supposed to be the bossy one?)

Tried to sneak up on activity again, and ouch...tubal apocalypse is still in force. I think I aggravated my sciatic, too...horribly easy to do...will have to do some extra stretching, now, to get the feeling back in my toes, lol. I'm looking forward to Knockout Fitness. Maybe I should finally try the Boxing game (Fit Box or something?) demo that I've had for months, in the meantime. Or maybe I should sit the heck still for today, but what a drag that is.

I feel like playing Farm Together, tbh. I just want to harvest my trees over and over until all the magnolias are levelled up enough to unlock the third type. I also want to finish unlocking the rest of the animals. What a waste of time, lol. I'd love if they'd suddenly release another batch of DLC and add a bunch of new crops to every category. Well, I think I'll get to some Haven or Savage Planet today though. Or AoC. I'm pretty sure I will, since I'm stuck staying still for the rest of the day; I should get an hour or three logged in at least one of those games. In theory. Right?

I don't feel so good. That should be the best time to play but in reality, it just makes me want to sleep! And it's such a gorgeous day, too, dagnabbit. I want to do something fun and constructive.
Post Posted: Jun 17, 2021 8:52 am
  Post subject:  Re: Backlog 2021  Reply with quote
You should keep an eye on pokemon legends after it releases. It could end up being the one pokemon game she likes, though I think it's too early to tell now. It's worth watching to see if turns out that way though I think. You'll probably have to watch some gameplay videos after it comes out to really see.
Post Posted: Jun 17, 2021 7:23 am

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