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Re: Backlog 2022

by Kikki » Aug 18, 2022 10:17 am

Okay, topic! For me that's still gaming, but no more XC3 for me, now. I'm on to Steam Deck. I haven't seen anyone here saying much about it, but I've played on it now. The main thing I'd want people to know is that the battery is better than the launch Switch's battery, possibly not quite as averages from 90 minutes to 4 hours of gameplay time, depending on the game and the it's « Puppy Doodoo ». Also, the DOCK isn't available and wont' be for a while. However, you can play your Steam Deck directly on your TV just with a USB-C to HDMI cable. Because the Deck only has ONE outlet that serves both as the HDMI and POWER connection, I personally would also recommend a USB-C to HDMI + Charge adapter, cuz that will allow you to connect your HDMI cable for output to your TV while also having your Deck plugged in so you can bypass the « Puppy Doodoo » battery and play as long as you want when you're at home and wanting to play on a big screen.

It's really nice, though. The screen and its size and comfort and all. I'm actually quite happy with the Deck in those ways. The UI and buttons and controls are all really nice, too. Honestly it's a great system, if not for that stupid battery and the lack of a dock. But I'm okay with the work-around, it's not a big deal to me since I find the Deck comfortable to hold and have no desire to use a different controller with it. (There's other options for that, too.)

I've tried Dinkum on it only, at this point. Next I'll see about Stardew Valley and installing mods, and I'm going to check to see if there are any outright 'verified' games that I want, so I can see if there's much difference in how well they run...Dinkum doesn't have any problems (other than odd glitches that probably have to do with being early access rather than with the Deck.) I may try Sandrock (also 'playable') but...I think I'd rather wait until it's further along. Maybe No Man's Sky? That's verified, and I've been interested in trying it and my sister would likely really like it, too. Strange Horticulture is another one I want and is fully verified.

Re: Backlog 2022

by Kikki » Aug 17, 2022 5:51 am

Well, so. After finishing such an intense behemoth, you stagger a bit. It's like having a little chunk cut out somewhere. Maybe a foot. Takes a while to figure out what to do, after, to move forward or return to normal. Though I have to say, both XC2 and XC3 REALLY haven't lived up to XC1 or XCX in terms of soundtrack. They're so DULL in comparison. The other two were so vibrant and exciting, musically. (I hate soft, soothing or boring RPG music, I want zippy stuff!)

Xenoblade endings are always confusing. There is no such thing as a Xenoblade ending that isn't somehow ambiguous. Speaking of XC1, I know of debates going on even now (the game came out in 2010) about what the ending really meant, because the thing is...once in a while you run into people who are mistaken about the facts, but often each side can come up with plenty of facts that support their just depends on how you view the handful of clear-cut facts and all the other stuff said that either didn't make sense or seemed to go against something else or was flat-out puzzling.

Several main threads always get cleared up pretty clearly, and perhaps that's enough. Perhaps it's a good thing that there's room for interpretation. But I'm really confused on two points.
First of all, they outright stated that the original intention of the two queens was to allow the two worlds to merge safely, to COMBINE them so that neither had to be destroyed in the inevitable draw toward each other. After all, those two universes were originally OUR world, that got unmade/re-written/choose your interpreation by Klaus' experiment. It was unnaturally sucked apart into different realities and those realities were being drawn back into a whole. The game tells you that it is irresistable and they can't help it. So even if they got separated, they'll just start to be drawn together again! The goal of Origin was to let them become one without the destruction of either. For the realities to merge rather than destroy each other.

But, at the end, Noah is somehow given a choice, right? So the reason the worlds separate is the main party's choice based on their total experiences thus far? But why is separating a good thing? Wouldn't the original plan have been better to follow?

Btw, at the VERY END, I finally loved Riku, lol. The adorably tear-spewing MA-NA-NAAAAAA! Made me laugh at a moment when I really WANTED a laugh. :) He was finally acting like Nopon rather than Darth Vader in a Furby's body.

Dang, thought about that so hard, I've forgotten the second thing I was particularly confused about. There were all kinds of small things, such as how long it's been since XC1 and XC2 (which were happening concurrently, as the end of XC2 revealed) Oh wait, I rememeber. Okay, so TWO worlds. BOTH were kind of erased by Moebius snatching control of Origin. Bits of them were forced together, geographically...and so were all the people. The souls were used like raw material, to make a bunch of new souls?? Is that how the people of Aionios were created? I'm going to assume that Nia and Melia were preserved as they were by being inside Origin or something...I can't spare the the brainage to wonder how ONLY they came through unscathed when the plan went wrong.

I assume that Moebius had a hand in it. He used the souls to create people as they were, to, what? Be fuel to continue running Origin as a machine that forcefully held the two universes together? Some broke free thanks to the creation of Ouroborous, and those who broke free basically were able to return to being normal humans in that they then had normal human lifespan. In at least one cycle, Noah and Mio themselves were free and had a kid. I guess they were two of the 6 founders of The City? So a lot of the city folk are genetically their descendants. (Though mentally, in terms of memory and life experiences, they get recreated anew and are new people each cycle.) Lanz, Sena, Eunie and Taion appear to be people they met only in this cycle...they're not the other 4 of the 6, as far as I was able to glean.

Just how long had Aionios been existing? Nia and Melia are about the same age, since both were considerably older than their very young looks in their own games, and both had very long lifespans (though technically, only Nia is actually immortal. Melia as far as I can tell shouldn't live more than a thousand years. Ages were known in XC1, you could even see them on the affinity chart, so, seems like the lifespan of a High Entia was around 400 years at the most, though maybe she gets a bonus from being royal blood or something. (But I don't think so, because Sorean, her father the emperor and a pure-blooded royal, was biologically quite old and he was only 320. Kallian still looked about 24-30, and he was 150.)

Also, did separating the worlds work? Did Origin recreate everything that existed the moment before it created the whole mess that is Aionios? Poppy has reason to still exist in the XC2 universe, but everyone else would be new more Rex, unless sharing Pyra's soul made him immortal. But what about the people of this third reality? They don't actually belong anywhere, do they? Or are the Kevesi the people of XC1's later universe and the Agnians the people of XC2's later universe? I thought it was more like the poeple were the people of both worlds, smushed together weirdly like the landscape, so they're people of an entirely different, third world that no longer exists. I AM CONFUSED.

Why did Nia nod at Riku? There were several hints in the game that Nopon were actually key to everything, or in-the-know about it, but they didn't resolve that, did they? Certainly Nopon are special, existing in every universe, even X, and the Sage in XC1 is listed as 9,999 years old, which is basically like stamping an unknown or infinity sign on him. He's eternal, without beginning or end, or something. Maybe he's the freaking Zohar after which Monolith Software is named, lol. (The Zohar is the 'monolith' they refer to. AKA: The Conduit. The otherworldly thing found in Africa of our world that Klaus used to power up that stupid experiment, storing it up on space station Rhadamanthus after it was found, to isolate it safely, I guess. Dang, this is a weird series!)

So much of the entire Xenoblade saga is never actually explained and we're left cobbling together explanations from what bits we know for sure and using our imagination to patch the gaps.
I'm glad I left a bunch of quests to do after the end, so I have a purpose to going back into the game, if I want. But right now, I'm not gonna. May wait all the way until checking out second bit of DLC on the last day of the year. Had some maaaaaajor pain when I woke up abotu 2:30AM. My muscle relaxant had worn off and I was feeling fiery nerve pain from heel to ribs, whoa. But I remained calm, got myself another pill, had a bit of water, and put on some meditation music, which was okay for a bit, but then I switch to playlists of Enya, Pentatonix and Lindsey Stirling, since I wasn't able to fall back asleep fast enough to put up with purposefully monotonous droning or the bells for that long. Once the relaxant kicked back in, I felt a lot better. I already knew the chiro had to move teh pain back to the source, and it gets a lot worse as it narrows in, so I was expecting this, but dang, it catches you all the same when you finally start actually feeling it.

I'm feeling a bit shrivelled, now. I'm really sick of having to be largely recliner-bound, especially now that I don't have a game to play! Will have to look over my list of yet-unfinished games and either pick one of them back up, start a replay of something diverting (like XCX or DQB3, man, I have played that game to death, and I find XCX depressing now, not knowing if it's doomed to die with the Wii U and fade into total obscurity, or not. The Wii U is a rather rickety machine, especially at this age, and XCX is about the most demanding game that was ever made for's feels a bit like riding a unicycle across a tightrope. When will XCX become something I can never play again? SCARED. I want to be able to roam Mira forever.) or get a new game.

Worth Life was next in line to pick back up, but I don't feel like playing somethign so shallow, after Xenoblade. But then, maybe something shallow is just what the doctor (a psychiatrist, in this case!) ordered.

Re: Backlog 2022

by Bluie » Aug 17, 2022 3:52 am

I finished the Harmony route in Digimon Survive. It was pretty brutal overall, but a good story nonetheless. You'd definitely need to see the other endings if you want all the answers, but I both don't have time and also don't really care atm. I did like the game, but some chapters are needlessly bogged down by either too much VN exploration or too many SRPG battles. By the final three chapters, I just wanted the story and nothing else, but it had to keep taking breaks to throw me into battle like it was padding the game for a few more hours. If one route was this exhausting, then 3 more will drain me to death.

The game's balancing in the battles is also weird. I was playing alongside a good friend of mine and we both noticed that on normal mode, no matter how overleveled and powerful your team is, bosses will still one/two-shot you. You can choose the battle's difficulty level just before initiating it, so it's technically a non issue, but it seemed really unfair. My friend stuck it out, but once I saw my first game over screen, I switched it to 'very easy' and never looked back. Hell, I just put most of my battles on auto due to how abundant they became late game.

With that all being said, the game is still good, especially if you're into VNs, Digimon, and choices that actually change the story. The music in Digimon Survive is incredible, especially the tracks when you're in exploration segments. My husband watched me play a bit and we both agreed that many of the tracks sound like they came right out of a Ghibli film. Characters are well written and easy to love (or hate), visuals in the VN sections are very pretty and animated well (battle animations are serviceable, but not incredible), and you can tell that a lot of love went into this game during it's 3 year development hell. I'd say if you even have a passing interest in it, it's worth your time. It's certainly a game I wont forget anytime soon. 1 blind playthrough took me 30 hours.


And now I am free to get back to the grind that will be my life until whenever. I finished Genshin's teapot grind last night and got Tubby to level 10. I'm still going to go in every other day to get my friendship boost and currency, but no need to be so on top of it any more. While I really wanted to finish all of Inazuma's world quests before Sumeru dropped, it's just not possible at this point. Honestly though, it's fine. I didn't finish Mondstadt+Liyue all at once, but rather picked at them over time (and I'm still working on getting the Mondstadt glider). I'm sure once I hit the first wall in Sumeru or once it's new and shiny wears off I'll go back to Inazuma and work on it more.

My main concern right now is grinding the event in FFXIV before it disappears because I want the top prize for glams. It's 100% doable, just exhausting to keep doing the same dungeons/raids over and over and over again for a tiny amount of currency. My plan is to do one alliance raid, then a bunch of normal raids, and then rise repeat so I don't go insane. I used to just do the Praetorium and read a book while waiting for the unskippable cutscenes to play out, but they reworked it so it's quicker and you have to actually pay attention now. I might do it once for the luls, but it's no longer viable. I also know that the quickest way to get the currency is Blue Mage one of the dungeons with three other Blue Mages, but I do not have three Blue Mage battle ready friends, so raids it is.

Re: Backlog 2022

by Kikki » Aug 16, 2022 4:54 am

I am SICK of quests. I don't even want to play anymore because of the quests. I'm not the type who can ignore them, but enough is enough, particularly with Ch 6 opening a lot of important ones that actually have permanent bonuses of a sort for your party. (That's not a very accurate way to put it, but...)

Plus I'm so over-levelled. Just by doing all the quests, I'm about 20 levels over the main story bosses. I suppose that doesn't really matter. You could just keep accumulating your bonus EXP if you wanted, too (though it bugs me, sitting there.) I really just want to finish the story, now. Bad place for burnout. It would have been better to skip most of the quests in chapter 5 than to miss the ones in 6 since they're more important for party development, in several fairly major ways...though perhaps it doesn't even matter unless you're gonna be big into post-game content?

So either I have to just stop doing quests for now and go through the main story, or I have to stop playing entirely for a while. Xenoblade and Trails are both like this. They overload you with content to the point you just want to get away from it for long enough for it to settle. I had lots of fun yesterday, though...time ran by at a crazy rate, yesterday. May also be because I was in less pain, since the chiro managed to shift things upward a bit, more to where the problem really is. Which means it hurts more, but is far more treatable.

Well, for now I'm just quitting. But...even though I have nothing else to do right now? Hmm. I'm planning to do a 'cook your way through' challenge with Longevity Kitchen since it perfectly suits my needs right now and is the kind of cooking I prefer (I really don't admire the froo-froo « Puppy Doodoo » of popular cook-your-way-through books like Six Seasons. I also particularly dislike food that is so pretty it looks more like art than FOOD. It very much makes me want to eat it about as much as I want to eat the paintings hanging on my wall. I want cozy, comfortable food, thanks, not painfully stylish nonsense.) Maybe I can quit with games and try to organize that.

Guess I should stick to just yellow quests when I go back...forget the rest and do it in post game, whenever.

EDIT: Have passed into Ch 7 without even realizing it. Gonna go straight for the end, now! Might as well leave a few quests for post-game and DLC update time(s). I HAVE BIG THOUGHTS NOW. If I could go back and restart, knowing what I know now, I'd choose to follow the main story directly and ONLY do hero/class/ascension quests and no others. I'd save all the other stuff for post-game, to extend playtime as long as possible past the story itself. Well, at least I'll have all of Ch. 7's quests left for later, when the DLC stuff is dribbling out.

EDIT 2: All done. JEEZ. But uh...what they ended up doing is actually the reverse of what I thought they were trying to do, so I'm a bit confused how it ended up with that as the ultimate end. Also...I personally don't feel that this ending made it in any way clear what the next game will be, in spite of what Mr. Xenoblade said. I sure hope there's a better hint in the DLC content. Was there even a hint in this? If there was, I didn't catch it.

Re: Backlog 2022

by Ronin19 » Aug 15, 2022 11:15 pm

I've finished Chapter 3 myself and I'm letting my roommate borrow my copy while I finish up Cyberpunk 2077 and My Sims.

Re: Backlog 2022

by yzafre » Aug 15, 2022 8:45 pm

Finished Chapter 5! Holy « Cow Poopoo ».
Goooooood N is such a « Sheep Squeezer ». Holy cow, I don't think I've wanted to punch a character this badly in a long time. I got behind Noah's freak out wayyyy more than I ever got behind Shulk's revenge screaming. I want to grab that guy by the throat, shake him around a bit, dog and a squeaky toy. Jeez.
I need to go to bed, but like... what the. ??? Chapter six intro hello.
Boy do I have some questions about their exact ages now. I was assuming they run 10-20, but now with the kid... I get the feeling that's a bit off.

I will say - I actually guessed at the body swap thing, that that might be how Mio gets to live on! I had even wondered if the two Mio's had had a private conversation when the first pulse went off. I wondered if that's how it was going to go down!

Oh « Cow Poopoo » N is not doing well, though. Yiiiiiikes.

Re: Backlog 2022

by Kikki » Aug 15, 2022 1:11 pm

I don't remember if I just thought this to myself, or if I've already said it. The side quests of XC3 are wonderful. Stellar's extraordinary. It rarely feels like you're just being sent out on fetch and bounty quests over and over. Stories about the people and the world are the norm, here, where in other games they're the exception. And even though the game occasionally reminds you that Mio and Noah are the main characters, a lot of the time you forget and the main crew feels like a true ensemble.

Finished all the quests but there were so many I was starting to get sick of it cuz I wanted to progress the story, lol. I'm finished Ch. 5 now, and wow, that was a load of intense stuff. But that's Xenoblade for ya. Wasn't expecting one twist, but otherwise it's not been surprising...yet that hasn't prevented it from being meaningful. Kind of like I said before...if you're able to figure things out in advance, it feels like you were SUPPOSED to, in this game, not that it's just too predictable. That's kind of rare. Normally when I'm able to predict much of the plot, it feels tired and overused, but that's not the case, here.

IT's a great game. But it's also easy to get burned out on. I've wasted a lot of time while playing, too, so I'm gonna end up hitting 100 hours. About 10 of them already were actually spend staring into space or talking to my family or etc, so it's a little padded.

EDIT: Oh man, Ch 6 also has a load of quests (though still way fewer than XC1, but so much MEATIER that I'm not sure the time spent questing is any less even though there's like, a quarter the volume.) I think for now I'm just going to go around picking them all up and not worry about doing them immediately. Actually since supposedly no quests are missable/time-sensitive, it'd be interesting to do all quests post-game on some play-through. Wonder if that'd make them feel less relevant, though.

Re: Backlog 2022

by Reyvin » Aug 15, 2022 11:20 am

Haha, I feel the Xenoblade chapter 5 talk... that's also where I'm at. Been doing side quests for hours now because so many kept popping up all over the place. But they're so good that I don't even mind it.

I am so frickin curious about some reveals from chapter 4, I mean...
I did NOT expect Melia to be a robot, lol. I knew sth was off about her, but this was just baffling.
I really enjoy all the characters as well, they all bring something different to the table. And I like a lot of the side characters. The affection chart is always so intriguing to monitor because I can recall a lot of memorable minor characters. They all have their stories. And of course there's the heroes. My favourites are probably - unless I forgot one from those I unlocked so far:
Zeon, Alexandria, Monica and Valdi.
In order to not only talk about Xeno, I finished my 2nd route in Birushana, Benkei. I didn't really feel it because I like the character, but not the love story. But it's really just my personal feeling :) overall I think the game is great though, and maybe Benkei just couldn't do it for me when Noritsune was my first route. He was just too good for me.

Re: Backlog 2022

by simside » Aug 14, 2022 8:00 pm

Bluie wrote: Aug 13, 2022 3:10 pm Phantasy Star Online 2 PS4 ver. - August 31st
Aahhh, enjoy it!!! I was so pumped it finally came out, but I don't have a good enough PC setup to play it. Though, I'd probably jump into the bad back/carpal tunnel if my partner would agreed to play. I keep hoping that the Switch cloud version will become available, it's the one game I'd play in the cloud. I miss PSO so much, I still get out the GC version sometimes.


I played a big chunk of House of Fata Morgana today, currently in the 6th door. I like it, the stories are good, and they are suitably goth and tragic for my tastes, lol. It's a little slow, but not as bad as some others. I'm not sure how I feel about the... framing device? Main story? It just started to get into that, so maybe I'll fall in love soon.

Also played a bit of DQ11 this week, currently in... Octagonia? The fighting tournament town. Level 25. I got to the first big ocean exploration part this week, so I did a lot of grinding. Still loving it. I'm not entirely sure I'm keeping up with the weapon/armor crafting like I should be (haven't been going back and grinding mats for stuff I can't craft), though I'm still doing okay in battles. Possibly because I'm overleveled. XD

Otherwise, been dipping in and out of Enter the Gungeon with my partner. We're pretty consistently getting to the end of the 4th area, so maybe we'll be able to beat it within the next couple weeks. It's so weird. We've also been playing through Novena Diabolos together, which I haven't been enjoying much. Very, VERY "40 cakes! Forty cakes! Four tens!" over-explained, and the first few hours is almost entirely the main character's inner monologue running in circles. But I do like werewolf games. This one has a long round, but I'm pretty sure you can skip quite a bit of it after the first time.

Re: Backlog 2022

by XxWizardxMollyxX14 » Aug 14, 2022 6:44 pm

~Lots to do; island is still very barren.
~Gotta try and kick out an uggo so I can have a cat villager move in
~Next Nook Miles goal is to make an amusement park area
~Redesign all the villager houses
~Still need oranges and peach trees (if anyone has a moment/fruit to spare it would be greatly appreciated. I need five peaches and five oranges. Am willing to pay at asking price)
~Must find Tiffany at all costs; the universe will perish if I do not.

Re: Backlog 2022

by Kikki » Aug 14, 2022 10:58 am

yzafre wrote: Aug 14, 2022 10:44 am It is SO big??? Honestly I was looking at the world map, thinking "wow, there can't be that much map left to go over", and then. AND THEN.
Yeah, I'd say it's pretty big, but simpler since it doesn't have nearly as much twisting and turning and altitudes. It might be as big as Fornis? But again, simpler, though the navigations is really irritating. You can always just do your best mapping the bulk of it and then look up a map to see if you missed any niggly bits. :)

It amazes me now that I do all 450+ quests in XC1 every time I play. This game has far less than that, but it feels like so many. But they're much meatier. Very few quests that you can complete the second you receive the quest. Probably because very few of them are fetch quests.

EDIT: Oh yeah, forgot. I stumbled across Potion Permit (due out September 22) in physical when I was placing an order for physical therapy stuff. Decided to buy it. I did kinda want the game, but this seems a bit impulsive since it's not cheap. Not as much as AAA, but expensive for a no-name indie at $50. (*I* don't know the name MassHive Media, anyway.) I could still cancel it and get my money back, baby sis would like this game. So even if I don't, no loss...I'll pass it on to her.

Re: Backlog 2022

by yzafre » Aug 14, 2022 10:44 am

Kikki wrote: Aug 14, 2022 7:28 am Still in Ch 5 as this area is enormous and I'm cleaning up all the quests, even though I don't need to (no quests in XC3 are time-sensitive or missable.)
It is SO big??? Honestly I was looking at the world map, thinking "wow, there can't be that much map left to go over", and then. AND THEN.


I honestly had to take a day off just to like... prep my mind for painstakingly covering every inch of this place. It's not an area where I can be meticulous about the map data, but just... even trying to make sure I didn't miss a single area of interest is going to take some concentration. There's just SO MUCH.

Re: Backlog 2022

by Kikki » Aug 14, 2022 7:28 am

Having a LOT of pain, so gaming is quite difficult. Still in Ch 5 as this area is enormous and I'm cleaning up all the quests, even though I don't need to (no quests in XC3 are time-sensitive or missable.) Pretty sure I need to go back to the hospital and get a CAT or MRI, though. Will contact my neuro first to find out how possible it is for any of this to be MS's doing.

So the Xenoblade dude says "I think that everyone who played this title and the additional stories in the Expansion Pass can imagine what lies in the future for Xenoblade.” HMM? So then, I suspect that the bit we have to wait a YEAR AND A HALF for will basically introduce us, somehow, to the next story they're planning to go to, with 3 ending this game universe's story.

For a bit I thought that that meant it couldn't refer to X, because that's a VERY different world/universe. But if this universe's story has been told, then the extra story, if it refers to the future, MUST show a new universe.

So, so many bits in XC3 that felt like they came out of X. It feels like they're easing people into it. X was a failure. Firstly because it was exclusive to Wii U...that's a death sentence in itself, since so few people ever owned one in the first place. It sold just over half what GameCube did, and that was back when gaming as a whole was still a niche hobby in much of the world! It was pathetic. So yeah, X was doomed to failure to begin. Plus it was released before 2 or the remake of 1...before Xenoblade was pushed into the mainstream, that is.

Plus people didn't WANT a new story from X. They wanted more XC1. So even the people who tried X didn't give it a fair shot. They were angry that it wasn't more XC1 and called it a bad game because of that. (I have seen a lot of people who didn't even bother going much past the first chapter when they realized how incredibly different the story was.)

Basically, XCX had everything going against it. It could never have been a success at that time...wasn't possible. HOWEVER...people are now getting ready for a new Xenoblade universe. They're READY to see a new story. And the Switch is a massive seller, and Xenoblade is now mainstream. The stage is set. And they've been putting all these bits of X into 3...3 will probably feel more 'homey' and 'Xenoblade-like' to newcomers, now. I'm starting to think it's really possible they'll reboot X now. I don't want them to remake it, as I think it's the most visually beautiful of all the games already, but I think they may. It does have to be altered to work with only one screen, and I suspect they may try to add more ties to make existing Xenoblade fans feel more of a connection to past the content could get a bit of a tweak or addition. They did put Elma in XC2, as well.

I dunno what the chances are, but it's kind of torture. Especially since we have to wait until the very end of next year to see this 'new original story' they're adding. GRUMP.

Re: Backlog 2022

by Bluie » Aug 13, 2022 3:10 pm

It dawned on me today how much I have on my plate at once after next week. I have no idea how I'm going to balance all of this. Is this the price I pay for being more interested in online experiences these days? Ughghghghhhhh.

Final Fantasy XIV 6.2 - August 23rd

Genshin Impact 3.0 - August 24th

Phantasy Star Online 2 PS4 ver. - August 31st

Splatoon 3 - September 9th

I'm still wickedly excited for them all regardless, but goodbye any free time I thought I'd have. I NEED to finish Digimon Survive asap. I've made it to Chapter 7, so I'm over halfway, but I don't think I'm going to doing another playthrough any time soon. Currently backlog of JRPGs and VNs is canceled until I can get caught up on all this. Hoo boy.

Re: Backlog 2022

by Kikki » Aug 11, 2022 8:32 am

Infel: glad you found it helpful! And since you don't mind if I PM you, anything else I have to say, I will send that way. :)


Monosoft is teasing me in an unpleasant way. They're putting so much XCX in XC3, reminding me that they've still got it in their heads, when I dont' know if that means anything hopeful for me or not. They've even stuck a side quest in here modelled after one of the most irritating and troublesome, yet lovable and worthwhile quest chains of X. Though I don't think 3's results will be as worthwhile as X's. I also keep seeing landscapes a lot like bits and pieces of the different continents of X. I also felt a bit toyed with when the soundtrack suddenly sounded like it was taken straight out of the ether mines, though that, at least, was from XC1.

Well, 3 is great, anyway. But please stop teasing me, Monosoft. I already want an X port and a sequel as much as I possibly CAN want it.

I have multiple suspicions about the true reality of Aionios and its people. Both of my main theories are unpleasant. I hope some twist turns it in a direction I'm not anticipating at all. Please don't ruin the ending of XC1 retroactively, okay? If this is the end of this storyline, make it really satisfying!

I thought I was going to be able to get all nopon stone things available in Chapter 3, but uh...this one is surrounded by 7 level 60 bird monsters. I think I'm gonna have to wait.


EDIT: I'm a bit confused about why XC3's combat is so easy. I'm playing on normal, but it's like I'm invincible...and that's when I'm dealing with elite and unique monsters of the same level as my party. It's like they can't hurt me at all. And the last big story boss battle I did...I got over 800,000 points of damage in one chain. What's going on? I mean, I get that it's amplified when I'm way over the level of my enemy, but even with enemies of the same level? They're going down like they're made of spun glass. I don't mind, since I don't actually enjoy difficult battling (I find it tedious) but it's confusing. I have not yet ONCE had to redo a boss battle. In XC1 and XCX I have had to redo boss battles MANY times because they were just so crazy difficult to beat. I even had to do that a few times in XC2 (though it was also largely pretty easy.)

Weird though it may sound, I feel like I've somehow gotten something wrong, lol, cuz the ease of battle seems like an error. Though I've just confirmed that I do still die if I get myself into battle with five enemies that over-level me by more than 5 levels, so at least THAT is still normal. Though even with that, I manage to kill two of them before I'm killed, which in previous games just wouldn't have happened. Well, guess I'll just have to enjoy easy victory!


EDIT 2: Got to Ch 5 and got some big reveals, to which I mostly say 'yep, that's what I thought'. HOWEVER...this game is doing a good job of making it feel like you're SUPPOSED to have figured it out, rather than it being too predictable. It feels like they planted all the facts to let us figure things out on our own, so that when the reveal comes, it's really not that much of a surprise. A bit, since small details are unexpected and it comes together a bit differently than you might anticipate, but not out of the blue. But plot twists that are really out-of-the-blue are generally the product of poor writing. Once a big reveal comes, if you look back, you SHOULD be able to spot hints of it. Imo! So that it's mostly as I thought isn't really a complaint, this time. I am confused on a few points, though! Particularly ones that I'm not sure are ever going to be explained.


Getting some really great, meaningful side quests in Ch5. There are two things about the plot/world I'm still really curious about, though. I hope they are resolved at least by the very end.
Firstly is WHAT THE SOLDIERS ARE. From the very start...the very first few minutes and hours of the game, I knew these kids were unnatural...NOT real humans, or whatever I should say. Obviously. They only live 10 years. They call bodies 'husks'. They disappear into a cloud of electrical-looking motes when they die and are released by the off-seeing (which I assume is sending their essence back to...I don't know! Some kind of genetic repository that spins them out again, into the growth modules?) And I was weirded out by them all taking baths together, clearly standing up and showing their entire bodies to both genders as though it were the most natural thing in the world. That, along with Eunie mentioning that they were 'hatched' rather than 'born', means they have no parents, which means they aren't naturally born...they're CREATED. There is no procreation. I knew that from the very beginning, I just didn't know WHY. In spite of the many revelations in Ch 5, including about babies and how they're 'made'...I still don't know exactly what Noah & Co are. They're not robots or holograms, but are they somehow digital? Quite sure they're based on people who were normal humans to begin with (was always so, SO obvious who the Golden Consul was, btw...I hope they meant for it to be that obvious) but what are they NOW? Why are they only a ten year slice of a normal human life? What makes them die at ten years? Are they...time-coded clones or something? I don't get it!

That's one thing. The other thing I don't care as much about now, as I know it's going to be very-end-game is...Klaus. Freaking Klaus and his stupid, megalomaniacal 'experiment' with the Conduit/the Zohar. Klaus and the previous two worlds, and the many obvious signs that Aionios is both worlds combined, somehow. How did this third world/reality end up happening? How are Nia and Melia still alive? Are they in stasis somewhere? Were the endings of the past two games undone by this third branch of reality? Or did those two endings create this third route?

Oh and 2.5...what the heck is with the nopon? Riku and Manana acted as shocked by babies as our soldier kids were. WHY? Aren't the nopon natural? They're not soldiers contributing to flame clocks. I don't get it!