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Re: Backlog 2022

by simside » Jun 24, 2022 9:18 pm

Kikki wrote: Jun 24, 2022 1:11 pmWell, am playing nirvanA Initiative, and while I think the STORY is going to be very interesting, rather than toning the moronic pervert jokes DOWN in this sequel, they've actually ramped them up.
Ugh, that's so disappointing. I'm waiting a minute to play this to avoid burnout, and I was really hoping the story would be good again (I'm relieved it is!), but the perv jokes were the absolute worst part of the first game. They are the only thing I would have removed completely and not regretted (wasn't the biggest fan of Iris or any of her stories, but that was more of a me thing, removing the perv jokes benefits everyone XD). I'm not a fan of perv jokes in general, but I think they rubbed me especially wrong in the first game since, as you said Kikki, they were a really terrible tone mismatch. I can't believe that was popular/"funny" enough to ramp up for the sequel. I'll probably still play, but it's a bummer to know I've got that coming.


I had a bad week health-wise, and wound up having to switch doctors today. :( Getting old is terrible. Not a ton of gaming as a result, but I'm hoping to rest and make up for it this weekend, and next weekend is a 3-day weekend, so even more rest, hooray! I'm so glad I started Pokemon SP, it's the only thing I've had the energy for this week. I'm still in Eterna Forest, but I've mostly been grinding and discarding mons so far. I'm feeling really uninspired about my endgame party, but I just remembered I could snag Drifloon today... I haven't liked it in the past, but this one was a terror to catch, so maybe it's a winner!

Re: Backlog 2022

by Mikodesu » Jun 24, 2022 7:47 pm

Started A Short Hike last night. Sort of surreal for me. I watched the dev's GDC talk years ago now... at least pre-pandemic. I REALLY wish you could change the protagonist's name (me problem) but, it doesn't come up enough to be an issue, just an annoyance. Aside from that, just as advertised. A very nice escape from reality. I think I remember the dev saying the game is like...5 ish hours? Maybe shorter if you rush, so if I have time to go back to it tonight, I might beat it.

I'm in a fairly foul mood tonight, so a lighthearted romp would be nice. :)

I've got too many weekend chores as is, but I think I'll spend a little time picking whatever I want to play next. Something else short and easy, I think, until I finish my Professor Layton game. Played that at a bad time the night before last, I think. I enjoyed most of the puzzles, but I got to a 'give me an exact number' puzzle and just...checked out and looked up the answer. And then decided it was time to go to bed. :lol: Ah, well. I wouldn't even call it my loss at this point. Wish I'd stopped caring about this level of 'cheating' a long time ago...

Re: Backlog 2022

by Shan O 123 » Jun 24, 2022 1:45 pm

Kikki wrote: You don't have both your switches on a family membership? It'd be a lot cheaper, especially if you bundled in with your sister and possibly other relatives or friends.
I use gift cards to pay my online services and they’re 6 months apart anyhow, my sis hardly uses her switch anymore but yeah, I probably should look into the family plan for myself.

It’s what…$35 for the basic plan, that’s 5 bucks I’d be saving. Though, $40 a year split in half every 6 months isn’t bad 😝

Re: Backlog 2022

by Kikki » Jun 24, 2022 1:11 pm

Thanks, Shan :) I don't know yet if I want to use the castle pieces for sure or not; I'd have to actually try it before I'd know if I like the effect. I already have a castle wall and a castle tower, so I just have to get the poki for a castle gate and then I can buy them with Bells through the Nookling catalog.

You don't have both your switches on a family membership? It'd be a lot cheaper if you bundled in with your sister and possibly other relatives or friends. I have both of mine, my sisters and my cousin and bro-in-law all on my family membership.


Well, am playing nirvanA Initiative, and while I think the STORY is going to be very interesting, rather than toning the moronic pervert jokes DOWN in this sequel, they've actually ramped them up. They're no longer focusing on porn-mag-induced superpowers, but every single character interaction I've had so far has been punctuated by a minimum of two perv jokes. It's exhaustingly juvenile and I'm getting fed up QUICK. I may have to break this game down into much shorter play sessions than I was anticipating, because I don't have the tolerance needed for this much talk about boobs and butts and various orifices. The game is rated M, but feels like it was designed to illicit thrilled giggling from 12-year-olds. (I know 12-year-olds who'd be too mature for this nonsense, honestly. Once in a while is fine, but it was almost excessive in the first game, and the frequency is just over the line for me in this sequel. Seriously: GROW UP, devs!)

I'm afraid it'll overshadow and thus ruin what's probably going to be a really interesting story. I am seriously repulsed by the scene I'm on right now. It has sensitive music going on and you're trying to talk to a little boy about something very serious (this is a murder case, after all) and Aiba starts going on about how you have to break open the chastity belt on his heart if you want to see his uvula. (This is just the most recent example, and the least overt, so far.)

Not making that up. If you look at him again, Aiba repeats that it's no use to try talking yet, you have to break open that chastity belt. And this is constant, and thrown in no matter how inappropriate it seems to the setting/situation. I really liked the first game but I am now regretting giving this developer my money. :( If it were possible to get a refund, I think I would. (Though yeah, I still suspect the story itself will be excellent.) I just don't see how this is considered funny. There is no wit to it at all... it's too juvenile to be funny.

Re: Backlog 2022

by Shan O 123 » Jun 24, 2022 11:35 am

Were you hoping to use the castle stuff in your island? Because I can mail them to you later if you want.

My second switch’s online service has ran out so I’m going to hold off completely resetting my main island until I get 20 bucks because I like mailing myself. This gives me a excuse to complete my other player houses because that’s the only thing left to finish. That, as well as transferring items to my other switch.

On that note: whoever is on my Oak Tree friend list once Storybrooke is created I may have to friend you again. Though that won’t be for a while.

Re: Backlog 2022

by Kikki » Jun 24, 2022 3:15 am

Restarting is a sure way to rekindle your interest for a while, though it might not last that long. :)

Ow, ow, ow, craaaaaaaaamps!

I ate a lot of chocolate this morning. Temporarily works considerably better on cramps than NSAIDs, though you're better off to take both. I also 'pre-ordered' nirvanA Initiative at 4AM this morning. I'd say it's pre-loading, but it's not, because I'm playing ACNH. But! I got two dorados in a row this morning, and a hammerhead, and a mahi mahi, on my own pier, no less! Raaaaaaare! And when it turned 5AM and the day cycled, CHIP was in my town. Sold my extra fish for a tidy bundle. I also customized the jingloid, the finding of which has made it so that I now have 28 of 36 gyroids. I think the jingloid may be my top favourite gyroid, as the customizations are all gorgeous, and the blue with the pastel rainbow sequins is just...ack, I love it. I want them littered everywhere across my whole town, except near Julian. They are exactly perfect for Julian, but he gets NO gyroids, that rude twerp. Everyone else shall have gyroids, but not he! Not ever. Suck it, Julian.

I designed the final facility expansion, so no more new facility work left in HHP for me. I've given Tangy some chocolates now, though, so I just have to give her a house and then wait for Apple to show up on her own on the HHP home island so I can pair them up as roommates. I'm also going to keep an eye out for any of the characters who unlock the castle gate and the castle tower. I already have the wall. Fortunately, I know who to look for, to snatch when they show up so I can unlock those items to buy from Wardell.

Oh, and Tangy was giving me THAT face. That most commonly used Twitter emoji face! The 'pleading face'. I hate that emoji, lol...I want to punch it. But anyway, Tangy was making it, I swear. Look:
I got my cup-and-saucer from Brewster today. Internet says you get it on your 15th, but I got it on my 16th! (Easy to tell what cup you're on, cuz of the achievement that counts all the way up to 50 for you.) Anyway, for now, puttering around a little with ACNH, but really just waiting on nirvanA Initiative, which unlocks...I dunno. Today. Possibly noon, since that seems to the be default time in Eastern if it's not a midnight unlock, though I'm finding games increasingly unlock at non-standard times, so...not sure what to expect.

Gonna finish up with Tangy, look around to see if I have any of the people who'd unlock castle tower or gate, or Apple, then quit and let TSF: NA finish downloading. And have some more cramps. And maybe some water to go with the cramps.

Re: Backlog 2022

by Somerandom » Jun 23, 2022 5:40 pm

Still on the road to finishing RF 5. Only 3 in game weeks before I throw in the towel for good.

Well, I bought some new games at the eshop sale on switch recently. Even though it doesn’t interest me as much as the SoS games, I bought Stardew valley because I heard good things about it. However literally none of the characters in game interest me whatsoever. I think I’m going to stay single when I play the game tbh. The other one I bought was Tales of Vesperia because I’ve heard good things about it and I loved the Yuri, Estelle and Flynn friendship in the project X zone series. I’ve decided to go into the game basically blind because I’ve never played a tales game before.

I was also contemplating buying the heirs of fate DLC for FE fates, does anyone know if it’s good? I like the look of the maps and the design of them but I just don’t like the concept of the DLC as it is a rehash of awakening’s bad future plot just with less interesting (in my opinion) child characters. I’m only wondering this because the eshop goes offline next year.

I tried to get into to street fighter 4 but I just can’t. The only characters that aren’t annoying/freaks to me in the starting roster are Ryu,Chun Li and Ken. Maybe it’s my fault for only paying a couple dollars for the vanilla version of the game because I didn’t want to pay extra for the super ultra edition of the game as I had no idea whether I would like it or not. Still not a huge fan of the gameplay though, I’m probably just going back to Tekken if I want to play a fighting game.

Re: Backlog 2022

by Bluie » Jun 23, 2022 12:32 pm

Hunter Rank 30 in Monster Hunter Rise! The Kushala Daora probably would've been more of a challenge if the surrounding monsters stoped picking fights with it and winning. My team and I ended up bullying the poor thing to death with riding said monsters and using their super moves. I did almost cart myself though, thank goodness for moxie skills! Anyways, this seems like a good place to stop for now. Fire Emblem Three Hopes comes out tomorrow and I'm in the mood to bum around my Animal Crossing island for a little bit (I BLAME ALL OF YOU).

Slight problem, the whole family has covid. As in everyone in the house except me is sick. I have a sore throat but no other symptoms (I also feel fine) and my tests keep coming back negative. Gonna have to see how my test goes tomorrow and if I'm still feeling OK. I'm basically the house nurse + errand runner rn on top of work, so I'm busy and don't have time to be sick! :mrgreen:

P.S. My, 'My Nintendo' Brewster coasters came in today! They're suuuuper cute, but I don't think I'll ever use them lol!

Edit: looks like I accidentally deleted my Animal Crossing save data awhile back and my Island Recovery doesn't work. Welp. I'm honestly not really mad, I had done everything in the game that I had wanted to. If anything this gives me motivation to do another playthrough another time. I guess for now I'll just stare at my Switch screen until Three Hopes unlocks lol.

Re: Backlog 2022

by FarmingForDaysMan » Jun 23, 2022 8:14 am

I played some ACNH and Apollo Justice last night. I’m working from 1-8ish today, so hopefully my villagers will be in the mood to celebrate my birthday when I get home tonight.

Re: Backlog 2022

by Mabbie » Jun 23, 2022 6:04 am

Bought Ni no Kuni Wrath of the White Witch on a sale, paid R$29 instead of R$159.

Simply don't have time to play.

Growing up sucks.

Re: Backlog 2022

by Kikki » Jun 23, 2022 4:49 am

greensara wrote: Jun 22, 2022 4:47 pm As I recall, there were three endings in Autumn's Journey. Personally, I liked the friendship ending better than the pairings. I thought it was all right, but VNs are not really my thing so I don't how it compares to others.
I've played a lot of VNs, and Autumn's Journey is among the least interesting, imo. There's just not much to it. Most I've played are MUCH deeper/more intricate, and most importantly, a lot more engaging. (And longer, of'd probably have to be, to fit all the extra plot detail in.) But it's quick, so next time I turn on my PS4, I'll shoot through the friendship end, as I'm betting there's not much more to it than the two romance endings, length-wise, so it'll only take me five minutes, lol. I never felt invested in Autumn's Journey at any point, I'm afraid. Like...why am I a witness to this story? What about these people or story even matters? Well, maybe the friendship end has a little more weight...we'll see.

Speaking of visual novels...The Somnium Files: nirvanA Initiative is tomorrow! I'm looking foward to it. It should be right in time to distract me from cramps, lol. I like when things come together in a way that makes me feel like the universe is not, in fact, out to get me. I'm not so delusional as to actually think the universe cares about me either way, but still.

I think I'm almost done with Rimuldar. I ended up going back into another replay of DQB1 and Chapter 2 is my favourite...I blasted through the whole chapter in 6 hours or so...I think where I am is right before the final battle. Though I have to go back and check the challenges...I know I didn't go fish up the Crown Goowels! I'm probably missing more, too, so gotta check. But I wasn't supposed to pick DQB up again anyway, lol.

Oh, I have picked up 3 more new gyroids, for a total of 27 different ones. I'll expand Jivin' Jyroidz slightly when I have ALL of them, so that every single one can be viewed within the same room. :) I've also learned about a dozen more cooking recipes and grabbed a bunch more nook miles via accomplishments. And I sold my turnips yesterday afternoon for slightly better than 50% profit. I think I'll buy turnips from now on, since it's a compelling reason to boot up the game, even just for five minutes twice a day, and that'd let me remember, I hope, to go get coffee and do several other basic dailies. Not sure how long I can keep an interest, but anything is a bonus, at this point.

EDIT: Getting a desire to pair up a few specific villagers, roommate-wise. Gonna call Timmy to have the Nookling pair. Gonna pair Tangy (my villager) and Apple (I'll have to wait for her to show up on the HHP island somewhere, but then it's aaaaaall apples and oranges, baby!) and Chrissy and Francine (obvious.) Currently pairing Queenie with Roscoe, because they both want to live in high-contrast black-and-white worlds.

Re: Backlog 2022

by Ronin19 » Jun 23, 2022 12:12 am

I am down to my final 5 games! I just beat Neo TWEWY and I loved that ending. Such a good game. Next up is NieR Replicant. I just did the prologue bit for now as I'm a bit gamed out (I played Neo for about 12 hours straight to finish it) and I'm already liking the improved gameplay from the original. They really did learn a lot from Automata and implemented that gameplay into Replicant. I'm hoping to finish it up before June is over and then July can be Final Fantasy's time before Xenoblade Chronicles 3 comes out.

Re: Backlog 2022

by greensara » Jun 22, 2022 4:47 pm

As I recall, there were three endings in Autumn's Journey. Personally, I liked the friendship ending better than the pairings. I thought it was all right, but VNs are not really my thing so I don't how it compares to others.

Re: Backlog 2022

by Shan O 123 » Jun 21, 2022 12:34 pm

I do like my sugar lol.

Maybe pinterest? It sounds like you want a storyboard type of a thing.

I have a use for the castle items later I’ll update my DA so you can look without me being online.

Re: Backlog 2022

by Kikki » Jun 21, 2022 12:23 pm

Sounds like you don't like coffee or tea at all...sounds like what you like is sugar. Flavoured sugar. Liquid candy, kinda. :)

No luck with Bell Tree...they don't seem to have the kind of thing I want to see. I see lots of ordinary-looking screenshots of daily goings-on on people's islands, but no examples of extraordinary use of castle walls or floor lights or bridges or...etc. What I really want is a focus on unique or unusual design. I do find these things, but scattered one at a time all across the internet, nothing gathered together to make it easy to get inspiration for awesome ways to use bridges and inclines or etc.

Oh...I finished Autumn's Journey yesterday. It's quite short and the different routes are very barely different, so speeding through them takes about five minutes after you finish the first one. There may be a 'no romance' route, but I didn't bother. Not a very interesting story, for me.