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Post Posted: Feb 14, 2016 10:33 am 
New Seedling
New Seedling

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A: Ahhh…Life is good.
L: Yeah.
A: You are what makes it good, Lest.
L: Huh?
A: You’re here. Venti’s here. Lumie’s here. Everyone’s so kind and wonderful.
L: Amber?
A: And I know there’s somebody out there who loves me. I may not be able to see him yet, but he’s watching over me. I can feel it.
L: …I see.



D: Lest…?
L: Hmm?
D: Thanks.
L: Huh?
D: I was thinking. Wondering, really, how you’ve made yourself so important to me.
L: Uh-oh.
D: I-I’m trying to be serious. Don’t make light of it, okay?
L: Sorry.
D: So, erm… I’m thankful to Jones and Nancy and Xiao Pai and everyone in this town, to be honest. Very thankful, for a lot of things. But without you…I don’t think I’d have learned to love this world as much as I do.
L: Dolce…
D: S-so, erm… Thanks. I hope I can continue to learn to love everything.
L: … You’re welcome.

Allright, that's all from me for now.
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Post Posted: Jan 03, 2017 10:47 am 
Anonymous Fish

[quote="Anonymous Fish"]I was playing Rune factory 4 the other day and then I thought I should record this :o :o :eek:


I walked up to Arthur and talked to him and he was Putting something in my hair?

Art: * putting something in my hair*

Frey: What are you doing?

Art: Don't break that! it is an artifact!



Arthur kills me LOLOLOL I love him
But I love Leon more O_O
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Post Posted: Jan 03, 2017 10:57 am 
Anonymous Fish

[quote="Mecha-Lollipop"]Dylas dialogue at about 4LP

[spoiler]Dylas: Can't you just leave me alone? What do you want this time?
Frey: E-erm...
[What's your favorite food?]
Dylas: Who cares?

[What foods don't you like?]
Dylas: Whatever.

[When's your birthday?]
Dylas: Why do I have to tell you?

[What's your type?]
Dylas: The hell kinda question is that?! (voiced: HUH!?)[/spoiler]

[spoiler]Dylas: What do you want? You enjoy talking to me or something? (all voiced)
Dylas: What...?
Frey: I want to know more about you...
Is that so strange?
Dylas:'re a weirdo. (voiced: Tch)

[Not at all.]
Dylas: ...That's what I thought. Now go away. (voiced: Tch)[/spoiler]

Dolce 1FP:

[spoiler]Pico: "Hi, Frey!"
Frey: Pico! Where did you come from...?
Pico: "I'm always near Dolly."
Dolce: That's right. A stalker, or a pervert, when you get right down to it. (voiced: True.)[/spoiler]

Porcoline 3FP:

[spoiler]Porco: Will you stay close to Meggy? (all voiced)
Porco: I'm glad to hear that. (voiced: OOH.)
Frey: You two are like real family.
Porco: Well, I do love her!
Frey: What!? (voiced)
Porco: ...As if she's my real daughter, of course. (voiced: Oh, no!)
Frey: Oh...I see...

[No way.]
Porco: Please be nice to her... (voiced was a dismayed sound)

Porco: I often refer to Margaret, this town's musician, as "Meggy."
Porco: I'm trying to show her my affection, you see. And it's a splendid nickname, to boot![/spoiler]

[spoiler]Frey: Are you married, Porcoline? (voiced: Well...)
Porco: No.
Porco: Will you marry me, Frey? (voiced: Will you marry me?)
[OH « Harvest Goddess » YES.]
Porco: ...Mmm, that's all right. Never you mind. (voiced: No thank you.)
Frey: Why did you ask, then?!

[OH « Harvest Goddess » NO.]
Porco: I'm hurt... (dramatic key then voiced: NO!)
Frey: S-sorry... (voiced: Well...)[/spoiler][/quote]

I love how you used Harvest Goddess XDDD
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Anonymous Fish
Post Posted: Jun 26, 2017 1:27 am 
Anonymous Fish

Found some dialogue I've never seen before.
MC: What are you guys talking about?
Doug: Oh, MC!
You know what Vishnal just told us!?
Vishnal: D-D-D-D-Doug! What are you doing?! Don't say another word!
Doug: Hard to say anything when you're being so loud. What's the problem?
Vishnal: Argh. . .
Well, if you're going to go spilling other people's secrets, then I guess I'll do the same!
Did you know that Doug--
Doug: H-Hey!
You shut that dirty mouth of yours, butler-man!
Vishnal: Mmmrrrrrnnnffff!
Doug: Hmph. Kiel, I guess you're now officially one of us.
Kiel: What? Why!?
Doug: You know what Kiel said a little wh--
Kiel: STOP!
Doug: [SFX of weapon hitting monster] Oww!
Kiel: If one more word comes out of your mouth, you will learn of my true form.
MC: . . . ?
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Post Posted: Jul 15, 2017 7:56 am 
Pick Potatos, not boogers
Pick Potatos, not boogers

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Randomly triggered this mini event while playing the other day, I think it was Doug's? I don't recall if this event was ever posted, and apparently it's somewhat difficult to trigger, so I thought I'd share. Diary doesn't give a event name, so it was the one where he's standing on the bridge/staircase leading up to Margaret's house, and he hints at the girl he has a crush on (which is Frey).
Doug: Hey, Frey. <voiced: Yo!>
Frey: Doug.
Doug: C'mon over here. The wind feels great. <voiced: *laugh*>

---> Sure <---
-I don't wanna-

Doug: Careful you don't fall. <voiced: Be careful.>

--->I don't wanna<---

Doug: C'mon, just for a little? It's really nice here.

(Frey walks over regardless of what you pick)

Frey: Ooh, yeah the wind does feel good. <voiced: *cute laugh*>
Doug: ... <turns to look at Frey>
Frey: Is something wrong?
Doug: [blushing] Huh?! N-no, nothing's wrong! <voiced: HUH?!>
Doug: [blushing] So, uhh...well...I-I was...
Doug: I was thinking about how great it would be to enjoy this view with my future wife someday. <voiced: *quiet, nervous laugh*>
Doug: [blushing] ACK! Wait, that's not what I meant... <voiced: WOAH!>
Doug: [blushing] I-I wasn't implying that it'd be, y'know, you or anything, I was just...uh...y'know... <voiced: Hmm...>
Frey: ...?
Frey: I didn't know you were thinking about marriage already. What kinds of girls do you like?
Doug: Wh-who, me?! <voiced: HUH?!>
Frey: Yeah. Lessee... what kind of hairstyle do you like?
Doug: Hairstyle? Uh... <voiced: *sad sigh*>
Doug: [blushing] L-long pigtails...?
Frey: Hmm.
Doug: [blushing] And, er...
Doug: [blushing] It'd be cool if she was, like, a princess. Or something close.
Frey: Okay.
Doug: [blushing] but I'd also like it if, y'know, she knew her way around a field.
Frey: Wait a sec, that sounds like...

--->A really weird girl<---

Frey: Do you think someone like that would really exist?
Doug: [sweat drop] W-well, yeah! <voiced: What?!>
Frey: Really? <voiced: W-wha?>
Frey: Wow. I thought I was the only one like that. So there are others like me out there?
Doug: [sweat drop] Wha?!...(So dense!)... <voiced: « Harvest Goddess »...>


Doug: [sweat drop] Say what?! <voiced: What?!>
Frey: Well, she is the one closest to you and all... <voiced: W-wha?>
Doug: Didn't you hear a word I said?! About the hairstyle and being a princess and stuff?! <voiced: HEY!>
Frey: Oh c'mon. No girl who's both a princess and a farmer really exists. It'd be too weird.
Doug: [sweat drop] Yes she does! I know they exist!!
Frey: Really? <voiced: I see!>
Frey: Hmm. I thought I was the only one. So there are others like me out there? <voiced: *cute laugh/giggle*>
Doug: [sweat drop] Wha?!...(So dense!)... <voiced: « Harvest Goddess »...>


Frey: It really does sound familiar.
Frey: So who is this person? Do I know her?
Doug: [sweat drop] Sheesh. I get the feeling I just met the densest person on earth.

Talking to Doug after the event:

D: [sweat drop] That's seriously oblivious. Man, I get the feeling this is gonna be a long battle...
F: (She looks super depressed) Uh-oh. Well, I hope it works out for you.

And the award for "most dense MC of all time" goes to Frey!
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Post Posted: Aug 18, 2017 8:08 am 
New Seedling
New Seedling

Posts: 6

I've found these lines for Bado in the game's text, I'm wondering if anyone's triggered them? I'm not certain about the context and I'm only guessing based on content and placement relative to other lines in the text, e.g. every character with a swimsuit has their swimsuit dialogue written above their "summer is coming soon" dialogue.

Lakeside swimsuit dialogue. I'm assuming this has been dummied out since they never made a swimsuit for him.
Bado: Maybe I should try selling swimsuits made of ice. People would buy those, right?
Generic swimsuit dialogue (may be said at both the lake and the bathhouse). Probably also dummied out.
Bado: Hey, LeFrey. Come to see how hot I look in a swimsuit?
Bado: ...Yeah, didn't think so.
Bado: Though being told you have zero interest whatsoever does make me a little sad.
Bado: Hey, LeFrey. Come to see my special swimsuit?
Bado: See, there's a really neat story behind this one...
Bado: ...
Bado: ...Hmm. I haven't thought one up yet, so come back later, okay?

Firefly Festival. When you speak to Bado the day before the festival, you can respond, ▶ Aren't they pretty? or ▶ Thinking of more schemes? But in the game's files is a third option I've never seen:
▶ What's wrong?
I'm wondering if this is available only at a certain friendship level (I'm at 22 and haven't seen this); I don't see why the developers would dummy this out.
Bado: Hmm?
Bado: Oh, sorry. I was just doing a little reminiscing, is all.

▶ Oh, okay.
[Ends the conversation]

▶ Reminiscing?
Bado: Yeah.
Bado: Some time ago, I had a friend who ran a weapon shop.
Bado: I was a knight at the time, and I had him make my weapons.
Bado: One day, he said something to me that I still remember...
Bado: "To you," he said, "weapons are necessary to kill your enemy."
Bado: "But to me, they're necessary to keep my family alive."
Bado: I was really struck by that. It made me wonder why he said it.
Bado: It bugged me so much I started a weapon shop myself to see if I could find out.
Bado: I kept looking and looking for that answer and, when I turned around, here I am today.
Bado: Life can be a really funny thing, eh?
He has another set of lines which for the night of the festival itself, after it ends. The interesting thing is that these lines are placed between two sets of lines (in italics) which he always says to the player, regardless of how close friends they are.
Bado: So that's it for the festival.
Bado: Some time ago, I made a promise with a friend to go watch them together.
Bado: But back then I was really busy all the time, so our date kept getting pushed back.
Bado: Eventually it got pushed back so far we just never got around to it.
Bado: To this day I have to wonder if what I did back then was right, or if I should've made time.
Bado: Maybe it would've been better if I weren't so serious about what I was doing.
Bado: A firefly's light is so fleeting.
Bado: But isn't it always the fleeting, fragile things that stick with you the longest?
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Post Posted: Jan 21, 2018 1:13 am 
New Seedling
New Seedling

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Woah hey, 3 years late. Back to post a few pieces of dialogue.
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Post Posted: Jan 21, 2018 1:14 am 
New Seedling
New Seedling

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Realized some of the dialogue is already posted here. Edited out some dialogue.

White day date with Forte:
Night before:
Forte: I'm quite looking forward to White Day.
Forte: Every year, Kiel makes lots of very delicious sweets.
Lest: (Tomorrow is a festival where you give a Cookie to members of the opposite gender.)
Lest: (It's okay to give some to anyone, really...)
Lest: (But it is a festival, after all. Why not call a special someone to the castle and present it there?)
Lest: Forte...
Forte: Yes?
Lest: Would you meet me at Selphia: Town Square tomorrow?
Forte: Tomorrow?
Forte: I should have time to do so, yes.
Lest: Oh, good!
Lest: I'll see you at Selphia: Town Square tomorrow, then.
Forte: Understood.

Talking to Forte on site:
Lest: Forte...
Forte: Hello, Lest.
Forte: So, what shall we do today?
Lest: Um, y'see, there's something I'd like to give you...
Forte: What?

Giving her the cookie:
Two Options:
Today is White Day...
Thanks for all you do.

Today is white day
Forte: W-wait...
Lest: Will you accept it?
Forte: Th-this is from you... for me?
Forte: I, um... oh my goodness...
Forte: ...!
Forte: I never thought I would ever receive something like this from you.
Forte: Th-thank you! I'm ecstatic!

Thanks for all you do.
Forte: No, thank you! I'm always in your debt.
Lest: You're constantly a great help to me too. Please, accept this as a small token of my thanks.
Forte: Oh, please...
Forte: But thank you. I greatly appreciate the thought.
Forte: I will humbly accept your gracious gift.

Post date dialogue:
Forte: Erm...Lest? Thank you.
Forte: I very much enjoyed today.

Forte asks for kids:
Forte: Lest...
Lest: Yes?
Forte: May I ask you a question?
Lest: Sure.
Forte: Have you, um, ever thought about, uh... you know...
Lest: About what?
Forte: About, erm... expanding our family?
Lest: Oh.

Two Options:
I'd like it to be just us.

Forte: I knew it!!
Lest: Yikes! Wh-what's with the super-excited reaction?
Forte: O-oh, my apologies. I, ah, I was so happy that you felt the same way that I got ahead of myself.
Lest: Forte...
Lest: How about we start thinking of a good name for our child?
Forte: Yes, let's!

I'd like it to be just us.
Forte: ...
Forte: I...I see. I-it seems fitting.
Lest: Uh, you're blushing beet red.
Forte: Urk!
Forte: Y-you don't have to point it out each and every time, you know...

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Post Posted: Jan 21, 2018 1:19 am 
New Seedling
New Seedling

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Forte Daily Marriage Dialogue Days 1-7, 8-14, 15-20 Completed:

Days 1-7:
Day 1:
Forte: We're finally...
Forte: You and I, newlyweds... it's such a joyous thing! (Voiced too)

Two Options:
Are you really happy?
May we be a happy family!

Are you really happy?
Forte: Very much!
Lest: ... (Surprised)
Lest: ...Me too.

May we be a happy family!
Forte: Yes, of course.
Forte: We'll never be apart!

Day 2:
Forte: Kiel never changes.
Forte: But I do feel that he's grown since last I saw him...
Forte: ...Or maybe I'm simply biased, seeing as he's my little brother.

Day 3:
Forte: I was impressed with Bado the other day.
Forte: Though perhaps it's simply by virtue of compassion.
Forte: Since he's usually so very, very lazy.
Forte: ...Ah, I must say...

Day 4 (Kind of underwhelming on this day)
Forte: To run is so refreshing!

Day 5
Forte: I think I've changed a bit.
Lest: Hmm?
Forte: I can feel it within me.
Forte: I am now more willing to accept my own weaknesses.
Forte: ...All since I started loving you.

Day 6:
Forte: Time to patrol the town!

Two options:
Good luck.
Be safe.

Good luck.
Forte: Thank you!

Be safe.
Forte: I'll be just fine.
Forte: Ever since I met you, it's been my love... that's motivated me to try harder. (Voiced too!)

Day 7:
Forte: I feel more inspired to protect everyone than ever before.
Forte: ...And I've found so many more things to protect, too...

Days 8-14:
Day 8
Forte: What's wrong?

Two options:
I'm just... gazing at you.
Tell me you love me.

I'm just.... gazing at you.
Forte: Oh.
Forte: ...
Forte: Um... would you mind... not doing that?

Tell me you love me.

Forte: What?!

Two options:
Just messing with you!
Ready, set...

Just messing with you!
Forte: ...D-don't tease me, please...

Ready, set...
Forte: I...
Forte: ...I love you...
Lest: Good job! Nicely done!
Forte: ...Don't make me say such things on command, please. It's tremendously embarrassing.

Day 9:
Forte: I used to be all right just by myself...
Forte: ...back when I knew nothing of love.

Two options:
And that's changed?
We all need companionship.

And that's changed?
Forte: Mm...
Forte: I can't imagine a day without you anymore. (Voiced!)

We all need companionship.
Forte: Th-that's...
Lest: ...Hmm?
Forte: ....
Forte: Don't look so expectant. It's kind of mean.

Day 10: (Wow.)
Forte: You're the one who's gotten me confused about all this, you know!
Forte: Will you take responsibility for that? (Voiced too!)

Day 11:
Forte: (*STARE*)
Lest: What's wrong?
Forte: ...Nothing. Nothing at all.
Lest: ...?

Day 12:
Forte: Lest...
Forte: I want to spend the whole day with you. Is that all right? (Voiced)
Lest: Huh?

Day 13: (Lol.)
Forte: Lest?
Lest: Hmm?
Forte: ...*COUGH*...
Forte: Can you hold me? ...Please?
Lest: ?!

Day 14: (Oh my.)
Lest: Hey, Forte?
Forte: What is it?

Two options:
May I hold you close?

Forte: Did I mean...what, exactly?
Lest: I just... want to hold you. To feel your warmth.
Forte: Ah... That...
Forte: That sounds like a line I saw in a book I borrowed from Kiel. Spoken between a...married couple...

May I hold you close?

Forte: ?!

Days 15-20:
Day 15:
Forte: When I was eating lunch with Meg the other day...
Forte: ...I suddenly felt like I went back in time.
Forte: It was kind of nice, actually.
Forte: I guess some things never change.

Day 16:
Forte: Living in this town, it sometimes makes me wonder...
Forte: ...if the people even really need a knight.
Forte: Perhaps it's always been that way, and I simply haven't noticed until now...

Day 17:

Forte: Oh, Lest! What's the matter?
Lest: You've stopped pointing your sword at me, even when I come up from behind you.
Forte: Well, that's because...
Forte:'re there to protect my back, aren't you?

Day 18:

Forte: I might start learning how to cook.

Three options:
Do you need some help?

Forte: Please look forward to it.

Forte: Why... aren't you saying anything?

Do you need some help?
Forte: No, thank you. This is my own challenge.
Lest: Ch-challenge?

Day 19:

Forte: ...
Forte: Why do ovens explode?
Lest: What?

Day 20:
Forte: There comes a time when a knight must sheathe her blade for good.
Forte: I think I finally understand what my father meant when he spoke those words.
Forte: ...I'll also reach that point.

Ends here, normal dialogue when dating will start appearing after day 20.
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Post Posted: Jan 29, 2018 1:42 pm 
New Seedling
New Seedling

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Dolce and her crossdressing model boyfriend Lest: (Never had this event before, glad I found this gem, found it both cute and hilarious. Go inside the clinic while you two are dating to trigger this.)

Dolce: Lest.
Dolce: ...Yes, this is a good time.
Lest: Huh?
Dolce: Come to my room. You are going to help me with something.
Lest: H-hang on a second...

Transitions to her room:

Dolce: ...
Dolce: Not this one.
Dolce: ...Nor this one.
Lest: Um, Dolce?
Dolce: Hold still.
Lest: R-right.
Dolce: ...
Dolce: Yes. This one isn't bad.
Lest: Uhh...Dolce?
Dolce: Yes?
Lest: You're picking out clothes for Pico right now, right?
Dolce: Yes.
Lest: Um, so wouldn't it be better to ask someone like Amber for help instead of me?
Dolce: Amber can't hold still for more than two breaths. She would be a terrible model.
Lest: How about Xiao Pai then? I'm sure she'd love to do it.
Dolce: She...looks terribly busy all the time. I couldn't impose.
Lest: Then Clorica. She would hold still for you. In fact, she would probably sleep through it.
Dolce: ...
Lest: What?
Dolce: Those are quite a few girls' names you have just rattled off.
Lest: Well yeah. We're all friends... Wait, why are you getting mad?
Dolce: I'm not mad.
Lest: ...?
Lest: Anyway, it doesn't need to be me, right?
Dolce: True. It doesn't.
Lest: So, um...
Dolce: ...But it's more fun with you.
Lest: Huh?
Dolce: Anyway.
Dolce: Point is, you should look at me, and only me. Understand?
Lest: Hm? I'm the model. Don't you need to be the one watching me?
Dolce: Oh...!
Pico: "Dolllllllyyyy! I'm hooome?!"
Pico: "Oh, hello, Lest. What on earth are you wearing?"
Lest: Uh, well, see...
Pico: "You have a secret fetish for cross-dressing? Well I must say it looks good on you."
Lest: I do not!
Lest: Dolce, you tell her, too!
Dolce: Er...
Pico: "Wait, wait! Why are you so red milady?"
Dolce: ...?!
Pico: "Oh goodness, what's wrong? Do you have a fever? Have you caught a cold?"
Dolce: N-no. I, er...
Lest: Wow, you really are red! Here, let me feel your forehead...
Dolce: ...!!!
Lest: Whoa, you're burning up!
Pico: "Come, milady, you need to rest! Here, lie down in bed."
Lest: Yeah, get in bed!
Dolce: I-I do not...
Lest: Don't be so stubborn!
Lest: I'd be really worried if I heard you keeled over because you got sick.
Dolce: ...
Dolce: ...All right.
Lest: Good.
Lest: Now rest for a while, okay?
Dolce: ...
Pico: "Hrm. There's something wrong with lecturing someone while wearing women's clothing."

Post dialogue:

Lest: Dolce. You should be resting.
Dolce: I'm fine, now.
Lest: Still.
Dolce: I'm fine. That, er... was not a fever.
Dolce: ...


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Post Posted: May 02, 2018 1:20 am 
New Seedling
New Seedling

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Xiao Pai and the Hair Clip: (Conversation in the Inn, appears to be on Wednesdays...) :!:

Xiao Pai: ...Ow!
Clorica: Oh, your clip's stuck in your hair!
Clorica: There, it's fixed now.
Xiao Pai: Thank you, Clorica.
Xiao Pai: I have clumsy hands. Everything gets knotted so easily...
Forte: I know how you feel... I'm a little clumsy myself.
Forte: And with long hair like this, it's even worse.
Clorica: Hey, don't count me out!
Xiao Pai: But you're not clumsy.
Forte: That's right. You're so skilled that you can even sleep while you work and still not mess up.
Clorica: Don't be silly, I never do that!
Xiao Pai: It seems that she does not remember.
Forte: That's so not fair...
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