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Post Posted: Dec 24, 2014 9:17 pm 
New Seedling
New Seedling

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Marriage to Dolce, Day-to-Day Dialogue: (Will be updating this daily.)

Nickname Dialogue After Marriage: (Only includes one option for Dolce and two options for Lest.)

Nickname Dialogue: (Incomplete, only chose one option for each.)

Dolce: So, we're to live here together from now on, are we?
Lest: That's right.
Dolce: Well, you're going to have to do your best, then to make it suitable for me.
Lest: Huh? What do you mean?
Dolce: Well, a woman's got... needs, you know?
Lest: Needs?
Dolce: Hee hee. You'll need to find out what they are on your own.
Lest: Well, I can see marriage hasn't softened your edge, Dolce...
Dolce: ...
Lest: What's wrong?
Dolce: The way you address me.
Lest: Huh?
Dolce: We are married now. So you're free to change how you address me if you wish.
Dolce: It's not like we're dating and still trying to get to know one another.
Dolce: We're together. We've made a lifelong commitment.
Lest: Ah, that is true...
Dolce: That being the case... let's come up with pet names for one another. Yours first.
Dolce: What should I call you?

The same as before.
Li'l lest.

Dolce: What?!
Dolce: Are you serious...?
Dolce: Um, it's not so bad... I suppose...
Lest: ...?
Dolce: Ugh...
Dolce: A-all right. If that's really what you want.
Lest: You don't have to...
Dolce: No, no. It's fine.
Dolce: ...Love.
Dolce: S-see! It's not a problem at all.

If Sweetie is chosen:
Dolce: Are you really okay with that?
Lest: You bet.
Dolce: Hmm...
Dolce: Then so be it.

Dolce: ...And what do you want to call me?

The Same as before
Miss Dolcie.
Lady Dolcie.

Dolce: Th-that's...
Dolce: ...
Dolce: ...You really want to address me in that manner?
Lest: I really do.
Dolce: O-okay.
Dolce: ...So be it, then.
Dolce: Okay, that's that.
Dolce: So, um...
Dolce: ...Sweetie. Will you make me the happiest person in the world, always?
Lest: As long as you do the same for me, Sweetie. And I know you will.

Days 1-7 Daily Marriage Dialogue, Dolce:
Day 1:
Dolce: It makes my chest hurt so... when I think about being apart from you...
Lest: Are you all right?
Dolce: ...
Dolce: It's your fault. You should do something to fix it.

Day 2:
Dolce: Xiao Pai told me something the other day.
Lest: Oh?
Dolce: ...
Dolce: ...You know what? Never mind.

Day 3:
Dolce: Like...hmmm...what would be good...?
Lest: (Thinking) You're, uh, muttering creepily under your breath...
Dolce: (I can't actually say that loud...can I?)
Dolce: (That I love him more and more every day?) (Voice is "I've fallen more and more in love." HNNNNGH.)
Lest: ...Sweetie?
Dolce: ...?!

Day 4:
Dolce: Impossible... It's impossible!
Lest: (What is she thinking so hard about?!)
Dolce: ...People...always tell me I need to speak my mind more often.
Dolce: So...
Dolce: Thank you for everything. And... I love you. I love you so much.
Dolce: And that's... not easy to say.

---->I love you too.
(Either option will result in the same dialogue.)

Dolce: Ahh?!

Day 5:
Dolce: So... hey...
Dolce: I know it doesn't like me, but...
Dolce: I-I want you to know that... I...l-lo....looo...

...look maaaahvelous?
*Stand quietly and stare*

If choosing ...look maahvehlous?:
Dolce: No, no... I'm trying to tell you that...I...
Dolce:,forget it!

If choosing *Stand quietly and stare*:
Dolce: After we got married, I've found myself loving you more e-ev...e...eeehh, I can't say it!

Day 6:
Dolce: I was worried about what would happen with Pico if I ever got married...
Dolce: But it seems there's really nothing to worry about.
Dolce: I guess... I should thank you for that. Not many people would be so accepting of a ghost.
Lest: It's nothing at all, really. Pico's very nice.
Pico: "That's right, milady."
Pico: "I'll make sure I give you something nice to show you how happy I am for you."

Day 7:
Dolce: Ro...Sham...
Pico: "Bo!"
Dolce: Argh...!
Pico: "Yay! I win!"
Pico: "Tee hee... This is gonna be super-fun! ♪"
Lest: ...?

Days 8-14 Daily Marriage Dialogue, Dolce:
Day 8:
Dolce: Can you come a little closer?
Lest: Huh?
Dolce: Just... come here.


Dolce: I...I-I love you.

Day 9:
Dolce: This is a strange world we live in, don't you think?
Dolce: All I used to care about was protecting Venti.
Dolce: I gave up everything for it.

Day 10:
Dolce: I actually don't remember what it was like when I saw you for the first time.
Dolce: Pico said you saved me, but you sure didn't look the part.
Dolce: And...
Dolce: Now we're married.

We sure are!
Do you regret it?
I didn't do it for that.

If choosing: We sure are!
Dolce: I don't regret a thing.

If choosing: Do you regret it?
Dolce: Well... I don't know, really.

If choosing: I didn't do it for that.
Dolce: What...?
Dolce: ...Hmm, I see...

Day 11:
Dolce: I suppose one should always be honest and forthright, and do things for the right reasons.
Dolce: I love you. I love you so much.
Dolce: ...
Dolce: ...I-I don't know, that's a little too embarrassing to say...

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Post Posted: Dec 24, 2014 10:49 pm 
New Seedling
New Seedling

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Posts: 40

A Porco and An Elf town event:

Lest: Hi Illuminata! What are you doing?
Illuminata: Shh! I'm eavesdropping!
Lest: What?!
Illuminata: There's some veeery suspicious chit-chat going on over there. I sense an oncoming case!
Lest: I think the "case" is already happening.
Illuminata: Ah! They're coming this way! Hide!
Lest: Gah! Why me, too?!

*Lest and Illuminata Hide, Porcoline and a Mysterious Lady approach from the gate.*

Mysterious Lady: Ha ha! Really?
Porcoline: Yes. It's almost too much to handle.

*Camera Pans to Lest and Illuminata*

Lest: What's so suspicious about that?
Lest: it just looks to me like Porcoline is having a nice chat with some lady.
Illuminata: If I had to point at something, I'd say it's their relationship that's suspicious.
Illuminata: Maybe that lady is Porcoline's girlfriend?
Lest: What?!
Lest: ...And that isn't suspicious at all, either.

*Camera pans back to Porco.*

Mysterious Lady: How is she doing, by the by?
Porcoline: She's growing into a gentle, generous and genuine young lady.
Mysterious Lady: That's good to hear.
Mysterious Lady: And, er... this is difficult for me to ask, but... has THAT been overcome, yet?
Porcoline: ...Do you ask that of me, or of her?
Mysterious Lady: Of both of you.
Porcoline: I'm afraid neither of us can give a happy answer to that one.
Mysterious Lady: I see. That's normal, I suppose.
Mysterious Lady: Please let her know that if she's no longer happy here, we'll come and get her.
Mysterious Lady: She has spent much time around humans. She could be a strong bridge between our people.
Mysterious Lady: That is, of course, should both of you and she agree.
Porcoline: I apologize in advance, but I cannot hope she chooses that option.
Porcoline: It would be, in many ways, just running away.
Mysterious Lady: Yes, it would, wouldn't it?
Porcoline: Anyway, how fare things in your fair land?
Mysterious Lady: Much better. The chaos of that time has passed, thanks to the De Sainte-Coquille family's aid.
Porcoline: No, no. We didn't do much.
Porcoline: But I'm happy to hear that all is now well there.
Mysterious Lady: Yes. Now then, I'm afraid I must be going.
Porcoline: Allow me to escort you to the gate.

*Pans back to Lest*

Lest: What was that all about?
Illuminata: Ah-ha... I see.
Lest: See what?
Illuminata: Well that was dull. Time to head home for tea.
Lest: Huh? Wait, Illuminata!
Lest: What's going on? You look like you got something out of that whole thing. What is it?
Illuminata: Oh, do you really want to know?

No, not really.

Illuminata: The lady talking with Porcoline was a messenger from the Elven Kingdom.
Lest: The Elven Kingdom?
Illuminata: Yeah. Their kingdom used to be ruled by a queen.
Illuminata: But that was only until a little while ago.
Lest: So what's it like, now?
Illuminata: Different. There's no queen anymore. The throne is empty.
Lest: Why's that?
Illuminata: Well, the old queen's sister raised a doozy of a question.
Illuminata: She asked everyone if the elves as a nation were too reliant on having a queen.
Lest: Too reliant?
Illuminata: Yes. See, becoming queen meant losing all freedom.
Illuminata: The queen is never alone, ever. And all responsibility for any decision-making is on her alone.
Illuminata: The sister, watching what the queen went through day in and day out, questioned the whole system.
Illuminata: So the elves are currently trying to build a new kingdom that does not rely on ant royal figure.
Lest: So that's what happened.
Illuminata: Yeah. And it sounds like it's going pretty well so far.
Illuminata: Trade with the human kingdoms is flourishing and the elves are growing prosperous.
Illuminata: The lady came by just to let Porcoline know that.
Illuminata: After all, the De Sainte-Coquille family is presently the lynchpin of human-elf trade right now.
Lest: The De Sainte-Coquille family? That's Porcoline's family, right?
Lest: Wow, they must be some pretty impressive people.
Illuminata: Yeah. They've been on good terms with the elves for years and years.
Lest: Hmm.
Illuminata: Anyway, that's all they were talking about.
Illuminata: Now then, today's mystery has been solved, so I guess it's back to work for me.

After a while, talk to Porco, then he will direct you to Margaret:

Porcoline: Meg suggested we do a super sweeping scrubbing of the entire restaurant today.
Porcoline: But where is the maestro of this magnificent effort, the lady Meg herself? I haven't seen her.

At Margaret's House:
*Lest sees Margaret crying*
Margaret: Ah!
Lest: Margaret?
Margaret: O-oh, sorry! I was kinda lost on memory lane for a minute, there.
Lest: Are you okay?
Margaret: *Winking* Yeah.
Margaret: Oh, no!
Margaret: I completely forgot we were going to clean the restaurant today! I missed it!
Margaret: Ha ha.. Oh, great. Porco's going to be so mad at me. What can I do to make it up to him?

Post Event Dialogue:


Illuminata: It's not easy for elves and humans to get along well.
Lest: Huh? Why not?
Illuminata: Um... it'll be easier for you to get along with us if you don't know, so I'm not saying.
Lest: Huh...?


Margaret: Um...
Margaret: it's nothing. Don't worry about it, okay?

Dialogue after you do a Monster elimination quest for Dolce: (Uhh...)

Dolce: You got rid of the monsters for me!
Dolce: Thanks. I'll leave a little something for you here as a thank-you.
Pico: "Well, well..."
Lest: Pico?
Dolce: ...!
Pico: "Oh, Lest. Will you hear me out?"
Pico: "That monster is out of control..."
Pico: "Although, being a ghost, I can't be injured by it, I'm still..."
Lest: I-is that...
Dolce: P-Pico! Let's go!
Pico: "Oh my! Milady's pulling my hand...!"
Pico: "I knew you felt the same way! I'll follow you anywhere!"
Lest: ...

Norad scary campfire tales with Vishnal, Kiel, and Doug: (Lol Doug's scared of ghosts. Never knew Vishnal to be a prankster.)

Kiel: I recently read a book on Norad campfire tales. It was pretty intense.
Doug: Campfire tales? Like, scary stories?
Kiel: Yeah. One hundred accounts of the paranormal.
Doug: A HUNDRED?! Why the hell would you read something like that?!
Kiel: Hmm? Why wouldn't I? It was really fascinating.
Kiel: The twenty-sixth was the best.
Vishnal: Aaaaaggghh!!
Dough: Wh-Woah! What the hell is wrong with you?! Don't scare us like that!
Vishnal: S-s-something w-w-was o-over th-there...
Doug: Ehh?!
Kiel: What?
Doug: H-hey!
Doug: You serious?!
Doug: No. No way!
Doug: There's just no way, right?!
Vishnal: ...
Doug: Say something, dammit!
Vishnal: ...
Doug: Hey!!
Vishnal: ...Pfft...haha...
Doug: ...?
Vishnal: Ha...hahaha!
Doug: Ah! You sneaky little...!
Vishnal: Dwah ha ha! I was faking, of course. Did I trick you?
Doug: DAMMIT, man!
Vinshal: What a reaction. The look on your face was so priceless!
Kiel: ...
Kiel: Well, there is Pico, so it's not outside the realm of responsibility...
Doug and Vishnal: (Surprised) ...Hmm?

Finally managed to get Ventuswill's dialogue when you give her a cookie on Valentine's day as the Male MC. (Lest) I managed to Edit in the dialogue in my reverse cookie post on page 27 that lists all the dialogue if you give them a cookie on Valentine's day.

Ventuswill: Playing the part of a girl today?
Ventuswill: Well! As you are gifting me with a Cookie, I do not mind, myself.
Ventuswill: But if you are thinking to step upon THAT path, do so carefully. It's no path to walk lightly.

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X Kurai Kiba X
Post Posted: Dec 25, 2014 12:36 am 
New Seedling
New Seedling

Posts: 6

Decided to do Forte's farewell scene. Sorry it takes a while to do this since I have to go through the whole chasing that little Chipsqueek in the cave! Forte's is very emotional word of warning!
(MC looking forward getting ready to venture into Leon Karnak. Forte shows up behind you.)

Forte: Lest.

( suprised exclamation point appears MC turns around to face Forte)

Forte: (Serious) Please take me with you!

Lest: (Upset) Th-that's...

Forte: (Upset) ...I know you can't. That's why you were leaving without saying anything, right?

Lest: (Upset) ...Sorry.

Forte: (Normal) Don't be. There are things that only you can do. There are things that only you can protect.Forte: Although I'm not happy with that...I do understand.

Lest: (Soft smile) ...Thank you.

Forte: (Soft smile) While you're gone, I'll also work on protecting the things that only I can protect. So...I'll be waiting for you here.

Forte: (Shouting) Even if it takes decades or centuries for you to return...I'll still be waiting.

Forte: (Upset) ...So please come back safely.

Lest: ( Serious) ...I promise you that I will.

Lest: (Smiling) I'll see you later.

Forte: ...Take care.
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Post Posted: Dec 25, 2014 12:53 am 
New Seedling
New Seedling

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Valentine's Day Date with Dolce.

Day before:
Dolce: Valentine's Day...
Pico: "Have you made some cookies for Jones yet, milady?"
Dolce: ...Some.
Dolce: Oh, by the way. I'd like to ask you something.
Lest: Yes?
Dolce: Tomorrow... do you have plans?

----> Huh...?
Not really, no.

Dolce: Um, I have something to do.
Dolce: You come with me, okay? (Wat.)

I'm sorry.

Dolce: Good. I will expect to see you, then. ...Do NOT forget.
Lest: ...I-I won't.
Dolce: Let's meet at Selphia: Town Square at 19 hundred hours, tomorrow.
Dolce: I'll tell you more there.
Lest: Okay.
Dolce: Heh heh... I can hardly wait until tomorrow.
Dolce: Heh heh heh...
Lest: Ummm... what's with the evil grin?
Pico: "I think milady's so very happy she's turning a little... odd."
Pico: "Ah, well. Thing'll get better once she returns to normal, oh, around this evening, I think."
Pico: "...Though I must admit I'm a little jealous."

Valentine's day Date:

Dolce: There you are.
Lest: Yep.
Dolce: ...
Lest: Sweetie?
Dolce: What?

What's wrong?
Are you okay?
You're red as a beet!

If you choose: What's Wrong?
Dolce: ...I-It's nothing.

If you choose:Are you okay?
Dolce: I'm fine. I'm just a...a little nervous, is all.

If you choose: You're red as a beet!
Dolce: Shut up.

Dolce: H-here.
Lest: Cookie?
Dolce: I-It's for you.

---->I can have it?
I thought as much.

Dolce: Yes, you can. What, do you have a problem with that?
Lest: No, not at all.
Dolce: Urk...!
Dolce: Wh-why are you smiling like that?
Dolce: ...Anyway. That's all.
Dolce: I'll see you later.
Lest: Okay.

Thank you.

Dolce: ...You're welcome.

Post Date Dialogue:

Dolce: Eat it before it goes bad, okay?
Pico: "Don't worry. Love has no expiration date."
Dolce: Pico, where have you been?
Pico: "Peeking on you from the bushes of course! I wouldn't miss this important event for the world!"
Dolce: Oh, I see. And by "bushes" you mean the "the next life," correct?
Pico: "Why, yes! ...Wait, I do?"
Pico: "A-and where did you get that exorcism ward? W-wait...OW! Ow ow ow ow owww!"
Lest: ...

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X Kurai Kiba X
Post Posted: Dec 25, 2014 1:09 am 
New Seedling
New Seedling

Posts: 6

Hmm...I knew Pico doesn't like the idea of now having to share Dolce, but to want me to explode! It is possible to see Lest's response ( and yes Pico is an option!). Dolce and Clorica hang out in Clorica's room Tuesdays and Thursdays 16:00 to 18:00 sometimes and the dialogue is also random
Pico: Lest?
Lest: Yes?
Pico: "Clorica is good at housework, but she always falls asleep and forgets what to do."
Pico: "Dolly, on the other hand, seems mean, but she's kind-hearted and good at knitting.
Pico: " So if you had to pick one to be your wife...who would you pick."
Lest: (Voiced: Huh?!) What?!
Dolce: (Voiced: What?!)Hey!
Clorica: (Voiced: What?!) Wh-What's going on?!
Lest: Um, do I have to choose one?
Pico: " This is all purely hypothetical. Just...curiosity. Nothing more."
Dolce: Hey, now. Don't go bothering people with your uncomfortable questions.
Pico: "Come on! Which one?"
Dolce: Don't be stupid.
Dolce: Lest, you're mine.
Dolce: So don't you dare ever pick anyone else over me.
Dolce: (Voiced: Stupid) Not even as a joke.
Lest: (Voiced: Heh-heh) Did you hear that, Pico?
Pico: ( Voiced) "ARRRGGHHH"!
Pico: "I literally want you to EXPLODE now!"
Clorica: ( Giggles) It's nice to be loved, isn't it?
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Post Posted: Dec 26, 2014 12:08 am 
New Seedling
New Seedling

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Barrels of Fun Town Event:

Porcoline: Lest, could I ask a favor of you?
Lest: What is it?
Porcoline: I'd like for you to deliver a message to Vishnal.
Lest: Sure. What should I tell him?
Porcoline: It's a most important message, you see. Be sure to tell it to him passionately. Say--
Porcoline: "The bucket has arrived!!"
Porcoline: That is a VERY important message, don't you agree?'
Porcoline: After all, he seemd like he was rather in need of a bucket the other day. So please tell him--
Porcoline: "Come and get it immediately!!"
Porcoline: ...Passionately. You cannot forget that part.
Lest: Um...I get the message, but why do I have to tell it to him passionately?
Porcoline: No reason.
Lest: ...
Porcoline: Please let him know when you can.

Talk to Him again:
Porcoline: Please tell Vishnal the bucket he has been waiting for has arrived.
Porcoline: ...Passionately.

*Lest then goes to talk to Vishnal*

Vishnal: Oh, hello! What can I do for you?
Lest: Porcoline asked me to give you a message.

The bucket has arrived.

Vishnal: W-wow... you didn't have to say it quite so, uh, passionately.
Lest: Uh, sorry.
Vishnal: Erm, anyway. I'm glad to hear that the bucket is finally in.
Vishnal: Though I'm afraid I'm not the one who needs it. Truth be told, it's Arthur who asked for it.
Lest: Really?
Vishnal: Yes. he asked me to help find one since he didn't have one of his own.
Vishnal: I'm sure he'll be very happy to know it's in. Could you please go tell him?
Lest: Sure. I'll go tell Arthur for you.

If you talk to Vishnal again:
Vishnal: Could you please pass the message to Arthur? Thank you.

*Lest then goes to Arthur.*

Arthur: Is there something I can do for you today?
Lest: I have a message for you from Porcoline.

The bucket has arrived.

Arthur: It has? Excellent!
Lest: (...He completely ignored it! He is a man of many talents.)
Arthur: I'm sure Kiel will be quite glad to hear it has arrived. He was the one who needed it, you see.
Arthur: Could you please let him know? He has been waiting anxiously.
Lest: Um... sure. I'll pass it along.

If you talk to Arthur again:
Arthur: Could you please let Kiel know it has arrived? I appreciate it.

*Lest then goes to Kiel.*

Kiel: Hi! What's up?
Lest: Porcoline asked me to give you a message.

The bucket has arrived.

Kiel: Yikes! That was loud.
Kiel: Why did you shout like that?
Lest: Sorry...
Kiel: Um, anyway...
Kiel: So it's in, huh? Forte will be so happy to hear that!
Lest: What? Forte?
Kiel: Yeah she was looking for one a little while ago.
Kiel: Could you go tell her? Thanks!
Lest: Not again...
Kiel: ...?

If you talk to Kiel again:
Kiel: Could you go give that message to Forte? Thanks!

*Lest then scurries to Forte to deliver the message, the passionate message.*

Forte: Well you certainly look tired. What is it?

The bucket has arrived.

Forte: ...Lest?
Forte: ...Ahem.
Forte: I'm sure Xiao Pai will be glad to hear the bucket she wanted has finally arrived.
Forte: Could you please let her know?
Lest: *FALL*
Forte: Hmm?

If you talk to Forte again:
Forte: Could you give the message to Xiao Pai for me? Thank you.

*Lest, now tired goes to Xiao Pai to deliver the message, passionately.

Xiao Pai: Hmm? What is the matte? It seems you are very worn out.

The bucket has arrived.

Xiao Pai: Sometimes you're very weird.
Lest: You're telling me.
Xiao Pai: You will tell Meg for me, yes? She will be happy to hear!
Lest: Ugh, so now it's Margaret.
Xiao Pai: Wonderful! The bucket has come. I can already see Meg's happy face!

If you talk to Xiao Pai again:
Xiao Pai: You will tell Meg for me, yes? She will be happy to hear!

*Lest, exhausted, comes up to Meg to deliver the message, passionately. What a trooper.*

Margaret: Oh geez, are you okay? You look exhausted!

The bucket has arrived.

Margaret: Yikes! Now that was, passionate of you.
Margaret: Anyway, Porco will be so glad to hear it finally came! Could you go tell him?
Lest: What? Porcoline?!
Margaret: Huh? What's wrong?
Lest: But Porcoline was the one who gave me the message in the first place.
Margaret: Really?
Lest: Yeah. I've been passing it along from one person to the next, and now here I am.
Margaret: From one person to the next? So everyone asked you to tell someone else?
Margaret: You went around and came back full circle? Oh boy.
Margaret: I guess that means the one who wanted the bucket, and the one who got it himself, was Porco.
Lest: Augh! I can't believe it!
Margaret: Ah ha ha...Well, thanks for all the effort. Could you go tell Porco?

*Lest finally goes back to Porco to deliver the news.*

Porcoline: Lest! My, my! What's wrong?
Porcoline: You look positively pooped!

The bucket has arrived.

Porcoline: What...what passion! What enthusiasm!! And, and...!
Porcoline: The bucket I have long awaited has finally arrived! I can now make a Bucket of Flan!
Porcoline: So where is it? Where is my lovely bucket?
Lest: It's the one you just got.
Porcoline: That one? Oh no, no. I couldn't use that one. That's the one Vishnal needed.
Lest: No, it is. Y'see...
Lest: Vishnal was only looking for it to help Arthur.
Lest: But Arthur wanted to get it for Kiel.
Lest: Kiel was looking for it for Forte.
Lest: ...and on and on and on until we come back around to you.
Porcoline: R-really?!
Porcoline: The this is the bucket I'm looking for?!
Lest: It seems so, yes.
Porcoline: Oh, how wonderful! How marvelous! And everyone was helping moi look for one! How kind! How generous!
Porcoline: And an especially warm thanks to you, Lest. I asked more of you than I thought.
Lest: No, it's okay. I'm just glad it all worked out in the end.
Porcoline: Well then, as a token of my heartfelt appreciation, the first Bucket of Flan will be yours!
Porcoline: Wait just a moment, now!
Porcoline: *SPINS* Ta-da! Done!
Porcoline: It's an especially enormous bucket, so eat especially amply!
Lest: Thank you.
Porcoline: I'm the one blessed to be surrounded by so many kind and generous people.
Porcoline: So thank you, Lest.

Doug insensitivity to Vishnal's cooking, Kiel backs him up:

Kiel: What good should I cook tomorrow?
Vishnal: I wish I could cook as well as you.
Kiel: I'm nothing special, really.
Vishnal: I've been practicing, but...
Doug: You don't need to cook. It's fine.
Doug: I'm not good at cooking either.
Vishnal: It is not fine!
Vishnal: It could be a serious problem when I'm formally employed as someone's butler!
Doug: Yeah, I guess that's true enough. Can't be a butler if you can't cook.
Vishnal: ...
Doug: What? What is it?
Kiel: You're so insensitive, Doug!
Kiel: It's okay, Vishnal. You can do it if you try hard enough.
Kiel: Don't let anything stupid that a -certain someone- said get you down, okay?
Vishnal: *SNIFFLE* I'll... I'll do my best!
Doug: S-Sorry, Vishnal.
Vishnal: Don't be. My lack of culinary skill is a fact. A challenge to be overcome.
Doug: Yeah, that's the spirit! You suck! No need to let it get to you. No need to cry like a baby!
Vishnal: Doug, just stop! STOP already!
Lest: (You sure don't know when to quit, huh, Doug...)

The lazy trio: (Kiel, Vishnal, and Doug)

Lest: What are you guys talking about?
Doug: Oh, it's you, Lest.
Vishnal: We're neither speaking of nor really doing much of anything.
Kiel: That's right! We're just being lazy.
Lest: Seriously?
Doug: Yep. Wasting time like pros.
Lest: So you're just gathered here... to bask in each other's laziness?
Doug: Pretty much, yeah. We just got together for the hell of it. No real reason.
Vishnal: It is as he says.
Kiel: For some reason or another...
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JunkerFarmer (Hi.)
Post Posted: Jan 13, 2015 5:32 pm 
Anonymous Fish

So I went to the Autumn Harvest Festival a while back, married to Dylas with a child, and a prompt comes up that I've paraphrased...
Leon: If you win, I'll give you anything you like. So, what shall it be?
---> What if it were a kiss?
I don't need anything.

Leon: (shocked) What...? Do you really...want to kiss me?
Frey: Huh?
Leon: (angry) Answer me! Did you really mean what you said?!
Frey: Uh... No, sorry! Just kidding!
Leon: ...
Leon: I knew that. Your response just seemed to get such a raise out of the audience that I figured I'd play along.
Frey: Okay...

Yeah, keep telling yourself that, honey... You seemed pretty serious.
Not only that, but that answer (a kiss) is the correct one! :wink:
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Post Posted: Jan 17, 2015 2:57 pm 
New Seedling
New Seedling

Posts: 1

Doing a run as Frey and trying to get all the scenes with Arthur in them. This one was really cute. It was triggered at 7:45 in the morning when I walked towards the restaurant.

Porcoline: Ah-hah! Ahah, ahAH, AHAH!
Frey: It sounds like there's something going on over there. Let's go take a look.
Frey: I think it's coming from over in Arthur's room.

*Arthur comes running out*

Arthur: Ah! Frey. You have perfect timing.
Frey: Hi, Arthur. What's going on?
Arthur: I'm being chased! Please help!
Frey: What?!
Frey: Wh-what do you need me to do?
*They hide close to the farm*
Arthur: Come a little closer
Frey: Okay...
Arthur: There. Now stay still. That should be perfect.
*Porcoline looks in various directions*
Porcoline: Hrm? He vanished?
Porcoline: He escaped moi despite these lightning-fast legs of mine...?
Porcoline: Grrrr! I must find him!
Porcoline: Ah!! Over there!
Porcoline: Or are you over here?!
Porcoline: Hrmmmmmm...Oh yes! When in doubt, ROULETTE SPIN!!
Porcoline: There you are!!

*Porcoline spins until he hits a wall*

Porcoline: GAAAAH!!
Porcoline: N-not bad...
Porcoline: But I haven't lost yet!
*Porcoline runs off towards the inn*
Arthuer: Whew...
Frey: Uh, Arthur?
Arthur: Yes?
Frey: Y-you're kinda close.
Arthur: Oh, sorry! But if I could beg your indulgence for just a little longer...
Arthur: Look out!
Frey: Huh?
Porcoline: Arthur! Come out and rest already!
*Porcoline runs back from left side and disappears into the right frame*
Arthur: Whew. It seems we have finally lost him.
Frey: Uh, Arthur?
Arthur: Yes?
Frey: What was that all about?
Arthur: Porcoline has decided that I must be forced to rest.
Arthur: I don't see why. I already make certain to sleep at least once every two days.
Frey: Once every two days?
Arthur: Yes.
Arthur: Oh, don't worry. I'm still able to keep up with my work, even at that leisurely a pace.
Frey: Ah, I see.
Frey: ...*SNEAK*...
Arthur: Erm, Frey...?

<Yes? *SMILE*>
Arthur: Wh-what are you doing...?
Frey: Nothing. Why are you moving away, Arthur?
Arthur: Er, for some reason your smile seemed a tad...frightening...
Frey: Oh? Why would you think that?
Arthur: Erm... I-I must be going. Goodbye!!

<Wordlessly take his hand.>
Arthur: *DASH*
Frey: ...
Frey: Hah!
-Arthur dodges-
Arthur: *WHOOSH*
Frey: ...
Frey: Hah!
Frey: ...

<Tackle him.>
*Frey moves in for a hug*
Arthur: ACK!
Frey: Gotcha!
Arthur: Wh-what on earth?! Frey!
Frey: Porcoline was right. You do need rest!
Arthur: Erm...setting that issue to the side for a moment...
Frey: Hmm?
Arthur: Taking stock of this situation from a calm, rational viewpoint, it, er...
Arthur (embarrassed): It seems you are, indeed, very very close.
Frey: That excuse won't get you away from me that easily!
Arthur: Wh-what?! I-it wasn't intended as an excuse...
Frey: Arthur. If I let go, will you take a break?
Arthur: Urk! Don't look up at me like that...(Too cute!)...
Frey: Arthur!
Arthur: A-alright. Do whatever you wish, I give up.
Frey: Good. So will you rest?
Arthur: Yes, I will.
Frey: Great.
Arthur: ...
Arthur: ...It seems I am still very poor at dealing with people, ah...face-to-face.
Frey: Hmm?
Arthur: Nothing.
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Post Posted: Jan 20, 2015 2:51 am 
New Seedling
New Seedling

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Double Kick! (With Dylas, Margaret, and Porcoline):

Dylas: You know, come to think of it, I saw this odd couple hanging out by the restaurant the other day.
Margaret: Really...?
Porcoline: Strange how, exactly?
Dylas: Well, I overheard them talking...
Dylas: Man: "Why don't we eat here?" Woman: "It looks expensive..." Man: "It'll be fine! My treat."
Dylas: Woman: "But... I'd feel bad." Man: "Really, it's my pleasure." Woman: "Can we split the bill?"
Dylas: Man: "I can't let you do that." Woman: "And I can't let you pay!" Man: "But I was the one who..."
Dylas: They just kept going on and on like that. Back and forth, never reaching any conclusion.
Margaret: Is that...
Dylas: I thought, enough is enough...
Dylas: I yelled at them to get the hell inside if they're eating.
Dylas: And then they just ran off.
Margaret: What is WRONG with you?!
Margaret: That's not how you treat customers!
Dylas: OUCH!
Porcoline: (Nice kick, Meg!)

[Received Double Kick.]

Lol, poor Dylas.

Time to close this shop up forever! (Convo between Vishnal and Bado):

Bado: I think it's time to close this store up for good.
Vishnal: N-no! Wait!
Vishnal: You must persevere! Become the most profitable blacksmith in the entire world! Universe, even!
Lest: (What a strange conversation...)

Doug the hard worker: (Doug, Vishnal, and Kiel dialogue):

Doug: I wonder why Granny Blossom is running a general store.
Kiel: What do you mean?
Doug: Well, it's hard work running one of those, you know?
Doug: Yeah.
Doug: Customers, all the time.
Doug: And there's way too much stuff to remember! All this stock and where it goes and how it's used.
Doug: It's such a pain in the « Mr.Gourmet's hat ».
Kiel: But you help her a lot, don't you?
Doug: Huh?!
Vishnal: You're always working so hard whenever you're here. I've never seen you loafing on the job.
Doug: Wha-What?!
Doug: What are you talking about?!
Doug: I'm a total goof-up! I haven't worked hard a day in my life!
Doug: S-Stop making things up!

Back from Wintah break, will be resuming updates on Dolce's marriage daily dialogue.
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Post Posted: Jan 21, 2015 3:23 am 
New Seedling
New Seedling

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Sweet nothings event with Dolce:

Bado: Ah. Perfect timing.
Lest: (...Somehow, I get the feeling this is going to turn out less than perfect for me.)
Bado: Oh, it'll be fine!
Bado: Y'see, the new items I ordered have just come in.
Lest: ...Uh-huh. And they are?
Bado: These aren't your normal, run-of the mill items, so I'm going to need your help.
Lest: Mine?
Lest: Um...I guess I can give you what help I can.
Bado: Great! So go and get your wife, okay?
Lest: Huh? Why?
Bado: I'll give you the details later. Don't take too long, okay?

Talking to Bado again:
Bado: Go and get your wife, okay? I'll be waiting here.

Lest comes up and talks to Dolce.

Dolce: What is it?
Lest: I know that this is sudden, but Bado wants us to come see him.
Dolce: Oh?
Pico: "It's a trap!"
Dolce: Why?
Lest: Uh, he said he'd explain later.
Pico: "Oh my, that's a sign of danger right there!"
Dolce: ...All right. I don't mind.
Pico: "Milady, we must run away while we still have the chance!"
Dolce: Shall we be going?
Pico: "Why are you ignoring me?!"

Scene skips to the Blacksmith Shop.
Bado: Great! You're here.
Lest: So what do you need us to do?
Bado: First, I want you to look at this.
Lest: A...charm of some kind?
Bado: Yes. I threw together a few love charms.
Lest: ...Oh. So they're completed then, right?
Bado: As you can see.
Lest: doesn't look like there's anything left for us to do.
Bado: See, there's the thing. It's a love charm, right?
Bado: But a singleton like me can't put any of that mysterious love power into it.
Lest: "Love power?" Um...
Bado: Pretty charms like this, it'd be a waste if they didn't have some kind of power to make them work.
Bado: So I figured I'd ask you two, the youngest and most in-love couple in town, to give 'em your love.

Lest and Dolce are surprised.
Lest: Wait a minute!
Lest: How do you expect us to put that "love power" stuff you're talking about into anything?
Bado: Hmm...good question.
Bado: Why don't you try whispering sweet nothing to each other while holding the charms?
Lest: (Blushing) You've got to be kidding.
Dolce: ...
Lest: ...What're we going to do?
Dolce: (Blushing) Does he truly expect us to say those words here...?
Lest: Ah ha ha...

----> I'll say them.

Lest: I love you.
Dolce: ...!!
Dolce: ...Unfair.
Dolce: Hearing those words from you makes me want to say them back to you.
Lest: I'd love to hear them.
Dolce: ...Urk.
Dolce: ...
Dolce: I...
Dolce: ...
Dolce: Of course I love you!

Back to Bado.
Bado: Oh, don't worry about it. Think of how happy the customers will be.
Bado: Here, take this as my thanks ahead of your time.
Bado: Good luck!
Lest: (Blushing) ...

Post Event Dialogue:

Talking with Dolce:
Pico: "...*SIIIGH*..."
Dolce: ...Just so you know, I am fond of you, too.
Pico: "What?!"
Pico: "What did you just say?!"
Pico: "I-I didn't hear it. Say it one more time!"
Dolce: Quiet.

Talking with Bado:

Bado: Come again!

And apparently Illuminata bought one of the love charms after the event. The single life must have really gotten to her.
Illuminata: Look, look! This is a love charm!
Illuminata: It's supposed to be really effective, too!
Illuminata: Heh heh! I can't wait to try it out.

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Post Posted: Oct 05, 2015 5:30 pm 
Anonymous Fish

Does anyone have the dialogue from when you're dating Doug and you ask him when he first fell for you and he says something like at first sight? I need it for....reasons... but I don't have a save file I can use right now to find it again. If anyone knows it or is in a position to find it, I'd really appreciate it!!! Please and thank you!!
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Post Posted: Oct 06, 2015 4:19 am 
New Seedling
New Seedling

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Does anyone by any chance know what the dialogue is if you say no to having a child with Leon? I know all the spouses ask you again eventually, so I'm sure none of them are ok with that answer, but I'm curious if any of them get really upset about it. In this case Leon, since I'm thinking of putting it off, although I'm not sure how long it takes for him to ask again. I feel bad upsetting him though :p
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Post Posted: Oct 06, 2015 7:41 pm 
Anonymous Fish

Leon says something like I see...
and then Frey asks him if that was okay/wrong
and he's says how could it be wrong if that's what you want
or something like that, i'm paraphrasing, sorry!
I don't remember him getting particularly upset though.
It's two weeks before they ask again, so not very long at all!
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Post Posted: Oct 12, 2015 3:40 am 
Anonymous Fish

Anonish wrote:
Does anyone have the dialogue from when you're dating Doug and you ask him when he first fell for you and he says something like at first sight? I need it for....reasons... but I don't have a save file I can use right now to find it again. If anyone knows it or is in a position to find it, I'd really appreciate it!!! Please and thank you!!

Are you thinking of Vishnal? You're probably thinking of Vishnal. He says something like that.
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Post Posted: Oct 18, 2015 7:42 pm 
Anonymous Fish

JunkerAnon wrote:
Anonish wrote:
Does anyone have the dialogue from when you're dating Doug and you ask him when he first fell for you and he says something like at first sight? I need it for....reasons... but I don't have a save file I can use right now to find it again. If anyone knows it or is in a position to find it, I'd really appreciate it!!! Please and thank you!!

Are you thinking of Vishnal? You're probably thinking of Vishnal. He says something like that.

I don't think so? I know Doug definitely has a dialogue where you ask him that. I just don't have it right now. Definitely wish there were more than 3 save files.
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