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Post Posted: Jul 11, 2014 8:54 am 
Custodian of Corn
Custodian of Corn

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I deciphered Meg's katakana line during the Fishing Frenzy Contest! It's not very interesting though- "(H/F)uorute" or "Forte."
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Post Posted: Jul 12, 2014 5:56 am 
Custodian of Corn
Custodian of Corn

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Does Ventuswill have anything to say during the Smile Practice event? I've never gotten to see her reaction.
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Anonymous Fish
Post Posted: Jul 15, 2014 5:19 am 
Anonymous Fish

JunkerFarmer wrote:
Does Ventuswill have anything to say during the Smile Practice event? I've never gotten to see her reaction.

Yes, she does. She was one of the first I went to.

Basically, Dylas asks you if talking to Venti about this is actually going to accomplish anything, Lest/Frey agrees and gets ready to leave, while a somewhat confused Venti goes "I'm not sure what's going on here, but I think you're being very rude to me."

Pretty fun, like most of the responses you get in this event. :P
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Post Posted: Jul 15, 2014 5:31 am 
Custodian of Corn
Custodian of Corn

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^Thanks; both of the times I got it, she was either comatose or...y'know..
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Anonymous Fish
Post Posted: Jul 15, 2014 11:32 am 
Anonymous Fish

Dylas and the potted flower
Dylas: Sure seems to like flowers...
Dylas: ...*STARE*...

Dylas and the stuffed toy
Dylas: Plush toy, huh? Hmph...

Vishnal and the potted flower
Vishnal: Are you growing this flower?
Vishnal: It's quite lovely!

Leon and the dice
Leon: Your determination is uncertain. It's like the numbers on that die. One roll could change it.
Leon: You leave your life to chance, going wherever the wind blows, don't you?
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Post Posted: Jul 15, 2014 3:08 pm 
New Seedling
New Seedling

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Bodybuilding exercises with Kiel, Vishnal and Doug:

Vishnal: As a butler, I must be strong enough to protect my master.
Doug: Well, everyone wants to be strong.
Vishnal: Would you happen to have any books that could help me to that end?
Kiel: That's your only criterion? Anything is fine, as long as it helps you get stronger?
Vishnal: Yes! Anything!
Kiel: Well, then how about this book my sister gave me?
Vishnal: "Secrets of Bodybuilding: How to Transform Your Fists Into Iron Weights," huh?
Doug: That sounds... like it might do the trick...
Vishnal: You don't mind if I browse through it a bit, do you?
Kiel: Go ahead.
Vishnal: All right, then. Let's see...
Doug: I wanna see!
Vishnal: ...
Doug: ...
Vishnal: Th-This is...
Doug: You've got to be kidding...
Kiel: Hmm? Something the matter?
Vishnal: Someone wrote 50 sets for this exercise...
Doug: Not only for this one, but for every exercise...
Kiel: Ha ha. You can tell it's the kind of thing my sister would read. Her stamina's amazing.
Doug: That's... not really the point. This is just crazy!
Vishnal: I-I can do this, too!
Doug: No way! Don't you dare! You're going to kill yourself!


Dialogue for Lest when you give cookies to all of the guys on White Day as him. (Chicken Cookie.)

Alphabetical Order. (Not all options dialogue options explored, went with whatever.)

Arthur: Is this...
Arthur: So... how am I to view this?

Three Options:
--->Just a seasonal greeting.
You're special to me.
You just happened to be nearby.

Arthur: Oh, a "friendship cookie," is it?
Arthur: Thank you.

Bado: Hmmm? Is this for me?
Bado: Thanks! I appreciate it.
Bado: Wait, today's White Day.
Bado: Lest, don't tell me you secretly have a crush on me...?

Two Options:
Oh no, you found me out!
--->No, but I WILL crush you!
Bado: Ha ha ha... Well, that joke went over like a lead balloon.

Doug: Thanks!
Doug: I'm stuffed right now, so I'll eat it later.

Dylas: What the heck are you getting at?
Three options:
Hah! Don't you get it?
Think about a minute.
--->I had some left over.
Dylas: Oh, okay. It looks pretty well made. Thanks.

Jones: Oh, thank you.
Jones: Nancy gave me one today too, you know.
Jones: Which is odd, given that today is White Day.

Kiel: Um, what's this?
Lest: Your very own Cookie.
Kiel: For me? From you?
Lest: Yep.
Kiel: Um... why?
Two Options
--->Today is White Day.
Kiel: Oh, okay!
Kiel: Huh? White Day!
Kiel: ...
Kiel: Oh well! What does it matter?
Kiel: Thanks! It looks really yummy!

Leon: Ah, thank you.
Lest: You don't look very happy.
Leon: I'm not looking for one from a gentleman. It's not that kind of day, you know.
Lest: True...
Leon: Or are you perhaps...
Leon: Never mind. I know you aren't. It was just a joke.
Leon: Because otherwise I'd be swinging my fists.

Porcoline: *GASP* Are... are you proposing to me?!
(Lol 5 options, all of them lead to the same result, I think Porco got the message.)
Heck No.
Not even.

Porcoline: Nnnooooo!!!

Vishnal: Thank you!
Vishnal: I don't think it odd for one man to give sweets as a present to another.
Vishnal: After all, sweets are meant to be shared with everyone!
Vishnal: So thank you, Prince. I'm honored you thought to give me some.

Volkanon: Goodness! I was not expecting to receive a gift from you.
Volkanon: It is somewhat the opposite of what is generally done today, but I am very honored.
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Post Posted: Jul 16, 2014 2:56 pm 
New Seedling
New Seedling

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Dolce and the Cute Knitting (First time with Married Dialogue, Fall 29.):
Dolce: Evenings have become quite chilly.
Dolce: Considering how much I dislike the heat, I find this kind of weather is much more to my taste.

Extended dialogue starts here.

Dolce: Oh, yes. Here.
Lest: Hmm?
Dolce: I read about this somewhere. When knitting, this is the first thing one should make.
Dolce: So, I... I practiced with this one.
Lest: Huh? Oh... thank you.
Dolce: ...
Pico: "My. Is it me, or is it feeling a little hot here?"
Lest and Dolce: "...?!"
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Post Posted: Jul 25, 2014 3:39 pm 
Wacky Weed Puller
Wacky Weed Puller

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Christmas Dialogue

Day Before:
Tomorrow is Christmas.
Oh, what a romantic day, when wishes made upon the starry sky come true!
Tomorrow is Christmas.
Isn't it so neat to watch the whole town come out and be all festival-y?
Tomorrow will be Christmas.
It is a day when everyone makes a wish upon the stars in the sky.
It is also a perfect time for a date. Be sure you ask your love today! Tomorrow is too late.
I knew Meg looked more happy than usual today.
It's no wonder. Tomorrow is Christmas.
Brrr! It's cold out today.
I guess winter is come close to an end, huh? Tomorrow's Christmasafter all. [sic]
That legend about making wishes on stars is found in a whole lot of places, strangely enough.
I guess people just like to believe there's someone up there in the heavens.
Tomorrow is Christmas.
There are a whole bunch of legends around this festival. Did you know that?
F: Like what?
M: Well, for one they say that if you make a wish on a star that night, it will be granted.
Christmas is tomorrow.
I wonder if what people are saying about making wishes tomorrow is really true.
I have heard many townsfolk talk about Christmas.
I find the legend associated with it to be rather interesting.
Tomorrow is Christmas.
Legend has it that on this night, if you make a wish on the highest star, it will be granted.
If there's someone you'd like to make a wish with, maybe you could ask them on a date today.
Xiao Pai
Tomorrow is Christmas.
I don't really pray, but I do want to make a wish on the stars.
To wish on a star, you have to look up and look forward, yes? I like that about it.
Lin Fa
I know! Tomorrow, let's have Union Stew.
Tomorrow is Christmas.
Winter air is really clear, so the stars will be really pretty.
I just wish it wasn't so cold!
Tomorrow is Christmas.
Not a fun event for singles, let me tell you.
Don't you dare let your partner feel like this on that day, got it, Frey?
Be sure you ask them on a date, as is proper.
Tomorrow's Christmas.
The day before is one of the shop's busiest days.
Tomorrow is Christmas.
A day like that is perfect to spend with your loved ones.
Oh yes. Tomorrow is...
F: Christmas, right?
D: Yes. So I heard.
People tend to view doctors as practical, realistic people
But personally, I enjoy stories, dreams, and legends.
I'm very much looking forward to tomorrow's Christmas.
Tomorrow is Christmas.
It's a day for making wishes on the stars.
And it's a perfect day for lovers to make wishes together. :lala:
Don't forget to ask your partner on a date, Frey, okay?
I wonder if what Kiel said is true.
Tomorrow is Christmas.
I wonder when it first started.
It's such an odd tradition to say wishes come true if made on a star this night.

Bachelorette Group:
Margaret: Has everyone heard the legend behind this festival?
Clorica: Isn’t it that you will have your wish granted if you wish on the highest star in the sky?
Amber: Really? We can just fly off the tower to find the highest one, then!
Forte: You’re the only one who can fly, Amber.
Xiao Pai: There’s another legend that says making a wish with someone will form an eternal bond, yes?
Pico: “Dolly! Milady! Let’s go right now!”
Dolce: How about I wish to be alone for eternity?
Margaret: Those two are the same as ever, I see.
While it’s very romantic, all this talk about heights gives me the shivers.
Forte: Oh, yes, you were never fond of heights, were you, Meg? Would you like me to stand by you?
Clorica: Oh, dear. And what if the two of you made a wish together then?
Xiao Pai: They’d be bound, I guess…?
Margaret: Ah ha ha! That wouldn’t be so bad. Forte is quite the dashing prince of a knight, after all.
Forte: Was that meant to be a compliment?

Bachelor Group:
Kiel: Hey, have you all heard the legend behind today’s festival?
Arthur: If you wish upon the highest star in the sky, your wish will come true. That’s it…no?
Doug: Yeah. But there was something else to it, too. I just can’t remember what.
Vishnal: Oh, I know! If two people make a wish together, they will be bound for eternity.
Dylas: Doug, stay far away from me when you make your wish. About a million miles or so.
Doug: Oh yeah? Well you stand a billion miles away from me! You got it?!
Leon: So if two men were to make a wish together, they would be friends forever?
Doug: Eesh! This festival is way more dangerous than I’d thought!
Kiel: Well, I think it’s romantic.

Villager Lines:
Hmm...What should I wish for?
Today is the day when everyone in the world watches the sky.
Ho ho ho!
I hope that everyone's wishes will come true.
Select—> Me too.<
Miss Frey...!
Miss Frey!!!!
Select—> What about your wish?<
I will be satisfied if everyone can live happily and peacefully.
Everyone will be in high spirits, so someone needs to be sure they keep it within reason.
... Though that leads to the very false rumor that I don't enjoy the day as well myself.
Brr, it's cold!
But with the air this clear, it makes it even easier to see how pretty the stars are.
I can't really think of anything to wish for, myself.
Yeah, I want to make easy money, but thinking up crazy ways to do that is too much fun.
So, you gonna make a wish?
I wonder what kind of wishes everyone's made...
Wishes, eh? I only have one.
Frey, have you decided upon your wish?
There is no hurry if you have not yet. We still have plenty of time until evening.
Hmm...what should I wish for?
OOH! I know! I wish to eat my fill of this and that and that and this and that...
Xiao Pai
Brr! It's cold.
But the air is fresh and clear. We should be able to see the stars well tonight, yes?
Lin Fa
All of our customers came to watch the stars today.
I should make sure they have something warm to eat so they don't get too cold outside.
Brrr! It's c-c-cold!
Wishes, eh...?
Maybe that special someone will finally come along...
Wishes, eh?
Hmm. What should I wish for?
Is there anyone in particular you want to spend the day with?
A day for wishes, huh?
I think I can understand why people would want to make a wish.
Today is Christmas.
I think taking a fresh look at your dreams and wishes is a good thing.
It's easy to get caught up in the everyday bustle and lose sight of your goals.
Today is the day! Christmas is finally here.
I've already decided what I'm going to wish for.
I'm going to wish for my family to always live happily together.
Well then, now what?
Hmm, perhaps I shall try making a wish as you mortals do.

I know! I'll wish to become an elite butler!
Look at all the pretty stars up there, glittering like gems.
I wonder how many there are?
Have you made your wish?
What a lovely sky tonight.
...Well then, shall we return to our patrol?
We need to make certain that everyone else can enjoy the stars in peace.
I bet everyone is looking up at the sky tonight.
That's a little miracle in its own right, I think.
There were lots of pretty stars up in the sky, but I didn't make a wish on any of them.
I do have my dreams, but I'm not one to go asking someone just to hand them to me.
Making my dream come true with my own hands is way more fun.
Oh my! It's so beautiful! I hardly have the words to describe it!
The sky looks really nice. I like nights like these.
My, I can't remember the last time I spent a leisurely evening looking at the stars.
Truly, the sky is very lovely tonight.
What a perfectly pretty sky. Now would be the time to make a wish.
May Frey and I be bound together for eternity...
Xiao Pai
It seems everyone is enjoying the stars tonight.
Lin Fa
Frey, did you make a wish?
Select—> Yes.<
Select—> It's a secret!<
Select—> I wished for--<
Oh! That's right. You're not supposed to tell others what you wished for.
Wishes are things you keep close to your heart, after all.
(Same response regardless of choice)
I j-just wanted to m-make a wish on the s-s-stars!
B-but it's too c-c-cold up here!
I hope next year will be a happy and healthy one for everybody.
Oh, hello, Frey.
That dolt Pico has flown off to the top of the sky by now, I bet.
She said she was going to reach the highest point in the sky and make her wish before anyone.
Hmph. I have no idea why she would be so excited about this silly stuff.
Frey, did you make a wish?
Select—> I wished for a unicorn.<
I hope it comes true.
Select—> Did you?<
I think I'll keep that a secret.
F: Yeah. They do say if you tell someone, it won't come true.
J: No, it's not that.
It's just something I'm a little self-conscious about.
Today is the day! Christmas is finally here.
I've already decided what I'm going to wish for.
I'm going to wish for my family to always live happily together.
It's rather chilly out, today.
Don't let yourself get carried away by the festival. It wouldn't do for you to catch cold.
F: What did you wish for?
V: What meaning would there be in telling you?
F: Aww, you won't tell?
V: O-of course I won't!

Christmas Dates with Bachelors

Would you like to come with me and make a wish on the stars tomorrow?
I can't wait to enjoy the stars together with you.
Select—> I'm sorry.<
...I see.
Well, that's unfortunate.

F: The observatory certainly lives up to the rumors. It's...high.
And scary at night.
V: ...
F: What are you doing?
V: Even if one climbs up as high as can be, he still can't touch the stars. *SIGH*
F: They're a lot higher up than that.
V: Oh, I realize that.
But...if I just try...a little harder...!
F: You can't. And probably shouldn't.
V: Well, then let's worry about the stars later. For now, what say we make a wish?
F: Sounds good.
V: ...
F: ...
V: Mm...
Select—> What did you wish for?<
V: I wished I could be with you forever.
F: ...
V: I know it's going to come true anyway...but just in case, I felt it couldn't hurt to make a wish.
F: It's...going to come true?
V: It will. I'll never leave you, Frey. Not now, not ever.
I'll always stay by your side.
F: Thank you...
Select—> Did you make a wish?<
V: I did. How about you, Frey?
—> Select—> I did too.<<
V: I you did make a wish.
F: ...What? Is something wrong?
V: No, it's... nothing. Never mind.
(I made a wish with her at the tower. If the legend is true, it means...we'll...)

F: Vishnal?
V: ...?!
F: Are you okay?
V: S-sorry! I was lost in thought.
—> Select—> I want for nothing!<<
V: What?!
F: Hmm?
Did I say something I shouldn't?
V:, nothing like that.
I wanted us to make wishes here...together...

I hope both our wishes will be granted.

Oh yeah!
Hey, Frey, have you heard the legend behind Christmas?
Come with me tomorrow and I'll tell you all about it.
Select—> Yes.<
Tomorrow's going to be lots of fun. You won't regret it, I promise!
Select—> I'm sorry.<
Oh, that's too bad.

K: Wow!
Look, Frey! Look at all the stars!
F: No kidding...
K: Ooh, you see that one?
That yellow star over there? That's called a wishing star!
Select—> Where? I don't see it!<
K: Right there! Look, look!
F: Umm...
K: You don't see it?
F: No, I don't.
K: ...Okay. Here.
F: Wha?! H-hey, Kiel...!
K: Now we're watching the sky from the same angle. Much better, right?
F: Um...but, our cheeks are touching...
K: Never mind that. Look! You can see it now, right?
F: ...Y-yeah.
Select—> A wishing star?<
K: Yeah.
Least, that's what I hear people are calling them these days.
F: I see...
K: ...And I made a wish upon that star, you know.
I wished I could be with you forever.
F: Huh...?

K: Hey, Frey?
Do you still want to be with me forever?
Select—> Absolutely.<
K: I'm glad to hear it.
Select—> Not really.<
K: You don't...?
F: I don't really think we can just promise to stay together "forever" and leave it at that.
If we want to stay together, we should make an effort to that end and just...see what happens.
So how about instead of just saying the words, we both work together to make sure it happens?
...That's the way I see it, anyway.
K: Hmm. Interesting.

K: ...Oh, hey!
Come to think of it, I promised you, didn't I?
F: You...promised me? Promised me what, exactly?
K: I promised you if you came here with me, I'd tell you something.
F: Oh, yeah, I guess you did.
K: Well, then tell you something I shall!
Namely, that today is the day our wishes come true. Whatever we wish for, upon the heavens...
F: Huh?
K: I sure hope our wishes both come true, Frey! :lala:

I wonder if the legend is true.
If it is, then the two of us will get to be together forever. :lala:

Hey, Frey? About tomorrow...
Would you want to go make a wish on the stars with me? Only if you want.
Select—> Yes.<
Really? Great!
Select—> I'm sorry.<

D: The sky is so clear today.
F: ...Yeah, it is.
D: We can make wishes, if you want.
F: Sounds good.
D: ...
F: So what did you wish for?
D: N-nothing big.
How about you?
Select—> My for you.<
D: Wha?! For m-m-me?!
...I may not know what exactly you wished for...
...but I really hope we wished for the same thing.
Select—> It's a secret.<
D: Rrng... Man, not knowing is really going to bother me!
Well, fine. Mine's a secret too, then!
It's actually really embarrassing. Hard to bring myself to say it...
Select—> Oh, come on, just tell me!<
D: ...
...Don't laugh, okay?
F: I won't.
D: There is one thing I really want, more than anything else in the whole world.
F: And what would that be?
D: ...To spend more time... with you.

I've had some more unforgettable memories tonight.

By the way, have you finalized your schedule for tomorrow?
If you happen to have some time, I would like for you to join me for a bit.
Select—> Yes.<
Oh good. Well then, I shall see you tomorrow.
Select—> I'm sorry.<
I see. How unfortunate. I guess I shall wait for a more opportune time to ask again.

A: We can see the stars better from here.
Or perhaps they simply look better due to present company...
F: Huh...?
A: Come to think of it, today is the day that wishes are said to come true...
Since we've come all this way, we shouldn't miss our chance to send out wishes of our own.
F: Oh...yeah, that's true.
A: Come, then. Let's make a wish.
(...) bubbles from both
A: ...
F: Darling, you have a very stern expression on your face.
A: I'm a stern man.
And I also take this very seriously. The power of charms... should never be underestimated.
When I'm traveling around the world on business, I meet many people from many regions.
Each with his own beliefs and his own stylings.
Learning the charms and rituals of different regions helps me understand the world better.
Sending wishes to the stars, for example, motivates us to face whatever the future may hold.
And that tells me the people who believe in such a charm most likely have positive outlooks.
F: I see...
A: But simply practicing a charm in passing won't do at all. The tradition must be respected.
To be trusted, you need to trust.
To trust, you need to be trusted.
You taught me that.
So I firmly believe, with all my heart, that the wish I make here today will come true.
F: Arthur...
Select—> I hope it does.<
A: Thank you.
If you're on my side, then I'm ever more certain that my wish will be granted.
Select—> What is your wish?<
A: To be able to see the stars here next year as well...and again, with you by my side.

F: What...?
A: I want us to stay like this always, Frey.
F: Oh. O-okay...
A: ...Haha.

Thank you, Frey.
I am very glad I had the chance to watch the stars with you.

That's where you come in, Frey.
F: Do you need me to help out?
D: No, that part's fine.
I want you to come watch the stars with me.
Select—> Yes.<
F: Wait, so you just need me as an excuse to skip work?
D: Well sorta, but not really. When you get down to it, I really just wanna hang out.
F: With who?
D: ...Are you seriously asking that?
F: ...?
D: Anyway! Tomorrow! Stars! Got it?
Select—> I'm sorry.<

D: Aww, come on, you don't have to be such an ice queen about it!
F: Well, that kind of kills the mood in here...
D: Ehh, that's just how I roll.
Besides, if I were trying to be nice all the time, you'd think something was wrong with me!
F: Absolutely.
D: Hey! ...You could've at least hesitated before answering...
F: You started it.
D: *SIGH* Anyway, let's make some wishes!
We can't miss this chance or we'll have to wait till next year!
F: Good call.
D: ...
F: ...
D: All right.
Select—> So what did you wish for?<
D: I don't want to jinx it, so my lips are sealed!
F: Admit it. You're just too bashful to reveal your innermost desires!
D: Could easy be. But either way, I ain't saying a thing!
Select—> May our wishes come true.<
D: Yeah, I really hope they do.
Actually, maybe mine already has.
F: What do you mean?
D: ...Never mind.
F: You're acting a little peculiar today, you know that?

I hope everyone's wishes come true.

Ah, it's you.
...All right.
Come with me, tomorrow.
Select—> Yes.<
Then that is what we'll do.
Select—> I'm sorry.<
I see.
Well, I guess I'll spend tomorrow relaxing alone.

L: Nice view, isn’t it?
F: Yeah, it really is.
L: …Kiel spoke of a legend held within this town.
He said that today was the day we could make wishes upon a star, and those wishes would come true.
Perhaps we two should both make wishes here, under this veil of stars…
F: Sure. It would be a shame to miss this chance, after all.
F: (...) bubble
L: What did you wish for?

Select —> For everyone to be happy.<
L: Mm. That’s a very nice sentiment. And…very you.
I could never wish for such a thing, myself.
F: What do you mean?
L: Exactly what I said.
You and I think differently, and it never would’ve dawned on me to make such a wish. It’s lovely.
F: O-oh…
Select —> To stay with you forever.<
L: Hmmm…
Interesting. Interesting indeed.
F: You sound pleased.
L: I am. Very much.
F: …
L: Are you blushing? You didn’t hesitate to give me your answer, so why now?
F: …N-no reason…
Select —> Doesn’t concern you.<
L: ...
F: What’s wrong?
L: Oh, nothing. I was just taken aback for a moment. But your answer is fair enough.
F: …?

F: So what did you wish for, Leon?
L: Oh, you want to know, do you?
F: I do. It’s only fair, after all.
L: And why’s that?
F: Because…you heard my wish, right?
L: I only wanted to know the contents of my own.
F: …Huh?!
L: “May your wish come true.”
That was my wish.
F: …!
L: If the legend is to be believed, then I may have just increased your chances.
…So, shall we go?
F: Ah…

I hope your wish comes true.
F: Yours, too.
L: ...

Winter Harvest Festival Dialogue

Day Before:
Tomorrow is this year’s last Winter Harvest Festival.
Who will be the final winner?
I’m thinking really hard on what I’m going to do for my showcase during the Winter Harvest Festival.
If possible, I’d like to win at least the last event of the year.
Tomorrow will be the Winter Harvest Festival
If you are aiming to win, you will have to give it your all!
My mom would always tell me one thing when we raised our crops.
She said that when raising a thing, love was the strongest weapon we could use.
Are you ready for tomorrow, Frey?
See, the Winter Harvest Festival is tomorrow! ♪
The Winter Harvest Festival is tomorrow.
What should I take this year?
The Winter Harvest Festival is tomorrow.
This time I think I’ve got it. Do you think you can beat me?
The Winter Harvest Festival is tomorrow.
I’m better at cooking them than raising them.
Ah, the Winter Harvest Festival is tomorrow already.
It’s time to begin planning.
Tomorrow is the Winter Harvest Festival.
I’m so nervous I’m not even hungry! *MUNCH* *MUNCH*
Xiao Pai
Tomorrow is the Winter Harvest Festival.
I completely forgot, but it seems Leon was nice enough to remind me.
Lin Fa
Tomorrow is the Winter Harvest Festival.
People usually think of winter veggies as plain.
But they’re very hearty!
What should I pick for tomorrow?
This time I’ll give it my all!
Just you wait until tomorrow!
Tomorrow’s the Winter Harvest Festival.
This’ll be the last time I raise veggies this year.
Tomorrow is the Winter Harvest Festival.
I’ve been raising my vegetable all month just for today’s festival and it looks splendid.
The Winter Harvest Festival
Maybe I’ll just enter this one.
Tomorrow is the Winter Harvest Festival.
Now, which vegetable shall I take?
I have to get a vegetable ready for the Winter Harvest Festival.
Now, to choose which vegetable to showcase! Which vegetable… Which…precious…preeecious...
Oh yes. The Winter Harvest Festival is tomorrow.
I’d forgotten, myself. But then Xiao Pai reminded me.
Tomorrow is the Winter Harvest Festival.
Have you prepared yourself, Frey?

Bachelorette Group:
Margaret: You know, if we’re going to have all these festivals, I’d like a Music Festival someday.
Xiao Pai: What would we do?
Margaret: Everyone would practice with their favorite instrument, and then we could have a recital!
Clorica: That sounds like fun.
Forte: Hmm. What about a martial arts tournament?
Xiao Pai: And what would we do for that?
Forte: Everyone could test their combat skills and check the fruits of their training!
Xiao Pai: Next!
Forte: Hey!
Amber: A flower festival would be really neat!
Xiao Pai: What would we do for that one?
Amber: We could all watch the pretty flowers! And then give them some water!
Margaret: That sounds lovely. Let’s do that sometime.
Amber: Yeah!
Xiao Pai: You really want to do that?
Pico: “How about a Dolly Festival?”
Dolce: No.
Pico: “Aww. So fast!”

Bachelor Group:
Doug: If we’ve gotta go through all these festivals, how about we have one for napping?
Arthur: What would anyone do in such a festival?
Doug: Kick back, relax and nap, that’s what!
Kiel: That does sound relaxing… though pointless.
Vishnal: Clorica would win every year.
Kiel: But as long as we’re inventing festivals, I’d like a bath festival!
Doug: What would you do in that?
Kiel: See who could relax in the bath the longest!
Arthur: These hardly seem like proper festivals at all.
Dylas: I’d happily take part in a Beat Doug Senseless Festival.
Doug: That’s run at the same time as the Beat Dylas Senseless Festival!
Leon: How about a Princess Frey Festival?
Frey: Wha?!
Doug: What would that be about?
Leon: Hmm, good question. What would you like for it to be about? ♪
Frey: Umm…

Villager Lines:
Heh heh. To be honest, I have been secretly raising the perfect vegetable!
The last victory of the year is practically mine already!
I’m going to give it my best!
Ho ho ho!
Everyone seems quite excited for this year’s competition.
I have heard that there exist weapons in the form of plants.
My ultimate goal is to create one of those.
Frey: Eesh. What kind of vegetable does she think she can raise?
This is the veggie I raised for it. Isn’t she cute?
C’mon, look closer. Closer!
Frey: Um…I think that’s a little TOO close.
The Winter Harvest Festival is today.
When you think of winter veggies, Hot-Hot Fruit is the first thing that comes to mind.
But what do I wanna do...
Ack, I-I can’t do it! I’m too nervous!
Everyone has some pretty tasty-looking veggies.
That one would probably be best cooked this way. And that one would be better like...
It seems plants do indeed respond when spoken to.
I can hardly wait to see my results.
Lots and lots of lovely veggies!
Frey: Yep.
P: I can’t eat them, can I?
F: Nope.
Xiao Pai
Every time the Winter Harvest Festival comes around, you should give thanks to your crops.
After all, they tried as hard as they could to grow for us in this cold weather, yes?
It’s only right to be thankful for that.
Lin Fa
I think it’s a person’s kindness that helps veggies grow.
When farming, it’s better to be more thoughtful than skilled.
Or hungry, perhaps. …Possibly. Maybe.
I saw a cluckadoodle and told Ellie its chickeny legs reminded me of hers.
But then she got super mad at me. I wonder why?
The time has come for me to take my rightful place as victor in the Winter Harvest Festival!
Ugh, I so don’t feel like dealing with a showcase. But it’s the last one of the year…
I guess I’ll wing it.
Have you decided on what you will do for your showcase?
You have to be ready if you want to win.
Hmph. I wonder how everyone can spend so much time fawning over a stupid vegetable.
Pico: “Says the girl who spends every day cooing over her vege—“
D: I was not cooing. Sometimes I just talk to myself.
This morning, my kitchen table was laden with lots of winter vegetables.
Winter vegetables tend to be sweet and tasty.
There aren’t that many winter vegetables to pick from.
But trying to create the best out of a limited pool is an exciting challenge!
Raising something yourself does foster a sense of attachment to it.
Me? Of course I’m looking forward to it.
You are renting a very large field from me, after all.
It would be unexpected for you to lose.

Drat! I didn’t win.
Oh dear. I spoke so loudly during my showcase, my throat is all sore.
This will be our last chance to watch everyone compete.
Love can be a weapon.
Thus, one day, this vegetable may also become a weapon.
Frey: She’s serious…
I guess that’s it for this year’s festival.
I’m gonna try harder next year.
Yeah, that was a pretty fun festival.
People should always take on contests like that with everything they’ve got.
Raising a vegetable is pretty hard. But it can be a lot of fun, too.
I have an idea. How about we cook the winning veggies and make a feast for everyone?
I’ll whip up my best recipe.
It was nice to see so many wonderful vegetables today.
The presentations were well done as well. I am looking forward to the next festival already.
…Next time, I think I’ll apply to be a judge for this festival.
Xiao Pai
Thank you for the food! That was delicious!
Those are very nice words, yes? Good to remember.
Lin Fa
That was a fun festival. ♪
Well done, giving your showcase out in this chilly weather.
Ellie’s legs really do remind me of a cluckadoodle’s! They’re so cute and thin!
Maybe she wants to be reminded of meatier legs. What do you think she’d say if I said they’re like Orc legs?
Waaait a minute…
How did it turn out that way again?
Weird. How come I didn’t win?
Oh, shoot. It looks like I let victory get away from me yet again!
I guess I will just have to work harder to get it next time.
Good job, today.
Pico: “Dolly, are you depressed you didn’t win today’s festival?”
D: No way.
Vegetables that can grow in winter are a hardy breed.
I think strong, determined things like that are excellent indeed.
I wasn’t able to win, but I did what I came to do.
Though I have to admit, I’m a little disappointed I didn’t win.
I fully intend to savor the vegetable I raised.
And next year, this seed will bring me another plant.
It’s pleasing to hear everyone talking and laughing so loudly.

New Year Dialogue

Winter 26:
Well, the year is almost over.
F: Yeah. It’s hard to believe it’s been an entire year.
V: Next year, I resolve to train EVEN HARDER to become an elite butler!
Select—> Good luck!<
Thank you. I appreciate it.
Select—> Just give up already.<
What?! How can you say that?!
How quickly time passes. It will not be long before the new year is upon us.
F: Yeah. This year went by pretty fast.
V: Which we may say only because we passed it in health and good cheer.
F: That’s true.
I’ll make sure we can all say the same thing next year, too!
V: That’s the spirit!
The year will be ending soon.
It’s time to look back on the past year and set our goals for the next.
Spring is on its way!
I guess I won’t be able to bury myself under my quilts and read by lamplight any more.
Looks like it’s almost time for the big end of the year sale.
Though somehow, I think if I display everything I have left, Forte’s gonna get mad at me.
Still, I’ve got all this stuff! I can’t help it if it all blocks the road.
The year’s almost over.
Time for some new year cleaning, I guess.
The year’s almost over.
F: Yeah.
P: Looking back, this past year was filled with fantastically fun times.
You and moi, playing tag in the waves of the beach…
You and moi, cuddling closely together in the gently falling snow…
You and moi…wait, where did you go!?
Xiao Pai
The grand Year End Accounting is coming soon.
It seems I have yet again broken the dish-breaking record.
I’ll do better next year.
Lin Fa
The year is almost over.
The inn is so busy these days! Both Xiao Pai and I will have to do our best!
It’s the end of the year!
Just thinking that the weather will warm up soon makes me so happy I can’t stay still!
…But then I remember it’s cold and I don’t wanna get up.
I’ll be solving as many mysteries as I can next year, too!
Pico: “Spring is on its way.”
“And then will come the season in which I am accused of being suffocating day after day.”
“…But it isn’t so bad.”
D: Oh, you’re always unbearably suffocating.
The end of the year is approaching.
We should reflect on this past year so we can be ready for the next.
I hope my family and friends are happy and healthy for another year.
The last day of the year will be here soon.
There’s a little tradition of mine. I like to make wishes for the next year.
Usually I wish for the continued happiness and health of my family and friends.
The end of the year is coming.
I wonder who decided upon the length of a year.
I must admit, I find joy in the thought of crossing from one year to the next.

Winter 29:
There is only one more day left to this year.
I’ve got so many things I have yet to do.
But I will not let that get me down. I’m going to keep trying until the very last day!
This year will be ending soon.
So many fun things happened, it feels like it went by too fast.
The end of the year is upon us. It was quite the eventful one too, Miss Frey.
But I must say, watching you grow so splendidly has been the highlight of the entire year.
Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve. The end of the year is upon us.
I think it might be all right to cut loose a little for at least one day a year.
The new year will be here soon.
It’s funny. A year seems like a long time at the beginning, but at the end it feels so short!
New Year’s Eve is tomorrow.
Not much left to this year.
This year will be ending soon.
It was a fun year, don’t you think? ♪
Tomorrow’s the end of the year. Guess I should clean up a little.
Tomorrow’s the last day of the year.
As expected, this is a very busy time. Even I’m not sure if I can handle everything.
The end of the year is here. Looking back, there were so many wonderful, memorable things…
Like when you and I did you-know-what… Oh, Frey! Hee hee!
Frey: No, I DON’T know!!!
Xiao Pai
Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve.
Well? I’ve grown, yes?
Select—> Yep!<
Thanks! I didn’t expect to hear such a nice answer.
Ha ha…I think I’m blushing, yes?
Select—> *Bitter Smile*<
I see. So you want to be slapped, yes?
Lin Fa
Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve.
I wonder if Papa will come home again this year.
There’s something I’ve thought about for a long time.
An ending is when something stops, right?
So what stops when a year ends?
Once again, the year is over.
It felt long, and yet it flew by.
*SIGH* I don’t feel like doing anything.
Looks like the year’s almost up.
A lot happened this year, eh?
It looks like yet another year will be ending soon.
I hope I will be able to greet many more new years.
Select—> I’m sure you will!<
You think so?
Well if you say so, then I’m sure I will.
Thank you.
Select—> ...<
Does my health look that precarious to you?
Frey: Well, I’m not sure…
B: Oh, you’re not sure?
Goodness, I guess I got worried over nothing, then.
Select—> Who knows…?<
Goodness, Frey!
At times like this a simple “you will be fine,” goes a long way, even if it’s just a white lie.
That was rather uncaring of you.
Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve.
Pico: “It looks like I won’t have to face the new year all by myself this time.”
D: Yeah.
…I’m sorry for all the things I’ve done to you.
P: “The things you say, my pretty Dolly! And a Happy New Year to you, too."
Tomorrow is the last day of the year.
But it doesn’t mean there has to be any drastic changes.
It’s just the sum of many single days, one after the other.
Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve.
There isn’t much of this year left.
Tomorrow marks the end of the year.
The days and nights really do fly by.
But anyway, may you have a happy new year.
Is there something you have yet to do?
After all, tomorrow marks the end of this year.

Bachelorette Group on New Year’s Eve:
Clorica: Here, everyone. Have some nice, hot tea.
Margaret: Oh, it smells lovely! Thank you, Clorica.
Amber: Mm! Looks yummy! ♪
Clorica: And here’s yours, Frey.
Frey: Thanks.
Forte: Ow! That’s hot.
Clorica: Oh dear! I’m sorry. Are you okay?
Forte: Yes, I’m fine. A little burn on the tongue is nothing to a knight.
Xiao Pai: So why the tears?
Pico: “Dolly, Dolly! Let me blow on it for you.”
Dolce: No.
Margaret: Whew! I wrote a lot of music this year!
Clorica: And I slept a lot!
Forte: I trained hard all year.
Xiao Pai: And I broke more plates than ever...
Pico: “Dolly, your year was wonderfully filled with me! Right? Right?!”
Dolce: Get away from me.
Amber: Hmmm…I had a full year, too, but I don’t know of what.
Margaret: Oh well. Don’t worry about it.
Clorica: How was your year, Frey?

Select—> Full of farming.<
Clorica: Ooh, it was, wasn’t it? ♪
Margaret: Yeah. Working the land suits you well.
Amber: Yep! You were always covered in dirt!
Clorica: Don’t you think that’s neat too, Dolce?
Dolce: It doesn’t sound bad.
Pico: “Grr…!”
“Frey should just go and marry that field already.”
Forte: And I’ll be counting on you again next year, Frey.
Select—> Full of adventures.<
Forte: Strengthening the mind and body through training is a good thing.
Xiao Pai: Hmm? Frey does seem meatier now, yes.
Margaret: Really? …*STAAARE*…
Xiao Pai: See? Here…and here…
Pico: “Milady is wonderful here and here, too!”
Dolce: Off.
Clorica: Ooh, and look there! ♪
Margaret: I see! I see!
Frey: Um…can you all stop now? Please? This is embarrassing.
Select—> Full of love…I guess.<
Margaret: Oh my goodness!
Xiao Pai: Wow.
Clorica: *SQUEE*
Forte: Wh-wh-wh-wh-what…?!
Amber: Tee hee! Everyone looks like they’re having lots of fun! ♪
Pico: “Well, you can’t have my Dolly!”
Dolce: Stop clinging! I can barely hear what they’re saying.

Bachelor Group on New Year’s Eve:
Vishnal: Here, everyone. Please help yourselves to a warm drink.
Kiel: Ooh, thanks, Vishnal! ♪
Leon: That’s thoughtful of you.
Dylas: Careful, Doug. It’s hot.
Doug: Thanks.
Dylas: …Wait, did I really just—?!
Vishnal: Here you go, Princess.
Frey: Thanks.
Doug: Arthur, here. Have some.
Hmm? What’re you doing?
Arthur: I am re-confirming my schedule for next year.
Doug: You’re working? Seriously? C’mon!
Vishnal: Goodness, that looks like a very full schedule.
Dylas: It’s a holiday. You should take a break.
Kiel: But y’know, I think if he tried to take a break, he might just collapse.
Dylas: You might just be right, Kiel!
Leon: Well, Arthur is quite the workaholic.
Doug: Man, it’s New Year’s Eve! Can’t you lay off the work for one day?
Vishnal’s too nice to nag you about it, but he made some good stuff. You oughta try it.
Dylas: Who are you calling a nag?!
Doug: Huh?
Vishnal: N-no, no! It’s all right, Arthur. I wouldn’t want to bother you.
Arthur: …*THUNK*…
Vishnal: Oh!
Doug: Hmm?
Kiel: Huh?
Arthur: You have a point, Doug. I think I’ll take today off.
Doug: You will?
Kiel: Oh my gosh! Arthur’s taking a break!
Dylas: Are you sure you’re not sick?
Arthur: No, I’m not.
May I have a cup too, Vishnal?
Vishnal: Of course!

New Year’s Eve:
I’m going to train even harder next year!
Thank you for everything you’ve done for me this past year.
I hope next year will be just as wonderful as this year has been.
Your presence in this town has been very heartwarming.
Congratulations on a busy but fruitful year.
At this time of year, you must ask yourself, would the me of last year be proud of me now?
If you can say yes, then that’s proof positive that you’ve grown.
Today is New Year’s Eve! I’ve already made my resolution for the new year.
I resolved to be as honest and forthright as I was last year!
Man, my shop sure buried the needle in the red this year!
Trying to make up the difference through odd jobs was tough!
Select—> “Odd jobs”?<
Yeah. I have some old connections who send over some good, quick jobs every now and again.
Most of them just involve me putting on armor and standing in one spot for a few hours, though.
Select—> Time to shift priorities?<
Nah, I don’t think so.
It’s my dream to find an easy way to make money selling things, after all.
Working toward that is fun, really. It doesn’t feel like “work” at all.
The end of the year will be here soon.
Let’s all make more great memories together next year, too.
Just because the year’s ending doesn’t mean anything’s changing.
Though I guess it’s a good time to look back on things.
My work for the year has wrapped up quite nicely.
Now, how shall I spend all this free time?
The end of the year is here. You’ve taken such good care of me.
Thank you.
For marrying moi.
Frey: Did not!!!
Xiao Pai
Oh, it is New Year’s Eve. It seems this year is over.
You tried your hardest at a lot of things, yes? I know. I saw.
Lin Fa
Well, today is the last day of the year.
I know we say this every year, but let’s do our best next year!
Right, Frey?
Once something stops, there’s no going back, right?
So even though time is always moving, it’s stopped?
It’s a mystery.
The more goals you have the better!
Frey: …?
I: New year’s resolutions, of course!
Make lots of goals and give lots of effort!
Then you’ll learn to trust yourself.
And that leads to confidence!
So next year I’m going to find and solve even more mysteries!
And the name of the Great Detective will be known across the world!
Looks like this is the end of this year.
Happy New Year!
I hope everyone will have a happy and healthy new year.
Well…it is the end of the year. We better tidy things up before the new year begins.
D: There. One great big annoyance off my mind.
Tomorrow the new year will begin.
I tend not to make new year’s resolutions.
I would rather focus on what I can do now, rather than what I should do later.
I’d better start thinking about my new year’s resolution.
Unlike Jones, I’ve never been very good at sitting still and thinking over a lot of things.
There are so many things I’m going to have to think about!
Thank you.
It’s thanks to you that I can cross the threshold of another year.
Ha ha…I know. Not the type of thing for me to say, is it?
But anyway, may you have a happy new year.
And so another year comes to an end.
To me, a single year is a very short time. What about you?
The span of a single mortal’s life is startlingly short.
Be sure to live yours without regrets.

Bachelorette Group on Spring 1:
Clorica: Happy New Year, everyone.
Forte: Yes. Happy New Year.
Margaret: Happy New Year!
Xiao Pai: May everyone’s New Year be happy.
Amber: Hap-py New Yeeeear! Hap-py New Yeeeear!
Dolce: Happy New Year.
Pico: “Oh, milady! Any year with you is a happy year.”
Dolce: I didn’t mean it for you.
Pico: “And like every year, you are cold from the very beginning.”
Margaret: Ah ha ha ha!
Clorica: Hee hee! Those two get along so well.

Bachelor Group on Spring 1:
Doug: Hey guys! Happy New Year!
Frey: Happy New Year!
Vishnal: Have a great year!
Kiel: Happy New Year!
Arthur: A Happy New Year to you all.
Leon: Happy New Year.
Dylas: Yeah. Happy New Year.
Doug: That’s okay. I don’t need one from you.
Dylas: Shaddup! I wasn’t talking to you!
Leon: There they go again, right from the first day of the year.
Arthur: And so a little piece of the old year carries over into the new. Nothing wrong with that.

Gift Money:
Ahh, Miss Frey!
Here. A small New Year’s allowance for you. (Received 5000G)
Happy New Year.
Here. Your New Year’s allowance.
Frey: Thanks!
B: You’re welcome. Gotta invest my capital in the right spots, y’know?
F: Huh? (Received 3G)
Frey. May I see your hand?
Frey: Hmm? Sure. (Received 4649G)
Lin Fa
Frey, Happy New Year.
Frey: Happy New Year to you, too.
L: Here. I have some New Year’s gift money for you. (Received 5000G)
Here, Frey. A present for you—but you have to deduce what it is, first!
Select—> New Year’s gift money?<
Wha?! You got it in one guess?
When did you become that great of a detective?!
Select—> Candy?<
BZZT! Incorrect!
The real name of the culprit is “New Year’s gift money!”
(Received 2000G)
Here. I have some new year’s gift money for you.
Frey: Oh, you don’t have to!
B: But I want to. Go on, take it.
Youngsters should be happy when their elders do nice things for them. (Received 3000G)
Frey, Happy New Year.
Frey: Happy New Year to you as well!
J: I have some new year’s gift money for you. Here. (Received 3000G)
Frey, Happy New Year.
Here. Your yearly allowance.
Frey: Thanks! ♪ (Received 3000G)
Here. Is some New Year’s gift money for you.
Accept it gratefully, now. (Received 3000G)

Spring 1:
Happy New Year!
As of today, we shall turn over a new leaf!
Everything is new and fresh! Let’s give it all our very best!
Happy New Year!
Have you decided on a resolution for this year?
I’ve resolved to nap at least two more times per day.
A splendid New Year to you!
I hope this year will be just as marvelous as last year.
Frey: Me too!
Happy New Year, Frey.
May this new year be as good as the last.
Happy New Year, Frey!
Frey: And a Happy New Year to you, too, Kiel.
K: Hey, did you know that in some countries they say “Happy Ending” even though it’s the first day?
They used to fast on the last day of the year, so New Year’s is for celebrating the end of the fast.
Select—> Really?<
Who knows? I just read it in a book somewhere.
But if everybody’s okay with it and happy, then I don’t think the gods will mind.
Select—> What country does that?<
I don’t know where it’s done, but fasting was their way of greeting the gods for the New Year.
I read the fasting custom stopped a long time ago, but the phrase “Happy Ending” is still used.
Isn’t that really neat?
By the way, how about you use that money to buy something from me?
I recommend the most expensive thing you can find.
Happy New Year.
May the new year bring as much fun and happiness as the last!
What’s the big deal about a new year? It’s just another day passed.
It’s nothing special. That, or every day is equally special.
Happy New Year.
I am glad to begin the new year by seeing your happy, smiling face.
Frey: Yes?
P: Happy New Marry Me Please?
Select—> Yes.<
Oh, but I couldn’t.
F: Huh?!
Select—> Not so fast.<
Happy New GAAAAAH!!
Xiao Pai
It’s the New Year.
It seems I’ll be trying even harder this year than I did last year.
I welcome all well wishes and good luck. ♪
Lin Fa
Don’t be shy, now!
I give some to Xiao Pai every year, too.
I heard we weren’t supposed to eat anything yesterday.
Oh, but Honey is a drink, so that doesn’t count, right?
Happy New Year!
Select—> Oh, uh, Happy New Year.<
Hmm. That was a little weak. Where’s your energy?
C’mon now, try again. Happy New Year!
Frey: Happy New Year.
I: You can do better than that.
Happy New Year!
I: There ya go!
See? You can do it if you try.
Select—> Happy New Year!<
You have to start the new year right, y’know.
With lots of energy!
Happy New Year.
Here’s to a new year as great as the old!
Happy New Year, Frey.
F: Happy New Year!
B: I hope this new year brings you even more prosperity than the last.
Happy New Year.
Pico: “Happy New Year! Here’s to yet another wonderful year!"
Take care of yourself, now. I’d hate to see that money used on medicine.
Though you know…
In your case, Frey, maybe a New Year’s greeting card would be more appropriate.
But then again, it’s the thought that counts!
We’re barely into the new year and you’re already getting stuff on your cheek. Let me see.
Frey: Thank yo—AAPH! Whaph are you ooing?
L: Happy New Year. I hope this year will be as good as the last.
Happy New Year.
I look forward to your efforts on my behalf in the coming year.
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New Seedling
New Seedling

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I found this list of random travelers and their quotes (if it's not already here in some way);
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Anonymous Fish
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Anonymous Fish

When playing as Frey, there's some dialogue when Leon is in Arthur's office, where Leon makes some comment about how Arthur should spend more time with Frey, and you have some dialogue choices such as suggesting it should be Leon instead, etc. etc.

Does anyone have this dialogue, or have any idea of what time of day this might happen so I can try to find that interaction myself?

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Anonymous Fish

Hey, I'm an obsessive player and writer and out of a fit of authorial insanity on a 6+ hour car trip I've logged the entirety of the dialogue of what I like to call the Leon Retrieval Arc, or, the culmination of the first act of the game- starting from when the player walks into the Inn to see Barrett. I also have some of the beginning of the game- starting from when the player falls on Venti- and a few interesting tidbits of dialogue from Leon. Would anyone be interested in this stuff?
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Kaist wrote:
Hey, I'm an obsessive player and writer and out of a fit of authorial insanity on a 6+ hour car trip I've logged the entirety of the dialogue of what I like to call the Leon Retrieval Arc, or, the culmination of the first act of the game- starting from when the player walks into the Inn to see Barrett. I also have some of the beginning of the game- starting from when the player falls on Venti- and a few interesting tidbits of dialogue from Leon. Would anyone be interested in this stuff?

Here are said tidbits and a few other things:
Nancy: It's hard to describe how you feel, since everyone feels things differently. I think Leon knows that better than anyone. And it's precisely due to that that he always tries to have fun in everything he does, you know?

Venti: But sacrificing yourself to save others... it might sound noble in theory, but those who are left behind are left to deal with the loss.

Doug: When I first came to Selphia, it was hard for me to remember everyone's names. How about you, Frey?
Doug: Hmm, not bad. It took me a whole month, y'know!
>>Not yet.
Doug: Oh, you haven't? You should try a little harder, then. You'll get it eventually!
>>No I haven't, Horatio.
Doug: WHAT?! You don't know who I am?! I thought you knew before you even started talking to me! Who does that?!

Amber: When I asked Leon where he came from... he pointed toward the tower and said, "there." ...And I felt kind of envious!

Leon: So, how should I write this?
>> Is that homework?
Leon: Yeah. Sort of.
Frey: What do you mean?
>> Is that a love letter?
Leon: Yes. It's for you.
Leon: ...Just kidding! ♪ Did I get you?

Leon: Hey, you.
Frey: What is it?
Leon: Nothing. Just...wanted to make sure you were really there.
Frey: ...

[Give Friendship Syrup]
Leon: Ah, perfect. I was just a tad thirsty. [drink] ...
Frey: What is it?
Leon: Nothing...
Leon: [[That's why.]] Just, don't lean too close to me, okay?

Leon: This place is like a dream.
Leon: But it's...not a dream, right...?

Doug: So what's it like being a Guardian?
Leon: It's hard to explain.
Leon: Sometimes I'm conscious, and sometimes I'm not.
Leon: Sometimes I feel something, and sometimes I don't.
Leon: Sometimes I hear voices, and sometimes I don't.
Doug:'s crazy, then?
Leon: I don't know. I really don't know how to explain it at all.

Leon: The blossoms on the trees have begun to fall.
Leon: It was a day much like this one when I became a Guardian.
Leon: So much has changed since then. Except, strangely enough, this very scenery.

Leon: I find swimsuits freeing. They encourage you to be more open and liberal.
Leon: What's with that face? Are you telling me I'm liberal enough as it is?
Leon: I could become much MORE liberal with my thoughts, if you'd like. Care to test me?

Mistress Trupin: I have been having a mystical dream lately. A great black mist is fighting four dragons over the fate of the world. But then a goddess appears with her brave and faithful warriors. They all eat turnips together and live happily ever after. The End.

(Anyone else seen this dialogue from Mist- er, Mistress Trupin before? Because this is the first I've ever seen of it on any playthrough, and I've gone through quite a few. I wonder if it's a hint at a future sequel... I mean, the RF team is still active and excited about RF, despite- Natsume, was it?- going bankrupt. They were pretty much the entire team for Forbidden Magna, so...)

And if anyone's interested in second arc conclusion:

Leon Retrieval Arc
Barrett: So I heard you're looking for Omni Gate.
Frey: What?
Barrett: It's a moving magic that you use to summon something from the Forest of Beginnings.
Frey: can...!
Barrett: Yeah. It can also call bring someone back. I know someone who actually came back by using that magic.
Frey: What?!
Arthur: It was a lucky coincidence. I was searching for information on the person who returned from the Forest of Beginnings... and learned that someone in this town happens to know that person well. But then Amber camee in and I lost my focus. I wound up leaving empty-handed.
Illuminata: I'd actually sent Amber to the castle to search for clues, while I myself investigated the inn. I figured those are the best two places to begin, no? And then I got my lucky break!
Xiao Pai: The water in the vase was dirty, you see. So I tried to change it, but I... It has dropped. It seems I will always be clumsy.
Barrett: And that stopped me from going home.
Arthur: And that's when I happened to be passing by. Since I only had scraps for clues, I was worried I'd never be able to find him... but thanks to that bandana, I recognized him instantly.
Barrett: So that's how you found me.
Frey: So he's the were looking for?
Arthur: Yes.
Frey: S-so...what's the magic that can bring someone back from the Forest of Beginnings?
Barrett: Right. It's a magic called Omni Gate. If you'd like to learn it, I can teach you.
Frey: Yes, please!
Barrett: Just bear in mind... that not everyone can use it.
Frey: What...?
Barrett: To be honest, I can't. It's a magic that only the Earthmates can use.
Arthur: And that's our current dilemma.
Frey: Well, that should be no problem. Because I'm an Earthmate!
Illuminata: What?!
Barrett: Seriously? Then I should just... go ahead and teach you?
Frey: Sure! That would be great!
[brief fadeout]
Barrett: All right. Can you remember this?
Frey: Absolutely.
Barrett: Alright. Let's give it a shot, then. There's someone you want to help within the Forest of Beginnings, right?
Frey: Yes.
Barrett: Then just think of that person's name inside your head...
Frey: (Leon...)
Barrett: Now try to come up with some specific detail you know about that person.
Frey: (He's the very first Guardian who tried to save Venti!)
Barrett: Okay. Now, say the spell name!
Frey: Whaaa?!
Arthur: Frey!
Barrett: You all right?
Frey: I suddenly felt so much power rushing into my body...
Barrett: ...Did you... try to move an uncontrollable number of runes? If you're just trying to summon a person or a monster, that shouldn't happen. What were you trying to call?
Frey: (...I's because Leon is still a Guardian...)
Barrett: Whoever it is, I don't think this spell's going to do the trick.
Frey: Then I'll have to go to the Forest of Beginnings myself.
Arthur: Wha...?!
Xiao Pai: It's too dangerous!
Illuminata: That's right! You don't know what's out there! There's no guarantee that you'll even get to the Forest of Beginnings.
Frey: We already had an idea how to get inside. And as an Earthmate, I'm the only one who can save him. So I'll enter the Forest of Beginnings from the large gate... and use this magic to leave.
Barrett: You can't do that. Omni Gate... is a magic to call something from the Forest of Beginnings to where you are now.
Frey: So if I use it there...
Barrett: It won't do a thing. I mean, it's designed to call something, to begin with. You can't use it on yourself.
Frey: ...So...
Arthur: ...
Barrett: But you can use this instead.
Frey: Huh...?
Barrett: It's a Returning Ring. With it, you can come back from the Forest of Beginnings. Though it'll break after only one use.
Arthur: Wow...where did you get such a thing?!
Barrett: I used to research the ancient Ath writings of the Earthmates. I wanted to use Earthmate magic even though I wasn't an Earthmate myself. ...Partially so I could lend aid to the person I know who came back. But also to help out any reckless fools who feel invincible just because they're Earthmates. I'm sure you can all understand exactly what I mean.
Xiao Pai: Yeah, I think so.
Arthur: All too well.
Illuminata: It doesn't take a detective to figure out what you're implying.
[Frey: ?]
Barrett: Looking at you, it makes me realize all over again... that you Earthmates are kind-hearted but impossibly stubborn. [Frey: Thank you very much.] It's not a compliment. ...Sorry... Anyway... That ring reacts to spells. So hold onto the person you want to save, and chant, "Aria." Once you chant the spell, it'll transfer both you and whatever you're holding. But you've only got one shot. So don't mess it up.
Arthur: Frey...
Frey: It's all right. I promise I'll save Venti!
Illuminata: That's the spirit!
Xiao Pai: Yes! Good luck!
Arthur: I'm afraid you're the only hope we've got now. But I have faith in you, Frey.
Frey: ...Thank you.
When Spoken To:
Barrett: I wish I could give you more... But I've only got one right now. It's actually quite difficult to make. Sorry. It may be your only chance, but at least it's a chance. Best of luck to you.
Arthur: The Returning Ring... It must've taken a lot of time and effort to make it... We can't let his feelings go to waste.
Illuminata: Frey! You mustn't thank me! It's my job to solve mysteries. So you can always depend on me, whenever you have any concerns!
Xiao Pai: Frey, how is your body? Well, it seemed like you were blown away pretty far, so I was worried... Even with me, it wouldn't happen more than maybe once every week!
The Forest [Depths]
Frey: [if with party] [...] I'd better go alone.
In the Tower
Frey: Augh... something... pouring into my head!
Voice: [heavily paraphrased; I missed some of this] I see. If I become a Guardian, Ven will be saved... sure, it'd be sad to leave everybody. But, you know... one day... when I wake up... I'd like to fly with Ven. Just the two of us in the open air. I'll gladly do it... Ven will try to stop me, though. Is the Forest of Beginnings open? ...I see. Better go now, then.
Frey: Again...!
Voice 2: If we don't do anything, Venti might die, right? Will Venti get better... once I use the Etherlink? ...All right. Just tell me one last thing. Was I chosen as the Guardian... because I'm her best friend? ...I see. No, don't say anything to her. It would make her sad... to know that I left for her sake. I'm just going to settle down for a long sleep... Don't worry, I'm used to waiting. I'll just think of it like a long vacation. A fishing trip. Oh, and... when I awaken in a new world... I want to take it easy and go fishing with her. Even if we couldn't find a way to do it... one day, someone will... right...? A way to save Venti... So until that day comes... take care of Venti, will you?
Frey: Ooogh... my head...!
Voice 3: I told Mom and Dad already. But...I just couldn't bring myself to tell Venti... I'm ready now. I have no regrets. Use that magic, Etherlink, to fuse me with the earth. "Please, wait! Why can't I do it instead of you?! I care about Ven just as much as you do!" ...This magic can only fuse humans with runes. That's why it has to be me. "So it's...because I'm a ghost...?" ...Don't look so sad. Becoming a Guardian doesn't mean I'll die. "But you'll never see anyone from this time period again!" I don't want to regret this decision to save her. So...please. Don't say anything more. "..." Farewell. Take care of Mom and Dad for me. "That's not a goodbye! Your mom and dad are going to be waiting for your return too, you know!" That's foolish of them. It won't happen in their lifetimes. "I'll be waiting, though. Forever. Right next to you. Until someone else comes to help Ven. I'll always be waiting. ...I'll be right beside you, Dolly."
Frey: So these are the memories of the Guardians... (They all wanted to help Venti. They wanted to be with her. But...)
Frey: ...
Voice 4: Are you the Earthmate? Oh, sorry. I should introduce myself first. My name is Leon. I'm here to have you cast a spell on me. ...Yeah, I've already heard the explanation. You're fusing my body with the earth's runes to keep sending power to Ventuswill... And in order to do so, you need someone with a strong connection to her. That's the gist, right? If that'll help Venti, I have no problem doing it. I wouldn't call it a sacrifice. After all, I'm a dragon priest. It's my job to protect her. So I guess you can call me a Guardian. How diligent am I, to be working as I sleep? Unfinished businesses? There's tons of it. But we're running out of time. It wasn't my job to save Venti. That's why I'm sure... that one day, someone will come upon the answer I could never find. Only then will she be truly saved. As long as we never give up, it's possible. It's always possible. That's why... I'm begging you. Please save Venti. Never give up. Never stop trying. I have faith in you, Earthmate. I believe in the future.
Frey: ... Because everyone else feels so strongly... and because they've always believed in the future... that's why I came to be here now. That's why...
Voice: must never forget. We created this stone... in hopes of honoring their that those feelings would never be in vain... and to put an end to everything... once and for all.
Frey: Was Earthmate...? ...I have to go. To honor everyone's feelings... so that those feelings will never be in vain. And to put an end to everything, once and for all!
Top of the Tower:
Sano: We doth protect the Guardians.
Uno: We offer our protection to the Divine Dragon.
Sano: We will not allow...
Uno: ...any intruders.
[Options; forgot to grab these. Should've chosen the stand ground silently option, but didn't.]
Sano: Words are meaningless.
Uno: Show us with thine actions.
Uno: We have been waiting for you.
[Upon defeat]
Sano: Wise one... We have been longing for thine arrival here.
Uno: Thou must...
Sano: the Guardians. Thou must...
Uno: the Divine Dragon.
Sano: We doth have faith...
Uno: thine happy future...
Tower Interior
Frey: ...I promise... to save Venti and the Guardians. I'll save... everyone!
[Upon defeat of Sarcophagus]
Frey: ...! His body is floating away?! Why? ...If I use this ring, then one of us can escape. But...
Voice: If I become a Guardian, I can save Venti, right?
Frey: ...Perhaps this is how everyone else must have felt, too...
Voice: One day, someone will find a way, right? That's why I have to do it.
Frey: So close, and yet so powerless... If the only way to protect the one you love... is by placing all your hopes on others...
Voice: I have faith in you, Earthmate.
Frey: The Earthmates that had to accept it... and those who were close by, but couldn't do anything... They all must have felt the same way...
Voice: Please save Leon.
Frey: Venti... This includes you too...aware of the Guardians, and yet completely helpless...
Voice: To put an end to everything...
Frey: ...
[Ring and Rune tossed at Leon]
Frey: Sorry, Venti. I have to break one promise after all.
Frey: "Aria!"
Frey: Venti... There's so much more that I wanted to talk to you about. About the people who were close to you. What you talked about, and how you spent your days... How you felt when you found out... that they had disappeared... hoping to save you. About the time when you found out that I was an Earthmate... one of those who had sealed your friends. And when, ironically, I'd become the only person who truly knows you in this time period. Despite everything, you smiled and told me... that I am who I am. Now I can kind of imagine... how you must've felt when you told me that. And how much strength and kind-heartedness it required to open yourself up to me like that. I think I understand... now. That's why...
Leon: ...What is...?
Frey: ...
Leon: Who...?
Frey: I am... an Earthmate, Leon.
Leon: ...!
Frey: Leon. Will you tell Venti about what's happened here?
Frey: (Coming here, I got to know a little more about everyone's feelings. It made me want to talk with you even more than I already did. Because I'm sure I'll like you even more, knowing what I know. So... Goodbye.)
Frey: And thank you... for being my friend. It was fun.
Leon: ...! You--
Frey: Goodbye. Until the day we meet again.
Frey: (Farewell, Ventuswill...)
[Credits start, and then-]
Voice: You...are far too reckless.
Frey: Huh...?
Voice: What's the use if you don't come back? What point is there?!
Frey: That voice... Can it be...?
[Enter Ventuswill]
Frey: ... [shock]
Venti: Why are you standing there all slack-mouthed?!
Frey: B-because...
Venti: ...Did you miss me that much?
Frey: ...Yeah. I could stare at you all day...
Venti: ...Dumbass.
Frey: Venti...
Venti: Don't try to put an end to everything all by yourself.
Frey: But, why are you...? And how is... your body...? Oh, Leon's back in the tower...
Venti: WAIT WAIT WAIT! One subject at a time, please. Geez... My body hasn't fully recovered, you know. But it's all right, I guess. How about you? How are you feeling?
Frey: ...I'm... all right.
Venti: Honestly, you're out of your mind. A living being, entering the Forest of Beginnings?!
Frey: But--I had no choi--
Venti: CUT THE « Puppy Doodoo »! Do you realize how dangerous the Forest of Beginnings is to a human being?! Had I know what was going on in this tower, I would have never asked for your help! Anything could have happened!
Frey: [But I wanted to save you.] I couldn't just sit there and do nothing.
Venti: Frey... ... ...You know I'm at a loss for a response when I hear something like that, right? Rrrrrg... It's not fair!
Frey: I'm so glad you're safe, Venti...
Venti: ... W-well, you know. Um... I should thank you... for everything you've done. ...I truly appreciate it, Frey.
Frey: ...Of course! How did you know where I was, though?
Venti: You have one of my feathers, right?
Frey: I do, yeah.
Venti: That feather has a special power. It is, in a sense, part of my body. That's why I'd know where it is from anywhere. Even when it's in another world.
Frey: I... had no idea...
Venti: That's why I told you from the start... to think of it as a charm.
Frey: Oh...
Venti: No matter what happens to this body... I won't let anyone make the same mistake again. This time... I promised myself I'd save my friend with my own hands.
Frey: Venti...
Venti: Thank the heavens... I made it in time.
Frey: You sure did.
Venti: Well, how about we head back?
Frey: We can do that?
Venti: Of course! Who do you think you're talking to? I am Ventuswill, the Divine Wind! I don't know the meaning of the word impossible!
I must say, I'm quite impressed with the power you've displayed as a stubborn, determined human. I should follow your example. So that I'll never lose anyone important to me again...
Leon: Venti...
Leon: ...You've grown so much.
Venti: Of course I have. How long do you think it's been since we last met?
Leon: Oh, I have no idea. I don't keep track of time anymore.
Venti: You're as impudent as ever, it would seem.
Leon: Not as much as you, though. Right, Venti? How has the world fared in my absence? Did you live... a happy life?
Venti: Leon... I... I've missed you. And I wanted to thank you...
Leon: ...Don't. It was my own decision. It's none of your concern. I don't know how long it's been... but I know that you're still alive. And that's thanks enough for me.
Venti: Leon...
Leon: I should thank you too, Earthmate. Will you tell me your name?
Frey: It's... Frey.
Leon: All right. I'll remember that. My apologies for troubling you. But... thank you for keeping your promise.
Frey: Don't thank me. My contribution is insignificant here. You should thank the other Guardians instead.
Leon: All right. I will, when I see them. Now... Waking up from what was no doubt an insanely long slumber, my whole body is feeling numb. I think it's best I rest for the moment. I'll see you tomorrow, Venti.
Venti: ...Sure. Until then.
Frey: Leon... right? He seems kind.
Venti: Hmph. Not at all! I was trying to thank him, and that's how he reacts? "It was my own decision"?! Acting all suave, like he owns the place!
Frey: Haha...
Venti: What are you laughing at?!
Frey: Don't try to hide how happy you are. You're as clear as glass right now!
Venti: Wh-what are you talking about? Who said I'm happy?! I'm... miserable! Miserable, I say! ...Bah, whatever! I was also going to thank you, but I've changed my mind now. Just go on home and rest!
Frey: Fine, fine. I'll see you later, Venti. And... you're welcome.
Venti: Hmph.
[Frey exits stage right.]
Venti: ... ...Thank you, human child...

(Sorry for the double post. Not registered here.)
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Dark Desert Rose
Post Posted: Sep 24, 2014 6:14 pm 
Tubular Turnip Farmer
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I never got that Leon/Doug conversation, but it's kind of depressing. Especially since Leon keeps wondering if he's dreaming.
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Post Posted: Sep 24, 2014 7:41 pm 
Anonymous Fish

Dark Desert Rose wrote:
I never got that Leon/Doug conversation, but it's kind of depressing. Especially since Leon keeps wondering if he's dreaming.

I did think it was rather telling. Leon's issues are the only ones I'm especially knowledgeable about, but iirc all the Guardians are in some ways just coping with their situation. In Leon's case, when you put all his dialogue together, it seems pretty clear that some part of his penchant for messing with people comes from a need to divert people from noticing that he has any issues. There's another conversation that you can get if you're married to him that pretty much proves my point:
Leon: Sometimes I think about old friends. From before.
Leon: I wonder if they lived happy lives.
Frey: Leon...
Leon: [[Cute as ever.]] ...Man, every time I look at you, I feel I must reiterate just how extraordinarily cute you are!
Frey: What?!
Leon: Haha...

Of course, he really does just enjoy messing with people's heads for the sake of their reactions. That's an established part of his personality. But to some extent it's a defense mechanism.
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Post Posted: Oct 13, 2014 3:06 pm 
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Been a while since I last posted some dialogue, will be posting more event dialogues soon.
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