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Post Posted: Sep 30, 2013 5:50 pm 
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Ultimate Farming Fanatic

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Rune Factory 4 Dialogue Thread

It's what it says on the tin ; this will be the thread for posting any dialogue from any RF4 character collected over the course of playing the game. Please feel free to share, and I'll update as quickly as my life permits me to. Any contribution is greatly appreciated!




Coming soon!


Coming soon!




First Meeting [Lest]
[DIARY] : Lest :I wonder if that girl is okay. I should stop by the Clinic and check up on her.

[at the clinic]

J: Oh, Lest.
L: ?
J: The girl you brought here has woken up.
L: Really?!

[cut scene of Amber]

A: Hee hee.
L: How...are you feeling?
A: I’m okay.
L: Glad to hear it. I’m Lest. What’s your name?
A: My name is Amber.
A: ..Wait...!...Are you the one with the funny face?’re the one who saved me, then...
L: ...Erm...I guess? Funny face?
A: Wow. Well, thank you very much.
L: You’re...very welcome. But why were you out there?
A: Hmm...I’m not really sure. Really. My name is just about the only thing I can remember.
J:It’s probably the shock of monster attacks...that’s caused her to lose some of her memories as well.
A:Oh. I feel like I’m forgetting something really important, though. Hmm...
A:...Oh well.
L: “Oh well?"
A:If I can’t remember, there’s nothing I can do about it, right? So, no sense dwelling on it!
L:Th-that’s true, I guess...
L: So, what are you going to do now?
A: Now? Well...
Illuminata: There’s no need to worry!
I: What’s your name?
A: It’s Amber.
I: A pleasure to meet you, Itsamber. And may I say, that’s quite an unusual name you’ve got!
Nancy: No, Lumie, her name is Amber.
I: Oh, I see. Amber, huh?
I: Listen, Amber.
A: ...?
I: Why don’t you come stay with me?

Select---> That’s a good idea.<
-> Th-that’s kinda sudden...<
A: Okay, I will!(music note and shows wings)
L: W-wings!?
I: How could I leave an interesting girl like her alone? You, my dear, may call me Lumie.
A: Lumie.
I: Good. Now, I’ll show you the way home. Come, follow me!
A: All righty!
N: I do love this town. It’s so peaceful and friendly!
L: you think they’ll be okay together?
N: If they’re both fine with this arrangement, I don’t see why not. Lumie is...a fine, upstanding adult, after all.
L: Upstanding...?

Offer Ring of Fortune ( Frey )
Amber: Oh! I know what this is! It's a wedding ring, right? ... W-WAIT! I-I can't accept this!


Bed infiltration Attempt ( Frey )
Select---> A little nap can't hurt...<
Clorica: Well, if that's how it's to be, I guess I'll just have to sleep in YOUR bed!
Frey: Ooh. If you do that, you might not be too easy to wake up! I'd better not.

Offer Ring of Fortune ( Frey )
Clorica: ...?! I'm sorry. I can't accept this.


Bed Inflitration Attempt ( Frey )
Select ---> How lovely. Sleepy time!<
Dolce: What are you doing?
Pico: Yeah, what are you doing?!
P: That's my special place! I'm the only one who gets to smell her scent every day in secret!
D:... Um, excuse me?
P: Owwww!

Daily Dialogue
Dolce: Ahh, Lest, good morning.
Pico: Ahh! I need pain! I need the pain of love, so powerful that it burns!
P: So please, milady... HUUUUUG MEEEEEE!
D: Like this.
L: That look less like a hug and more like an execution.

Lest: You seem to be in a good mood, Dolce.
Pico: That's because she saw you coming and -MMMRRRRNNNGGFF!!

Chasing Sech Soldiers
Pico: They're acting as though they seen a ghost
Dolce: Which they have.

On the Battlefield
Dolce: Pico I choose you!
D: Pico use Thunderbolt!
Pico: I don't know Thunderbolt but I'm sure if I did it would've been super effective.

Offer Ring of Fortune ( Frey )
Dolce: This...
Pico: "Is that a wedding ring?! Dolly, w-what are you going to do?"
Dolce: There is a proper place and time for this sort of thing, you know.
Pico: "...You say calmly, even though your hands are shaking like leaves, milady."


Bed Inflitration Attempt ( Frey )
Commence knight can-cuddling --->
Forte: ...
Frey: My life may be in danger. I'd best not close my eyes.

Daily Dialogue
Forte: Please let me know if you have any concerns.
Fo: It's among our responsibilities to solve such problems.
Frey: I think Kiel has a question about love...
[Forte immediately leaves]
Fr: ...Huh?

Obsidian Mansion
Frey: Forte?
Forte: I-It's nothing...
Frey: Then will you stop pulling on my sleeves...?
Forte: Wha?! This is...err...
Forte: Eh-hem. I was just trying to get your attention, that's all.
Frey: ...

Offer Ring of Fortune
Forte: This... Erm, pardon me, but being given this sort of thing is slightly, ah, confusing.


Daily Dialogue
Frey: Do you sing, Margaret?
Margaret: Oh, I love singing.
M: But I don't sing as much as I used to, now that I write music.
M: I used to always sing in front of my sister.

Offer Ring of Fortune ( Frey )
Meg: Wha?! H-hey! What is this for? This isn't something you just hand out to people, you know!

Xiao Pai

Daily Dialogue
Xiao Pai :When I asked Amber what kind of bath she wanted, she said Honey.
X: ...Don't tell mama.

Offer Ring of Fortune ( Frey )
Xiao Pai: Hmm? What's this? It seems like a wedding ring. WAH! It is a wedding ring! A real one! I could never accept this!

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Post Posted: Sep 30, 2013 6:13 pm 
Ultimate Farming Fanatic
Ultimate Farming Fanatic

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Before Marriage Bed Invasion
Frey: It's Arthur's bed.
Select --->Let's take a nap<
Arthur: Now, now. That's as improper as improper can be!

Confession Event
Frey: Hey, um...I love you!
Arthur: Wha...? Oh, you're only kidding. I thought as much.
F: I really love you!
A: Frey... May I please have some time to think this over?
F: What?
A: I, erm, I'm afraid the truth of this isn't sinking in very quickly. I'm sorry.
F: Arthur?
A: Tomorrow, at 10 hundred hours.
F: Huh?
A: Tomorrow at 10 hundred hours, please meet me at Selphia: Town Square. I will answer you there. See you then.

[ the next day ]

A: Ah, Frey. I've been waiting for you.
F: Arthur...
A: About yesterday. I gave it some thought and have arrived at my answer.
F: Then...
A: Okay. Would you like to hear it?
Select ---> Please!<
A: Well then... Frey... I've realized that I'm very fond of you.
F: ...!
A: But please allow me to confirm one thing first. I need to know what you truly feel for me.
F: Wha?
A: You see, I have a hard time trusting others. Actually, I made a choice not to. You can see numbers and facts, but not a person's heart.
F: ...
A: However... I find myself wanting to try it. To trust in you. So please. Tell me one more time how you honestly feel for me. Frey, do you truly love me?
Select ---> I do.<
Select---> I truly love you.<

A: Frey...Thank you.
F: So you trust my answer?
A: ...Yes. So now I would like you to trust in my feelings for you.
F: Huh?
A: Frey. Will you please date me?
F: Oh...!
Select ---> Yes.
Select ---> Of course!

A: ...
F: Um...Arthur?
A: ...WHEW! Thank goodness!
F: Wha?
A: I was so nervous... In fact, I believe I haven't been this nervous since my very first business deal. I had no idea what I would do if this failed as miserably as that first deal did.
F: Arthur...
A: But it didn't fail. I am looking forward to our time together, Frey.
F: Me, too.


A: Erm...well then. Now what shall we do?
F: Hmm?
A: In regards to our relationship, that is.
F: Oh...
A: ...
F: ...
A: Erm... I'm sorry. This is one thing in which I have no experience.
F: Oh...right...
A: H-how about we give each other a new nickname?
F: Huh?
A: I read about that in a study, once. It said that lovers will often give their partners adorable nicknames.
F: Oh...
Arthur: Well then, what would you like for me to call you?
Select ---> Just like always is fine.
-> Honey
-> Frey
-> My Lady
-> Princess Frey
-> Master

A: Oh? I see. True, keeping the same name is the most comfortable. Now then, what would you like to call me?
F: Wha?
A: I get a nickname, too, yes?
F: Umm...

Select ---> Just like always is fine.
-> Darling
-> Arthur
-> Art
-> Mr.Arthur
-> Sir Arthur

A: I see. I'm a little relieved, actually. I was a little worried you might choose something embarrassing. ...All right. Well then, I look forward to our time together, Frey.
F: Me too, Arthur.

Lover Bed Invasion
Frey: It's Arthur's bed.
Select ---> Let's take a nap here.<
-> [ back away slowly ]
Arthur: ...Though truthfully, I don't mind if you sleep here...but only because it's you.
F: Huh...?

Offer Ring of Fortune ( Frey )
A wedding ring? Hmm, I see. Thank you. I will see it gets sold for a high price. ...Just kidding. My apologies. I'm afraid that was a very poor joke.


Before Marriage Bed Invasion
Frey: It's Doug's bed.
Select --->Loooks juuuuuust right...<
-> [back away slowly]
Doug: H-hey. If you want to sleep, you should go home!

Birthday Dialogue
Doug: Whenever I see Amber, I feel like the world is going to be okay. Not sure how to say it, exactly, but she's just... peaceful, you know? Or maybe just always happy? Like, if there were a billion Ambers, war would never happen. All the Ambers would just chill and drink juice.

Daily Dialogue
Doug: Yeeeeah. I don't like bread. It's pure evil, you know? It's a spongy energy vampire of food.

First Meetings
Doug: GAAAH! ...Oh it's just you.
Frey: Um, hello.
D: ...
F: Yes?
D: Nothing. You kinda seem stuffy and formal. Is everyone in the royal family like that? Lighten up, it's fine!
F: Um, but...
D: I mean it.
F: Well if you insist. (Not that I'm actually royalty, but...
D: Great!

Lover Bed Invasion
Frey: It’s Doug’s bed.
Select---> Looks juuuuuust right...
Doug: Wh-what are you doing in my bed, anyway?!
D: Not that or anything... but still!

Lovers Dialogue
Doug: You’re sometimes totally reckless... but I like it.
Frey: Erm... Is that supposed to be a compliment...?

Doug: You can go outside the town, but be careful.
D: You might get hurt. So don’t do anything stupid and make me worry, okay?

Doug: Hey, you want me to bring some items you might need to your house?
Frey: You would do that for me? But...why?
D: Because then I can see you every--
D: --er, I mean...
F: ...?
D: What's wrong with it? Doesn't it suck to have to come to the item shop to pick stuff up?
F: It's a kind offer, but I couldn't accept it. I'd feel bad getting special treatment like that.
D: O-Okay...

Offer Ring of Fortune
Doug: H-hey! What do you think you're doing? This is the guy's job! But never mind that! This isn't the time for that stuff anyway!


Before Marriage Bed Invasion
Frey: Oh this is the bed where Dylas sleeps...
Select ---> Then I, too, shall sleep!<
Dylas: No, you idiot! You won't!

BTW Button
As Lovers
Dylas: Me, too.
Dylas: ...Wait, what the heck are you making me say?! (voiced: Idiot!)

Dylas: Are we...?
D: [blushing & looking away] ...W-well, I can't complain about that result...I suppose.

Date Dialogue
Dylas: The view from here is just stunning, isn't it?
Frey: Yeah, it is.
D: Don't lean too far forward though!
F: I know.
Select ---> Cling to him.<
F: How's this?
D: H-hey...! (voiced)
F: You're less worried about me now, right?
D: W-well, maybe, but this isn't quite what I...well... You know, this isn't half bad. I think I'm okay with it.
F: N-now's my chance...
[Now might be the best opportunity to strengthen our relationship.]
Select --->Pat on head.<
F: Ah, I can't reach!
D: What are you doing...?
F: Well, I, uh...I just thought your hair style seemed oddly inviting.
D: Well, two can play at that game. I'll pat you on the head too! Take that!
F: Hey, stop it! You're messing up my hair!
D: Ha ha ha. It looks good that way.
F: It...does?
D: ...You're so pure and stupid. Shall we go home? I'll walk you.

Flower Shop
Dylas: [stares]
Frey: Why are you staring at the flowers like that?
D: I'm trying to figure out which flower would suit you best...
F: Huh?
D: ...Er, nothing! Nothing at all! Never mind!
Frey: ...? I should buy him a flower, while I'm here...
Select---> Buy a present. 555G.<
Frey: Hey, [insert nickname for Dylas here]? This is for you.
D: Wha...?
F: I bought this flower for you.
D: Wh-wh-why...what...I-I'm not... Flowers don't suit me at all!
F: Oh, definitely not, I agree.
D: Hey!
F: I'm just kidding. Flowers suit you perfectly. Honest!
D: ...A-all right. I guess I'll take it, then. Thanks. ...By the way, [insert nickname for Frey here]?
F: Hmm? What is it?
D: ...I picked out a flower for you, too.
F: Huh?!
D: for you. Will you accept it?
F: Sure. Thanks so much! N-now's my chance...
F: [Now might be my best opportunity to strengthen our relationship.]
Select---> Hold hands.<
D: ...!
F: ... You...don't like it...?
D: ...Idiot. How could I not?!
F: Whew! Glad to hear it.
D: I don't want to ever let you go. Shall we go home? I'll walk you to your door.
Select ---> You would do that for me?<
D: Of course. Come on, let's go.
[some time later]
F: Thank you for walking me home.
D: You're welcome. Let' this again sometime, okay? When you have a moment to spare, of course.

Jealousy Dialogue
Dylas: Hey.
Frey: Hello.
D: ...
D: Did I do something wrong?
F: Wha?
D: I heard a rumor and it's got me a little, uh, concerned.
D: ...Y'know, never mind.
D: Just remember I only have eyes for you.
D: I hope you feel the same for me. Voiced: Don't look at anyone but me.
D: That's all.

Lover Bed Invasion
Frey: Oh, this is the bed where [insert nickname here] sleeps...
Select ---> Then I, too, shall sleep!<
Dylas: Go home! You're too naïve to be going around snuggling up in strange men's beds!

Lovers Dialogue
Frey: Um, [insert nickname here]?
Dylas: Hmm?
Select ---> Do you love me?<
D: ...! ...! ...!
Frey: Well? Do you?
D: I...I...I don't hate you.
Frey: Wrong answer!
D: You...!
Select ---> Never mind.<
D: Wha...?!
F: It's nothing, really.
D: Wh...what is it ? I want to know!

LP Dependant Dialogue
Dylas: Can't you just leave me alone? What do you want this time?
Frey: E-erm...
Select ---> What's your favorite food?<
D: Who cares?
Select ---> What foods don't you like?<
D: Whatever.
Select ---> When's your birthday?<
D: Why do I have to tell you?
---> What's your type?<
D: The hell kinda question is that?!

Dylas: What do you want? You enjoy talking to me or something?
Select ---> Yes<
D: What...?
Frey: I want to know more about you... Is that so strange?
D:'re a weirdo.
Select ---> Not at all.<
D: ...That's what I thought. Now go away.

Dylas: How is it you can always talk to a crotchety guy like me without the slightest hesitation?
Frey: Well...that's a hard question to answer.
D: Don't you...feel embarrassed?
F: Embarrassed? ...Have you just been shy, this whole time?
D: Wha?! Sh-shut up! And go away!
[ talk to him the next day]
D:Did me shy...? GAH! Don't be stupid! Dammit!
F: It's bothering him...

Frey: You've become a lot more honest, you know?
Dylas: ...You think so? (voiced: huh?)
F: Like...saying embarrassing things without hesitation...
D: WHA?! What embarrassing things are you talking about?!
F: Well...for example...
D: AHHH! Don't tell me! I don't want to hear it!
F: Why did you ask, then?

Offer Ring of Fortune ( Frey )
Dylas: What the hell is this?! Come up with a better prank next time!

Post Marriage Bed Dialogue
Let's go home and sleep. Your face is so precious when you sleep...I want it all to myself!

Seasonal Dialogue
Frey: Can you swim, Dylas?
Dylas: Of course.
F: Okay then.
Select ---> Teach me how to swim.<
D: What, can't you swim? Ha ha!
F: Oops! You laughed.
D: ...!
D: Get lost!
Select ---> Who's faster, you or Doug?<
D: Of course I'm faster!
F: Oh? How can we know for sure if you don't show us?
D: DOUG! I challenge you to a duel!

Playboy Rob: Ahh! Yooo! Hey there! Hi!
Frey: Are you talking to me?
PR: I seriously am, babe. :lala: Can you point a bro out in the right direction?
F: Uh, sure.
PR: I'm lookin' for a place where the most bodacious babes in town go to chill, you know?
F:...Well, there's the restaurant just across the way.
PR: Right on!! So, you wanna hang? I'm payin'.
Select---> I'd rather not.<
PR: Aw, c'mon babe! What's the matter? I just wanna hang.
F: H-hey!
Dylas: What do you think you're doing?
PR: Hey! What's your deal?
F: Oh! Hi, Dylas.
PR: You wanna fight, brah? You're gonna regret it if you don't get lost!
D: Frey, didn't you hear me? What are you doing?
PR: Hey! Are you even listening to me?!
F: Um, well...he kinda asked me if I wanted to have tea with him.
D: Uh-huh.
PR: Quit ignoring me, horse-face!!
D: What was that?
PR: ...?!
D: Loud-mouthed jerk, aren't you? So who was it you were calling "horse-face" again? Well?
PR: Uh...I-I didn't say that...
D: Get lost! And make it quick, or else...I'll punt both you and Doug into next week!
PR: Who's Doug?! Whatever! I'll left you off easy today, brah!! I'm out! PEACE!!
F: Umm...
Select--->Thanks, brah.<
D: ...Hmph. Whatever. He just bugged me, is all. That was partly your fault, too, you know. You've got "sucker" written all over you.
F: Urk...
D: So start being a little more cautious, okay? There are jerks like that everywhere. And they like going after people as pretty and cute as you are.
F: Huh?
F & D:...
D:...Ah! W-well this isn't necessarily my own opinion! So don't get too excited!

[Dylas runs off]


[talk after the event]

F: Get the wrong idea about what?
D: Sh-shut up and quit bugging me!


Kiel: Tee-hee! I knew it!

Daily Dialogue
Kiel: Ta-dah! I bought an astrology book!~
K: When’s your birthday?
Frey: Um...right here.
K: Since my birthday’s Day 2 of Winter...
K: Just as I thought! We’re a perfect match.

Kiel: Even if this world were the setting for some kind of fictional story...
K: Nothing would change.
K: Because no matter what story you're telling, it's the characters who choose the ending.

Lover's Dialogue
Kiel: [insert nickname here]
K: ...I love you so much.
Frey: What...?
K: I've always wanted to say it.
K: But...actually putting it into words is...a little embarrassing...

Kiel: I think I’m in love with you...
K: ...Princess.
Frey: Huh...?
K: I’m in love...

Kiel: I want to be more manly.
K: So I asked Forte for advice.
Select ---> What did she say?<
K: She told me to work out.
K: That’s why I’m tired now...
K: But now that I’ve seen you, I’m starting to feel better.
Select ---> I like you as you are.<
K: Huh?
K: Well, maybe I’m manly enough then...
K: ...if you say so.

Kiel: About holding your hand the other day...I asked Forte what I should do...
K: ...when there’s something I don’t want to let go of.
Frey: And what did she say?
K: She told me to strengthen my grip.


Before Marriage Bed Invasion
Frey: It's Leon's Bed.
Select ---> Nappy nap nap nap!
-> [back away hastily]
Leon: All right. I'll join you.
F: Ack! Sorry!

Lover Bed Invasion
Frey: Its Leon's bed.
Select---> Nappy nap nap!<
Leon: I think you should keep your guard up a little more. ...Or I'll get myself in trouble.

Offer Ring of Fortune ( Frey )
Leon: ...An Engagement Ring? I'll pretend I never saw this. It's not, after all, something I could accept right now.


Vishnal: Are you sure?!
V: How disappointing.

Vishnal: Well, it seems our compatibility is... only average? I thought we were a better match than that...

Before Marriage Bed Invasion
Attempt to lie down --->
Vishnal: Whoa! No, Princess! Bad, bad Princess!

Daily Dialogue
Vishnal: I wonder how airships are able to float in the air...
V: If I train hard enough, will I be able to fly as well? I'm sure there are butlers out there who can fly...

Reaction to Horror Gift : ( Turnip )
First Reaction
Vishnal: This...
Frey: ...?
V: Erm, to be honest, I'm not very fond of turnips.
F: Oh?
V: Yes. I like other vegetables perfectly well, but not them.
V: Arthur likes turnips, though. Perhaps you could give it to him.
V: Oh, but...
F: ...?
V: Erm, nothing. Never mind.
V: Honestly, I am not at all fond of turnips.

Usual Reaction
Vishnal: Turnip Mask?
Frey: What?
V: W-why are you carrying that Turnip?
F: What's wrong?
V: Erm, no thank you. Turnip is not something I care much for. [starts shaking]
V: No, please! I really don't want it!
V: No! Stop!
V: Turnip Mask, NOOOO!!
F: Vishnal...
V: Wait, LOOK! It's Pink Turnip Mask!
V: Help me, Pink Turnip Mask! Save me!
V: ...
V: AH!
F: Um, are you okay?
V: *HUFF*...*HUFF*...
V: Y-yes, I'm fine. It was just a daydream is all.
V: You see, Turnip Mask had come and was trying to give me Turnip...

Name Saying
Vishnal: [ insert name here ] , that's a noble name. Noble like a turnip!"




Bed Invasion Attempt
Attempt to take refuge in foreign blankets --->
Bado: I wonder if I can make some extra money by renting out my bed...
B: If customers act fast, I'll even lie in bed with them! No extra charge!
B: ...Just kidding, of course!

Offer Ring of Fortune ( Frey )
Bado: Oh, hey! A wedding ring. Can I sell it?


Offer Ring of Fortune ( Frey )
Oh, my! You want to marry me? Oh ho ho! While I'm flattered, I think it best you give that to someone a bit younger.


Offer Ring of Fortune
Illuminata: For me? Ah-ah! You are way too young to think about going after older ladies.


Bed Invasion Attempt
Frey: This is where Dr. Jones sleeps.
Select ---> I prescribe myself SLEEP!< [backs away]
Jones: Are you tired? I don't mind if you take a rest in my bed.

Offer Ring of Fortune ( Frey )
Jones: I'm already married, Frey. And I have no intention of ever being with anyone but my Nancy. Nothing will ever change that.

Lin Fa

Offer Ring of Fortune ( Frey )

Random Dialogue
Lin Fa: You know, I've made some pretty big mistakes in my time...
Lest: Did you screw something up again?
LF: No, I was just reflecting on my past.
LF: Although without that particular mistake, Xiao wouldn't be here now...
L: Wh-what?!


Bed Invasion Attempt
Frey: It's Nancy's bed.
Select ---> Let's go night-night here.< [flee the scene]
Nancy: Oh, are you tired?
Nancy: You can't sleep in Jones' bed, but you're more than welcome to take a nap in mine!

Offer Ring of Fortune
Nancy: Oh my, is this a wedding ring? This brings back memories. I gave one just like this to Jones years ago. Thank you, but I'm sorry. I gave my heart to Jones, and that will never change.


Daily Dialogue
Porco: Will you stay close to Meggy?
Select ---> Absolutely.<
P: I'm glad to hear that.
Frey: You two are like real family.
P: Well, I do love her!
F: What!?
P: ...As if she's my real daughter, of course.
F: Oh...I see...
Select ---> No way.<
P: Please be nice to her...
Select ---> Meggy?
P: I often refer to Margaret, this town's musician, as "Meggy."
P: I'm trying to show her my affection, you see. And it's a splendid nickname, to boot!

Porcoline: A ring made out of french fries...
P: ...would be a "fring." Copyright Porcoline, patent pending!
Frey: ...How am I supposed to respond to that?

Porco: Cooking is about love, Frey.
Frey: Porcoline is saying something kind of deep. I'm sure there must be a catch somewhere...
P: As long as it's cooked with love, even iron would taste good.

Proposal Attempt
Frey: Are you married, Porcoline?
Porco: No.
P: Will you marry me, Frey?
Select ---> OH « Harvest Goddess » YES.<
P: ...Mmm, that's all right. Never you mind.
F: Why did you ask, then?!
Select --->OH « Harvest Goddess » NO.<
P: I'm hurt...
F: S-sorry...

Offer Ring of Fortune
Porcoline: OOH! Have your feelings finally come through?! I... I... I'M SO HAPPY!!! which I mean I'm sorry.
Frey: Wha?!


Coming soon!


Bed Invasion Attempt
---> Attempt bed infiltration
Volkanon: Calm down, Miss Frey! Remember, you're a Princess!

Offer Ring of Fortune
Volkanon: WHAT?! That will NEVER do! Miss Frey!! You ALREADY have... a very fitting! Appropriate! Loving! Partner!! To say you choose me on such a whim is utterly scandalous!!

Random Dialogue
Volkanon: Miss Frey, please take this.
Frey: What is it?
V: It's my own special homemade medicine. I created it in the hope that it would cure your amnesia. Please, try it! [dragon roaring sound]
F: B-b-b-but, it's making a strange noise!
V: It's as they say, the best medicine tastes the most bitter. And crackles the loudest...
V: Now! Go on! Go on, now!!!
F: ...I-I'm afraid that's all the time we have today. Goodbye! [runs off]
V: Miss Frey!

Volkanon: Tie, check! Gloves, check! Mustache, check! Eyebrows, check! As perfect as always!!


Guest Characters


Offer Ring of Fortune
Barrett: ...What the hell is this?

Select ---> Marry me, Teacher!<
---> Just kidding.<
Barrett: Y-you can't be serious.

Select --->Students deserve love.<
---> Just kidding.
Barrett: Not like that, they don't. Sorry, but I can't do this. Especially if you're pretending to be a student.

Select --->Can I at least get a hug?<
---> Just kidding.<
Barrett: ?! ...Will that get you to give up?

Select --->I was just kidding.<
Select --->It was just a joke.<

Barrett: Hey! ...Don't make fun of teachers, all right?

--->Just kidding
Barrett: Can't you come up with better pranks than that?

Random Dialogue
Barrett: ...Hey.
Frey: Whoa, you're looking pretty pale. Are you okay?
Barrett: Just feeling a little sick. Ugh...I shouldn't have done that...
F: You look drunk. Fess up, did you go on a bender last night or something?
B: Idiot... Rrrrrnngg...I-it's the airship...
B: [slumps]
F: Barrett?!

Barrett: I always get sick on airships. Every single time...
Frey: Oh, so you get motion sickness, then.

Barrett: Looks like there's a branch of the De Sainte-Coquille family in this town, too. I could tell with just one look.
B: Is Max going to end up looking like that someday?
Frey: ...?

Frey: So what are your kids like, Barrett?
Barrett: Right. I did say I would tell you about them at one point.
B: My older son is Leonel. He's quieter, nice.
B: His little sister is named Uri. She's still a baby.
B: But it's easy to see that she'll be trouble when she's older. A tomboy.

Barrett: What is it? You look like you want to ask me something.
Select ---> About the braid...<
B: My braid?
B: Not my thing. My students did it when I wasn't looking.
F: Your students?
B: Yeah. Fell asleep during a lesson and, when I woke up, I had a braid.
F: So you just left it?
B: Didn't bother me. The kids were happy, so I left it.
B: They tell me it looks good on me.
F: O-oh...
Select---> No. It's nothing.<
B: Ah. Well come again, then.


Daily Dialogue

Raven: The blacksmith here is lazy.
Frey: Um... what's the blacksmith like in your town, Raven?
R: He works hard. But he forgets to sell his stuff.
F: Oh, so he just makes things because he likes making them.
R: Yeah. But what me makes is good. Letting them collect dust would be bad. So I sell them for him.
F: ...

Raven: This town's restaurant has good food.
Frey: Oh, you mean Porcoline's restaurant. Yeah, it's tasty.
R: Yeah. Almost as tasty as the food at my town's restaurant.
F: What's the chef like?
R: She's short. Long blonde hair.
R: Her brother makes the desserts.
R: Stop by there if you ever come visit.

Raven: I should but souvenirs.
Frey: For your friends? That's nice. What were you thinking of buying?
R: Some jeweled accessories...
F: The blacksmith would have some of those.
R: Maybe some rare cans...
F: A rare can? I kinda doubt we have those...
R: And some vegetables that can be used for clothes.
F: Yeah, I doubt we have those, either.

Lest: Hey, Raven. What's your favorite kind of monster?
Raven:... Woolies, I guess.
L: Why are you blushing?

Offer Ring of Fortune
Raven: Wha...? I-I can't accept this.

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This is esstentially for fesitival and special dialogue. Also, because I'm paranoid, having essentially three places for placing the dialogue seems to fulfill this strange loathing I have of run-on posts.

Everything is in alphabetical order, from names to dialogue types. It's a quirk.

Beach Dialogue

Hey, [player name]? Do I look "juicy" to you today? Ellie said I look juicy today.

Volkanon: Behold!! Are these muscles not...Miss Frey? Where are you going?!

Boss Battles

First Plot


After defeating Ambrosia

Lest: Huh?
Forte: What’s this...?
L:Did that monster turn into...a girl...?
Amber: Oogh...
L:Are you okay?!
L: Are you hurt?
L:What’s wrong?
A: ...You have...a funny face...
A: [sleeps]
L:Hello? Can you hear me?
L:She’s asleep...
L:...But why did a butterfly suddenly turn into a girl?
Doug: What’s wrong?
Lest: Doug? Why are you here?
D:Oh, I was just walking by.
D:But forget about me for a sec...
D:Who’s this?
L:I have no idea.
L:A monster I was fighting suddenly turned into a girl...
L:...Assuming I didn’t just dream the whole thing...
D:Monsters turning into humans? I’ve never heard such a thing.
L:Yeah, I don’t get it either.
D:I wonder what the heck is going on here...
D:Doesn’t seem to be injured, at least. Not on the outside, anyway.
L:Should I take her back to town?
D:I guess so.
D:Let’s have Jones look at her.

[to the clinic]

Lest: What do you think
Jones: She’s a bit debilitated, but nothing critical.
J:She should wake up in a bit.
L:I see...
L:That’s good to hear.
J:She...was a monster, you say?
L:That’s right.
J:Why did a monster...? ...I suppose if I start asking questions now, I’ll never stop. And it won’t do any good anyway. So let’s wait for her to wake up, then see what she has to say.
L:That sounds good, yeah.
J:Have you told Lady Ventuswill about this?
L:Not yet.
J:Could you go and tell her now?
J:We need to continue monitoring her, at least for a little while.
L:Understood. I’ll go right now.

[to the castle]

Lest: Venti?
Ventuswill: Oh, Lest. Is something the matter?
L: I don’t know where to start, exactly...I was in Yokmir Forest just now.
V: Yokmir Forest?!
L: ! Wh-why are you getting shocked already? That’s not the surprising part!
V: O-oh,yeah, I suppose not...
L: ? Anyway, I went to Yokmire Forest...and was attacked by a butterfly monster there.
L: So, I fought back...but when I defeated it, it turned into what looks to be a human girl...
V: What?! Are you serious?!
L: Whoa!
V: Wh-where is she?!
L: W-wait,Venti. Calm down! She’s sleeping at the clinic.
V: I-I see... That means, you really are...
L: ...?
V:Uh, nothing. Never mind.
L: ...Venti. What do you know?
V: ...I, er...
V: ...Well...fine. I was going to ask you to go to Yokmir Forest.
L: You were?
V: I sensed something dark from that area. So I was going to ask you to check it out once you’d gotten used to your Prince duties.
L: ...Me? Why?
V: Well, it is actually best that I undergo such tasks myself, but...I fear I’m...
L: ...?
V: At any rate, you seemed suitable to the task.
L: I...did?
V: You have talent in you. I can see it...I can feel it.
L: Talent...?
V: Well... It doesn’t matter. Even without me requesting, you still went. The result was the same.
L: ...Um, Venti?
V: Hmm?
L: Are you sure you don’t know anything about me?
V: What?
L: ...To be honest, I’m worried. Without my memories...I have so many questions. So if you know anything--anything at all--please tell me, okay?
V: ...
V: ...Unfortunately, I really don’t know anything about you. Regarding the girl you saved... I believe the power of the Earthmates is responsible for what transpired.
L: Earthmates...
V: It’s a name given to people with a very rare talent. And it’s the reason I thought you might belong to the royal family.
L: I had no idea a power like that even existed, much less that I had it in me...
V: I’ve been asking for you help because of that gift of yours. Thought I wasn’t certain of anything until you fixed the problem in the forest.
L: ...
V: Hmm? What’s wrong?
L: Who am I? What am I...?
V: ...
L: Getting attacked by strange people in the form of monsters...
L: ...and apparently bearing the power of an Earthmate. It’s all so surreal. Like I’m a stranger to myself.
L: ...
V: I wish I could shed some light on the mystery. But there’s only one thing I can say with certainty.
V: And that’s...that you are who you are. I haven’t known you for very long, but I already have a firm sense of what you represent. I know I’m the very person who’s been asking for you help since you ‘ve arrived...but you managed to handle both of my requests and tasks as a model Prince. You are a kind person. I don’t think you’re even aware of the trust that you engender. Even amnesia can’t change a heart as pure as yours.
L: Venti...
V: I’m sorry. I'm...not good at this sort of thing. I wish I could word it all a little better.
L: ...No, it’s quite all right.
V: Hmm?
L: Having no memories is a little scary... But your words have definitely made me feel a lot better.
L: So thank you.
V: ...Glad to hear it.
L: So, about the girl...
V: She hasn’t woken up yet, has she?
L: No. Jones told me that she should wake up fairly soon, though.
V: Then I guess we’ll just have to wait until she does.
L: Yeah. But, what will you do then?
V: Don’t worry. I told you before, right? The people of this town are warm and caring. They’ll welcome her no matter what.
L: ...
V: What’s wrong? Are you still worried about something?
L: No. I was just marveling at your optimism
V: What?It’s not optimism, it’s faith! Pure, unwavering faith in the people of Selphia!
L: ...I suppose. And I can understand it, too. The people in this town really do seem completely trustworthy. Though it may sound weird coming from an outside like me...
V: What are you saying? You’re a member of your town just like anyone else here.
L: Huh?
V: don’t want to be...
L: No, no, of course I do!
L: I just...might have to leave once my memory comes back...
V: Even then, you’ll still be a member of this community. You’re family now. Think of it as your second hometown, and know that you’re always welcome here.
Select---> Okay.<
L: I feel bad accepting all of these kind offers.
V: Then you can start by apologizing for falling on my head.
L: Ahaha...Sorry about that!
V: ...That was a joke. There’s no actual reason for you to apologize. Anyway, you must be awfully tired today. Get some good rest.

Dialogue Events

A Hundred Ghost Tales [Doug, Kiel and Vishnal]
Kiel: I recently read a book of Norad campfire tales. It was pretty intense.
D: Campfire tales? Like, scary stories?
Kiel: Yeah. One hundred accounts of the paranormal.
D: A HUNDRED?! Why the hell would you read something like that?!
K: Hmm? Why wouldn't I? It was really fascinating.
The twenty-sixth was the best.
Vishnal: Aaaaaggghh!!
D: Wh-Whoa! What the hell is wrong with you?! Don't scare us like that!
V: S-s-something w-w-was o-over th-there...
D: Ehh?!
K: What?
D: H-hey! You serious?! No. No way! There's just no way, right?!
V: ...
D: Say something, dammit!
V: ...
D: Hey!!
V: ...Pfft...haha...
D: ...?
V: Ha...hahaha!
D: Ah! You sneaky little...!
V: Dwah ha ha! I was faking, of course. Did I trick you?
D: DAMMIT, man!
Vishnal: What a reaction. The look on your face was so priceless!
D: Argh... I will punch you in the face!

Butlery Lessons! [Clorica, Vishnal and Volkanon
Volkanon: A butler must protect his or her own body!
Vishnal: Yes, sir!
Clorica: Yes, sir.
Vo: In order to avoid unnecessary fights, I will initiate Neko Damashi today.
Vi: I see! So you pretend to be a cat and food your enemy, then?
C: Cats are sooo cute. So this must be a trick to tame them!
Vo: WRONG AGAIN! You slap your hands right in front of them like this...
C: That'll scare the poor cats!
Vi: Indeed! That's far too cruel!

Competitive Attraction [Frey, Kiel, Leon]
Leon: Hey, who do you like better, Kiel or me?
Frey: What do you mean?
L: What do I mean? Just think of this as a kind of fortunetelling. First name that comes to you!
Kiel: This sounds fun! So which of us is it going to be?
F: Errrrrmmm...
Select---> Kiel
K: Wow, yay!
L: Good for you.
F: Why is it good? What did this choice ACTUALLY mean? Do I...even want to know?
Select---> Leon
L: Me?
K: Ooh, a twist!
L: Why me?
F: You didn't want me to choose you?
Select---> Ooh, look, a bird!
K: Oh no, I'm not falling for that again. You're just trying to change the subject! Am I right?
L: Very good, Kiel. You are correct. And I do so hate it when people won't play along with me...
F: Hate it all you want, but I'm not choosing one of you two.

Scary Stories? [Bachelorettes]
Clorica: Let's tell scary stories!
Xiao Pai: Wh-what?! Why now, all of a sudden?!
C: I just heard one from Volkanon. And it's a good one! I really want to share it with you.
Forte: Th-that's okay! You're welcome to keep it to yourself!
Margaret: Y-yeah, I don't want to hear something that might freak me out! And besides, Amber's right here, remember?
Amber: Actually, I'd like to hear it.
M: ...
C: It was a dark and stormy night...
M: Eeeek!
F: M-Meg!
C: A boy who'd lost his memory came to the village. He was disheveled, and hadn't eaten anything for days. "I need water," he uttered meekly. And as if in response, a woman with a watering can suddenly appeared before him.. Then...
C: ...
XP: Then what?!
C: ...I don't remember.
F: Argh... I didn't want to hear it, but now that I've heard PART of it, I want to know the rest!
M: Yeah, I think I'd have been better off without having heard anything of that...

Sleeping Eater [Bachelorettes]
Forte: You never cease to amaze me, Clorica.
Clorica: Huh? Why?
F: You can eat even while you're sleeping!
C: There's no way--
Margaret: I've seen it. I once saw Clorica chewing like mad, but she was fast asleep the whole time.
C: Huh...?
Xiao Pai: You sometimes have multiple places, and you handle them so perfectly!
C: What...?
Amber: I'll often as questions, too...and you actually answer! ♪
C: There's... There's no way...
Dolce: You've even gone back for seconds.
Clorica: ...How embarrassing...

Workaholic [Arthur and Leon]
Leon: Work, work, work, eh?
Arthur: ...?
Leon: You never seem to stop working! How about you take Frey somewhere nice?
Arthur: Huh? Take Frey... where, exactly?
Leon: Use your imagination! What do you think, Frey? Good idea, right?

Select---> It is.
Leon: See?
Arthur: I-I see... I'm so sorry...
Arthur (thinking): I didn't know Frey wished for such travel... It's not proper for a man to work so much that he loses sight of those closest to him.

Select---> Leon, you take me.
Leon: What...?
Arthur: You're the one who should be spending more time with Frey, Leon.
Leon (thinking): ...Spending time with Frey, huh? I could get into that...

---> No, I'm good.
Leon: ...
Arthur: ...

Festival Dialogue

New Year's ( Winter 30 )
Porcoline: The year’s almost over.
Frey: Yeah.
P: Looking back, this past year was filled with fantastically fun times.
P: You and moi, playing tag in the waves of the beach...
P: You and moi, cuddling closely together in the gently falling snow... [Frey leaves at this point]
P: You and moi... wait, where did you go!?

Wooly Festival ( Spring 19 )
All that fluffy white Wooly wool is gonna be made into a big ol' ice cream cone! ...At least, that's what I wish it could be.

Ooh, I'm so happy that I get to see that fluffy-wuffy cute Wooly again this year!

Maybe I should make that huge Wooly my mascot. Yeah! The weapon shop that has the big, cute Wooly! That should grab customers' attention.
Frey: Woolies don't have anything to do with weapons, though...

Oh, darn. I didn't get to take a nap with it this year. Maybe next year we could have a napping contest with the wooly instead.

Man, I'm beat. Can I lean on you, Frey?

Xiao Pai
It has fun when everyone beats on it. It is quite masoch - I mean woolly, yes?


Can be called by : Darling, Sir Arthur, Arty, Art, ???
Can call Frey by : Honey, My Lady, Dear [insert name], Princess [insert name], ???

Can be called by : Bro Dylas, Mr. Dylas, Dally, Darling, Big D.
Can call Frey by : Honey, Young Lady, Sis [voiced as baby], Dear [insert name], Princess [insert name]

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New Seedling

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Just a quick question! Am I the only one who sees the strange pasted over message over the ivy pictures? It says "". Is it just me? owo;
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Dravalon Code
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Ultimate Farming Fanatic

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I certainly don't see it! Hah, that's odd. :shock:
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Lon Lon
Post Posted: Sep 30, 2013 7:03 pm 
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Ultimate Farming Fanatic

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I see the "" too. Also, dialouge is spelled dialogue.

Anyway when I get the game I'll try to contribute something.
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Post Posted: Sep 30, 2013 7:11 pm 
New Seedling
New Seedling

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You two are not the only ones who see the "", I see it as well. What is that even supposed to mean/represent anyway? I will also try to make some contributions as soon as I start playing the game.
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Post Posted: Sep 30, 2013 7:12 pm 
Custodian of Corn
Custodian of Corn

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I see it, also. It is simply the site trying to advertise where the image was taken from. A lot of sites do that, it's silly.

Also, posting in here because I would like to be a part of this! :D
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Whew. I didn't see it, but I tried using another divider. Can you still see it? :/

Aha. That's embarrassing. Thanks Lon. :oops:
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Post Posted: Sep 30, 2013 7:35 pm 
Pick Potatos, not boogers
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Thanks so much for starting this up! :D
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Post Posted: Sep 30, 2013 7:51 pm 
New Seedling
New Seedling

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Now it's a tiny version of the >:
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I think I finally fixed it? Hopefully you guys don't see a watermark anymore on the dividers...?
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Not the best snippets of dialogue but here are some of the screenshots XSeed has uploaded to their twitter/facebook
the little text doesn't show up anymore yeahh
If you'd like me to make you banners or icons or something just ask, Dravvs. o v <
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Sprinku I could just kiss you for being so sweet.

But I can't. So I shall settle for giving you a crushing embrace for being so helpful and caring and asdfghjkl I will keep that in mind, thank you~

Augh, I would like to know in what context that dialogue appears, as to be more helpful to RF4 players. Ah well. I'll find some way to organize it. Somehow.

Why is there a puzzle piece by this thread? I've been here a year and still don't know what that means. :shock:
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Post Posted: Oct 01, 2013 12:23 pm 
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It means it's a sticky, Dravvy u v o
Congrats on getting the thread stickied hIGH FIVE

But aww that's okay Dravvyy, we can wait until someone specifies what scene they're from and then you can add them if you want! ;3; Pretty sure the Dolce one is part of her everyday lines though, but only appears during Fall I guess? The second one might be from the day before Clorica's birthday. The Doug and Frey one during one of their dates. //not helping at all
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