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Post Posted: Aug 04, 2019 6:03 pm 
Crazy Cow Herder
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I've been working on this map of the Kingdom of Norad where all of the games in the Rune Factory series take place. Please note that this is my interpretation of the map based on the in game maps, little easter eggs mentioned within the games, and the Rune Factory Wiki. If anyone is interested, I'll break down why I placed each city where I did. I added the capitol city on this map despite it never actually showing up in any game, I decided to add it because it's an important part of the country.

Rune Factory 1: Kardia
Kardia is a small village that borders the Sechs Empire on the western side of the country. There are mountains to the north of the village where some dungeons are location. Kardia is relatively out of the way from the other cities and isn't a major trade hub, the town doesn't even get any traveling merchants (with the exception of Ivan, but he's there for a reason)

Rune Factory 2: Alvarna
Alvarna is a maritime city located on the southern coast of the Kingdom of Norad. I put it on the south-west side of the country because in Rune Factory 4 if you look through the telescope in the observatory facing the south-west you're able to see the school in Alvarna. Celia from Rune Factory 1 lives and works in Alvarna.

Rune Factory 3: Sharance
Sharance is a small village located in the mountains. I put it on the south-east side of the country because if you look through the telescope in the observatory facing south-east you'll see the Sharance tree. Yue from Rune Factory 2 will often make stops in Sharance meaning Alvarna and Sharance must be relatively close together.

Rune Factory 4: Selphia
Selphia is a large city located in the Kingdom of Norad. I believe Selphia is a major city in the country and stands as a hub for merchants and travelers to gather. A divine dragon resides in this city, and Arthur (a prince) was sent to govern the city, reinforcing my belief that it's a major city in the country. We see many people such as Barrett, Raven, and many unnamed NPC travelers and merchants visiting the city everyday. I believe Selphia is roughly in the middle of the country and this is why it's so busy and a popular gathering spot for travelers and merchants. Selphia is also relatively close to both Alvarna and Sharance since Raven and Barrett both still live in their respective cities yet are able to visit Selphia quite often.

Rune Factory Frontier: Trampoli
Trampoli is a small farming village that is located in the countryside. It's most distinct feature is the large whale shaped island floating above it. Initially I thought Trampoli was close to Kardia due to the amount of Kardia characters who appear in it, but in Rune Factory 4 if you look through the telescope in the observatory facing the north-east you'll see the floating whale above Trampoli. A couple characters from Trampoli visit Fenith Island often meaning Trampoli must be close to the ocean.

Rune Factory Tides of Destiny: Fenith Island
Fenith Island is a small island off the coast of the Kingdom of Norad. Due to the fact that Anette does weekly mail rounds on the island and that Candy (a small child) visits by herself once a week, it's safe to assume that Fenith Island is fairly close to Trampoli. Fenith Island doesn't have any space for growing crops, they most likely do all of their trading with Trampoli which a farming village.
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